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Euro Girls On Girls – Sindy Black, Jenny Appach, Tracy Lindsay & Whitney Conroy

Euro Girls On Girls – Black, , &

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Black, , aka & aka Messy Wild – When Two Isn’t Enough – Four Lesbian Have Pussy Eating Bonanza
Released: June 26, 2016
You’re cordially invited to a babe buffet on Euro Girls on Girls! Today we have not two, not three, but four hotties for you to ogle in this lesbian groups sex scene! Forget about wining and dining, these babes skip straight to the 69’ing! After an opener full of French kissing and titty play, this horny foursome- aka , aka Messy Wild,, and Black strip down to their g-strings for easy access to the good stuff! These girlfriends don’t have your average girls night in, in fact there’s so much pussy play going on that it’s hard to keep them straight! No pussy is left behind, we’ll put it that way! Each of the curvy ass’d cuties receives the oral attention they deserve in this indoor orgasm extravaganza! There’s so much ease among these Czech besties that we’re pretty sure it’s not their first time! A fair warning that you could be left with a big boner and needing to watch this pussy eating party again in order to catch it all! Enjoy!

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Lipstick Romance # 4

Lipstick # 4

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Cast: , , , , , Presova, , , Victoria ,
What could be more tender, more beautiful, more exciting than two lesbian girls embracing in hot and wet lesbian love? Let us guide you to the velvety world of lipstick lesbianism, show you the real depth of Sapphic love and sexuality. A breathtaking collection of five moist lesbian scenes with no less than ten girls altogether. A must have for every lez-lovers!

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Teach Me Fisting – Whitney Conroy & Nikki Dream

Teach Me Fisting – & Nikki Dream

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& Nikki Dream – Teaching Nikki Dream
Released: November 21, 2015

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Teach Me Fisting – Whitney Conroy & Lady Pinkdot

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& Lady Pinkdot – Teaching Lady Pinkdot
Released: November 14, 2015

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Sex Art – Alexis Crystal & Whitney Conroy


& – Models
Released: November 6, 2015
A photo session is in progress. Two models — and — each wearing a little black dress and sky high stiletto heels, hit their marks and play to the camera. But between shots something very subtle is going on. The photographer and his two assistants may be oblivious to it, but Alexis is flirting, teasing, and seducing her coworker. And the role of dominant seductress she so effortlessly establishes during the photo shoot remains when the models find themselves alone in the serene, luxurious, privacy of a bedroom. While the sense of mutual attraction is strong, Alexis draws out the proceedings, preferring a slow, smoldering burn to a rapid flare-up. Whitney is soon between Crystal’s thighs, delicately strumming her clit and then licking her moist, pink sex. As Alexis grows more aroused Whitney ups the intensity, sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy as Crystal pleasures herself. When Alexis turns her attention to Whitney she takes her time, savoring the sight and feel of her pretty partner, and positioning her precisely where she wants her. Then she strokes, sucks, kisses, and finger-pumps Whitney until she moans with pleasure before Crystal moves into the spoon position behind Whitney and deftly fingers her to a final come. But Crystal isn’t through. She guides Whitney into the scissors position and the two gorgeous women slide and grind, pussy to pussy, in a sweet, powerful, and mutually satisfying physical union. Stylish, steamy, and irresistibly seductive, “Models” mixes high fashion beauty with high voltage sexuality to create an utterly engrossing lesbian interlude.

