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Hollywood Babylon


Cast: , ,

You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Girl All Alone In This Town!

Ambitious, slightly twisted pornographer presents ‘Hollywood Babylon,’ a real movie with sophisticated production values and a sinister mystery story framing intense, kinky sex scenes. Voluptuous plays an aspiring actress being chewed up by the film industry’s brutally self-serving players. is a ruthless producer; Steven St. Croix is creepy even by the standards of plastic surgeons. Sovereign bounces from Deen’s casting couch to a freaky ‘family’ relationship with St. Croix and (as the good doctor’s wicked wife). She joins Ramon Nomar and stunning Italian beauty in a lewd threesome and gets down with Ryan Driller on the beach. All this leads to a nasty, climactic orgy in which James thoroughly manhandles and sodomizes Ms. DeArmond, who joins cigar-puffing St. Croix in dominating and abusing our heroine. Wrapping around the scenes are eerie clues to a mystery unfolding around some unusual ‘usual suspects.’

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Hands On Hardcore – Lucy Heart & Valentina Nappi


& – Comely Crimefighters
Released: May 31, 2014

Brunette and blond come home from a shopping trip, but what they don’t know is that they’ve interrupted stocking-faced burglar who’s been prowling through their bureau drawers! Oblivious to the fact that he’s now hiding behind the curtains, they review their purchases–some colorful swimsuits. Valentina tries hers on, and wow does she look great in it! Lucy is about to model hers, when they discover Nick in their midst. Valentina knocks him out with a heavy glass vase, but soon the girls realize how hung he is, and that perhaps they might make an attempt at rehabilitation of this misguided criminal! These wild girls try to re-integrate him back into law-abiding society by sucking his cock, sitting on his face, riding his dick while they feel each other up, double-teaming for oral on his shaft and balls, engaging in a chain as they lap each other and get licked by Nick, and Lucy giving him her asshole while she sucks on a vibrator held by Valentina. No word yet on whether burglar Nick will return to his lawless ways or try to walk the straight and narrow, but he sure gets rid of a lot of sperm in this threesome packed with some great anal porn! View it all in our hardcore XXX video.

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Naughty Office – Valentina Nappi


– Naughty Office
Released: April 16, 2014

Dane the I.T. guy responds to a call from the new employee Valentina who is having password trouble. He lets her know it’s a problem with the computer and restarts it. He asks her to go eat since they are just waiting there and Valentina would love for him to eat, specifically some Italian. She made a good choice because Dane loves Italian food. She sits on the edge of her desk spreading open her legs giving Dane the idea of what Italian dish he’s eating tonight. He’ll just have to tell HR that it’s a good team building exercise between departments.

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Slutty and Sluttier # 21


Cast: , , ,

Clever director/star stud ’s Slutty & Sluttier 21 offers four sumptuous feasts of flesh starring darlings as lustful as they are gorgeous. Longhaired brunette ’ body language is intense through a doggie-style plowing. Between twat-to-mouth blow jobs Manuel fucks her into the couch and climaxes the scene shooting long-distance sperm streams up to her face. European blonde ’s compact, shapely bod seduces ; he stuffs his prick up her bunghole and she sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Dirty blonde unleashes Manuel’s giant, uncut prick for a POV-style blow job and a lewd rim job. He porks all three holes; her big hams flex as she rides dick and her butthole gapes. Out on a patio, naturally voluptuous Italian stunner tongues Manuel’s bunghole; they suck toes, share 69 and fuck. She sniffs his meat and armpits; he sits on her face and creams her swallowing mouth. Valentina’s horny cunt flexes visibly!

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Glory Hole – Valentina Nappi


& – Glory Hole
Released: April 14, 2014

Last year visited an adult bookstore in search for random black cock. We’re now back with this Italian import and it seems like she didn’t quite quench her thirst last time with random black cock. Redemption comes in the form of the big-tittied European slut and a recent visit to a bathroom where filthiness is as evident as her slutiness. Valentina’s language barrier matters not when her second trip to a gloryhole results in her mouth and pussy feeling the wrath of a stranger’s massive black appendage. Those massive white tits nestle against the wall as her mouth continues to suck on a faceless black dick. The fun only ends in this public restroom when Valentina’s face, much like her passport, is stamped with the creamy goodness of black jizz.

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Hot Wet Brunettes


Cast: April O’Neil, , ,

Hot… Wet… Brunette… It’s a trifecta of pleasure and these sexy sluts have it all!

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My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend – Valentina Nappi


– My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend
Released: April 8, 2014

Bill picks up his dad’s girlfriend, , from the airport since his dad is busy on a business trip. Once home, Bill gets a call from his dad stating that he won’t be home for the rest of the night. On his way to tell Valentina that his dad won’t be home he accidentally walks in on her changing. He apologizes and excuses himself to his room where he starts to jack off while thinking of Valentina’s hot naked body. Valentina walks in on him as he’s stroking his cock and confesses to Bill that his dad never fucks her because he’s too old. She craving cock and since she can’t get it from Bill’s old man she decides to get it from Bill.