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Sex Art – Margot A & Whitney Conroy

Megaskanks Cover

A & – Waiting For You
Released: July 2, 2015

is up to her beautiful neck in warm water and luxuriant, perfumed bubbles as “Waiting for You” begins to unfold. But Conroy’s soul-soothing bath is interrupted by the appearance of A, a bottle of wine and two glasses in hand. then exits the bathroom and takes a seat outside on the patio. There is no verbal invitation or instruction, and none is needed. Conroy rises from the tub and walks outside to join her lover. After drinking a toast the wine is put aside and the twosome indulge in something far more intoxicating: the pleasure of each other’s flesh. With clad in nothing more than a scant leopard print robe, Whitney gains easy access to her shapely body. She sucks and kisses ’s ample breasts, deep kisses her beautiful mouth, and then moves down for a long, leisurely, and loving session of cunnilingus. It’s clear from the pace and the passion of the proceedings that these lovers are finely attuned to one another. Whitney knows exactly what will deliver maximum pleasure and her lovemaking is focused, attentive, and results in a slow burn leading to a final exquisite orgasm. Whitney has already achieved a high level of arousal by the time begins to pleasure her. Teasing kisses are a prelude to skillful pussy eating, and Whitney doesn’t simply lay there and enjoy it, she’s an active participant, rocking her hips and rolling her succulence across ’s eagerly extended tongue. With Whitney masturbating and fingering and licking away, Conroy reaches a particularly powerful full-body climax that is a joy to witness. Stylishly rendered and lovingly and passionately performed, “Waiting for You” just might be the lesbian erotic film you’ve been waiting for.

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The Writer # 2


Cast: , , Klein, , , Luna

Now, for the first time ever, ‘The Writer’ is available as a two-volume HD DVD.

Each volume contains four episodes of the series.

Curated by Alis Locanta, ‘The Writer’ DVDs contain all the intrigue, complexity, style, and beauty of the series along with some of the most powerful explicit erotica ever filmed.

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Sex Art – Aiko Bell, Margot A & Whitney Conroy


Aiko Bell, A & – One Day
Released: January 30, 2015

With a bouncy pop tune as the soundtrack, Andrej Lupin’s camera surveys the exterior of a sleek, glass-walled home while, inside, and A slice up and begin to snack on fresh watermelon. They’re soon joined by Aiko Bell, and, as they eat and chat, “One Day” appears to present nothing more than a day in the lives of three beautiful friends. But later on, when begins to make advances on Aiko, the nature of their relationship is at least partially revealed. And when Whitney walks in while is petting Aiko’s pussy we realize this is less a three-sided friendship and more of a romantic triangle. proceeds to eat and finger Aiko to a vigorous, full body orgasm as Conroy looks on. Then Whitney strips, straddles Aiko’s face, and Bell begins to ravenously feast on Conroy’s stunning and succulent sex until the beautiful blonde quivers and yelps through her own powerful climax. After stripping off her white leggings, parts her thighs and Whitney goes to work, licking and fingering her insistently until the freckled fox achieves her fair share of orgasmic pleasure. As evening descends the three lesbian lovers drink, dance, and play with spontaneous and genuine delight in each other’s company. Lovers of sapphic erotica will find both stunning beauty and incendiary erotic action in the three-way captured in “One Day.”

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Babes – Whitney Conroy


– Play It Loose
Released: January 15, 2015

knows that the best way to get the day off on the right foot is with a little relaxing solo love. As she slowly slips out of her lingerie, she reveals an all natural body, tanned from head to toe, with long legs stretching all the way to heaven. Bit by bit her hands run down her body, past perky breasts and a taut stomach to her waiting wet pussy. Watch as Whitney brings herself to orgasm after orgasm, body rocking with pleasure as her fingers and a cool stream of water work their magic on her perfect body.

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Club Sandy – Whitney Conroy & Billie Star


& – Love Long Overdue
Released: December 31, 2014

They say you need to tie all loose ends before the new year starts or else you will bring it over like a bad omen. This lesbian adventure between Whitney and was long overdue and the girls didn’t want to wait any longer… they wanted to taste each other before New Years Eve. They did and we were witnesses of it.