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Porn Fidelity – Valentina Nappi & Kelly Madison


& – Bridge Between Lovers
Released: March 29, 2014

and have an uncontrollable lust for one another that can only be described as…”fucking hot”. They’ve spent the entire morning playing with each other’s pussies but now they want to add a big hard cock into the mix. So they call Ryan to meet them up at their very public, favorite spot. When the three meet up it’s hard for them to stay clothed so they head back to the madison house to do what the madison’s know how to do best.

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Woodman Casting X – Valentina Nappi


– Casting
Released: March 20, 2014

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Tonight’s Girlfriend – Valentina Nappi


– Vanilla
Released: March 21, 2014

It’s a shame that one of my favorite adult film stars, , hardly ever visits the states. So when I’m in her home country for business I have to take advantage and dabble in some pleasure as well. I call Valenetina over to my hotel room for the night. She bring just what I wanted with her: sexy lingerie and stockings. I love feet and I love them more in a pair of sexy stockings. So after she gets dressed we get right to the business of fucking, not just her pussy either, but her feet as well.

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Porn Fidelity – Valentina Nappi


Valentina – Foto Di Valentina + BTS
Released: March 14, 2014

is no stranger to posing pretty for the camera. She knows the routine. She shows up, goes through hair and make-up, then let’s her charisma shine. But when Ryan is the photographer, he likes to make sure he’s going to be able to do more than just shoot his models. He leaves little treats in the dressing room to get her all riled up, wet and ready for his big cock then leaves a nice deep, sticky, cream pie for her to remember him by.

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Cuckold Sessions – Valentina Nappi


– Cuckold Sessions
Released: March 10, 2014

is a foreign exchange student whose being hosted by Kade and his family. Kade is quick to discover that Valentina is fucking her African-American Studies professor, much to the dismay of Kade. We find Professor Diesel in his study as Kade barges in and demands answers-that’s a huge blunder on the part of the gutsy white boy. ’s not too happy and decides that a lesson in humility’s in order. We begin things with showing the cuckold exactly why she’s been living dangerously by fucking Professor Diesel- it’s the monstrosity that he carries in his pants to class on a daily basis. Valentina and Professor Diesel give Kade a private lesson on exactly how a white slut, American or otherwise, should get fucked and how the white man has no place in satisfying the Italian import. Professor Diesel has the cuckold take mental notes on the ways of fucking white pussy….and it ain’t gonna be from Kade’s white dick! ’s mouth and pussy get fucked all over Professor Diesel’s study,and Kade’s lesson in minding his own fucking business comes to an end when Valentina’s Italian fuck hole gets creamed by a huge black cock. Take a wile guess as to who’s too close for comfort once the black cock begins to erupt!

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XXX Fucktory The Auditions


Cast: , Valentina, , ,

Smut world legend Rocco Siffredi and his band of horny Euro-studs are hot to test out a new group of gorgeous female applicants. XXX Fucktory: The Auditions showcases some of the most beautiful women from all over the world, all learning Roccos way of intensely sensuous anal hard-core. The fine ladies in this multicultural cast get their lovely asses thoroughly serviced, Italian style! Gorgeous, kimono-clad Japanese model isnt quite sure what to make of American madman Mike Chapman, but the Asian cutie is soon gagging on his huge black cock, eagerly riding him, getting fucked in every hole. After a rough interracial ass reaming, opens wide and receives a huge, messy cum facial. Next, two beautiful Hungarian models, blonde and dark-haired , treat Rocco to a nasty threesome brimming with ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Young Italian beauty meets Mike in her first-ever scene, never before released. The naturally busty, bikini-clad obediently takes Mikes massive member inside her sweet pussy and up her plump, womanly rear. Hungrily she sucks his throbbing pole before swallowing a mouthful of cum. Short-haired, busty cutie gets off to a bad start with young stud Marcus, but its not long before shes slurping on his cock, squeezing the shaft between her soft tits. Marcus impales her tender butt, ramming as her fine jugs jiggle. Rocco Siffredi’s XXX Fucktory: The Auditions is a freewheeling feast of anal antipasto cooked up by porns master chef.

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My Sisters Hot Friend – Valentina Nappi


– My Sisters Hot Friend
Released: March 7, 2014

Bill is stuck showing his sister’s friend around town until his sister gets in. He keeps throwing out ideas of what they can do but she turns them all down. The only thing she wants to do to pass the time is ride Bill’s cock and Bill is not one to deny his guest’s requests.

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Supermodels # 2


Cast: , , ,

The Hottest Girls On The Runway Are Getting Down And Dirty In This XXX Supermodel Fantasy!

Beautiful faces, legs for days and libidos to match, these uber-sexy gals are craving some good old fashioned hardcore action, so now’s your chance to bang a perfect ’10!

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