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Sex Art – Whitney Conroy


– Girls Love Sex – Mistress
Released: December 31, 2014

This episode of the international edition of the “Girls Love Sex” series begins with a brief, moody, prologue. stands in front of a bathroom sink and regards herself in the mirror. She raises the hem of her dress and slowly, deliberately, spanks herself on her bare bottom. While the tempo of the spanking remains measured, each subsequent slap becomes stronger and more forceful. After a brief pause for the titles, the film begins. Now Conroy, pretty and somewhat demure in a blouse and skirt, is sitting on a sofa being questioned by an unseen interviewer. The mood is relaxed, the lighting bright and flattering, and Whitney’s answers and explanations — in fluent English — are both enlightening and titillating. After a short explanation of her entry into erotic modeling, she begins to tell the story that gives the film its subtitle, “Mistress.” Although she maintains her composure, Conroy’s mounting arousal is apparent as she describes meeting and being seduced by a strong, dominant woman. The scene that unfolds at the beautiful dom’s “studio” is recounted in considerable detail, and by the time Whitney succumbs to her desire to masturbate her pussy is already glistening and wet. Conroy then retreats into her mind and unleashes her libido. She masturbates with focused, deliberate intensity, lost in the world of her imagination, memory, and fantasies. Her panties eventually come off, as do her other clothes, and she uses both hands to deliver herself to a stunningly powerful and profound orgasm. is, quite justifiably, one of the most popular and coveted Sexart performers. “Girls Love Sex – Mistress” provides fresh insight into this gifted young woman’s life and personality that will delight her many fans, and her performance here is sure to win her many more, as well.

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Club Sandy – Tracy Pearl & Whitney Conroy


& – Playing for you
Released: December 3, 2014

Both and look so adorable, don’t you agree? Hiding their cute curves under their kinky little underwear, posing, smiling, stealing kisses from each other, all of these just to excite you… simply lovely. So why don’t you join them and imagine to have your arms around these sexy lesbian beauties?

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Hotel Eden


Cast: , ,

is looking after her father’s hotel for the holidays and mischievously moves her girlfriend, , In. Things fall apart when has to leave for business and Whitney arrives. Gorgeous, Young, and Full of fun she seduces in a beautifully filmed story, set in a luxurious riverside hotel.

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Sex Art – Margot A & Whitney Conroy


A & – Lift
Released: November 28, 2014

An elevator is the device that Andrej Lupin cleverly employs in this stylish and scorching foray into lesbian erotica. A (billed here as ) steps into the elevator and presses the button for her floor. A moment later joins her. They smile in greeting, as elevator riders routinely do. But when Conroy accidentally bumps into the routine is abandoned. Sparks of attraction fly. And Conroy boldly plants a kiss on ’s mouth. Without a care for where the elevator is going, or when it may stop, or who might unexpectedly join them, the seduction gains momentum. Before long Conroy is on her knees licking and sucking hungrily on ’s pussy. Bracing herself against the walls of the confined space and grasping at a grab handle, is soon rocked by an intense orgasm. Barely pausing to catch her breath, the couple swap roles and positions. Now is squatting before Whitney, licking, fingering, stroking, and sucking her sex with ravenous urgency. Wracked by the power of her climax, Conroy collapses to the floor, spent and satisfied. Then, realizing the precarious vulnerability of their circumstances, the two women stand, straighten their disheveled clothing, smooth their hair, and share a kiss of mutual gratitude and farewell. It’s here that the action of “Lift” concludes, but Lupin utilizes the unique nature of his set to amusing effect during the end credits. The director — carrying his director’s chair — gets into the elevator with the two stars who continue to make out in the background. When he gets off, producer — juggling a laptop, cell phone, and other tools of her trade — gets on. As it moves from floor to floor the entire crew, one at a time, step in and out of the elevator ending the impressively erotic “Lift” on a high and entertaining note.

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First Summer Love


Cast: Bailey, , , , Tracy,

Daring Pure! brings you First Summer Love. The temperature isn’t the only thing heating up out here. Days are longer, nights are shorter and love is in the air. The passion that these lovers bring is as hot as the burning sun – it’s their First Summer Love. There is nothing like the rush of a steamy, uninhibited summer under a bright blue sky! Please enjoy!

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