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Snort That Cum # 11

Snort That Cum # 11

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We’re looking to get the hottest, horniest, sluttiest women in the world hooked on the one thing every man produces; thick, gooey warm cum! We shoot, and they snort!

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Another Man’s Wife


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Another Man’s Wife Featuring With Diesel!

2 Disc Set! 12 Cuckold Scenes! Over 6 Hours 30 Minutes!

These hubbies can’t wait to watch their horny wives get ravaged by a monster black cock! Watch , , Starlet, , and many more wives get their pussies annihilated! Don’t miss out on this 2-disc set of crazy cuckolds that you have to see to believe!

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Fantasy Solos # 8


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20 Girls! No Boys, Just Toys!

For far too long ladies have had to rely on a man to get themselves off. That always led to problems of getting an ‘accidental’ cream pie! But technology has proven to be a modern girl’s fuck buddy. Yes, Kick Ass is proud to bring you Fantasy Solos #8 featuring some of the hottest young and horny babes around. These pretty ladies aren’t waiting for you to get your dick hard. They’d rather whip out their dildos, vibrators, and even a Hitachi and go to town on their pussies, right now! They squirm and squeal as they set their machines to stun and massage their clits until they cum!

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Amazing Asses # 11


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Porno Dan had the idea that Immoral should start measuring the asses of the models that come into their studio from an old porn site. Thinking that instead of degrading those girls who have such thick and glorious glutes that they would reward them, and so he started the 40 Inch Ass Sorority. Enjoy!

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Ass For Days # 9


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These plump assed babes are getting in XXX action and those cheeks sure are bouncing!

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Pawg – Summer Rae


– Perfect ass Summer
Released: November 8, 2013

Today we have the perfect Summer setting lol. Summer meaning . She has a really nice ass and a perfect pussy too. She also decides to tell us the she loves to get fucked all day long and tells us constantly that she loves her ass and loves to suck cock! This one is perfect to wake up to in the morning.

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Monsters Of Cock – Summer Rae


– Tight Pussy For A Monster Black Dick!
Added: Tuesday August 27, 2013

This week we have a sweet young thing her name is and she is horny and ready to play. Sean Micheals is too and this is his favorite kind of girl. White with a fat ass and cute perky titties. Summer is all for it as she pulls out his monster cock and plays with it in her mouth. Then we get to see Summer bounce her ass and take a pounding. This is the update to watch, all you need to do is watch!

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Summer Rae – Tight Pussy For A MOnster Black Dick! (2013/


Language: English
Release Date: August 13, 2013

Duration: 32 mins


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Creig’s List Cuties # 3


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Freshest Amateurs Guaranteed!
Hard Fucking Young Bitches!

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Fantasy Footjobs # 13


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Kick Ass guarantee: No Fake Tits!
Warm weather is in the air and, as every foot fan knows, this means that lovely ladies everywhere are going to be ditching their cumbersome winter footwear for something slightly more boner-inducing. Just think: the spring-time tsunami of bare feet, smooth soles and wiggly toes is right around the corner and all you’re going to have to do is sit back and enjoy as the best part of the season washes over you! But you don’t want to sit and watch forever, do you? Of course not! Find a lovely lady with dreamy feet and see if you can’t spend a warm afternoon or three lying around while she wraps her beautiful soles around your pole!

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Watching My Mom Go Black – Summer Rae & Sammy Brooks


& – Watching My Mom Go Black
Released: June 13, 2013

and her daughter, , have no idea that they’ve been fucking the same big black cock: Jack Napier’s. It seems as if Jack’s been sticking his gigantic stick inside both mother and daughter at different times…until now. walks in to find her daughter sucking on Jack’s mighty black link and the shit’s hit the fan. ’s face turns red as her mother lectures her. Jack, of course, is stuck in the middle of this family feud and the only reasonable action is for him to stick to to both generations of black cock sluts. Sammy and Summer have, throughout the years, shared a lot of intimate moments but this takes the cake. and take turns sucking on Jack’s infamous third leg right before taking turns rising him. Each lady takes a turn watching as the other gets absolutely railed by a huge black cock. Mom’s massive tits quake and quiver while learns how to fuck a big black cock from her mother. After some debate, Sammy’s snatch is on the receiving end of a blast of baby-making juice from Jack’s balls. We have a feeling that tonight’s family dinner is going to be the very definition of awkward.

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Anal Casting Calls # 2


Cast: , , , , Day, , ,

100% Anal Action! POV+!
Ass baron is one extremely picky porn director when it comes to selecting girls for his nasty videos. Mike’s ladies have to be both gorgeous and eager to perform the most twisted acts of rectal perversion. In the deluxe, two-disc ‘Anal Casting Calls #2,’ he has assembled a stunning array of rookie sluts and fresh-faced initiates for the explicit buggery, rim jobs, ass-to-mouth cocksucking, slobbery deep-throat blow jobs and insane anal gapes/graphic prolapse his devoted fans demand. Everyone gets hired! A trio of sweet, blonde young ‘uns – Day, and – lap at each other’s tender sphincter before enjoying colonic distention, huge dick worship and a creamy cum facial!
Exquisite brunette beauty is a naturally stacked princess who uses her tight asshole and talented mouth to please her prospective employer. Sexy and demure redhead eats Mike’s asshole with vigor; she gets her bunghole well stretched and slurps his semen from a large spoon. Cute whore and her sultry, head-shaved partner, , team up for a sick prolapse party. Slender and submissive gets completely impaled of Mike’s raging boner. There’s even a lewd May-December bonus scene featuring pretty and hairy older gentleman Claudio. An intimate view of one director’s backdoor evaluation process, ’s ‘Anal Casting Calls #2′ delivers tomorrow’s colonic superstars today!

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Amazing Orgy # 2: Second Season


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The Amazing Race… The Way We Would Like To See It!
Season two of The Amazing Orgy starts off just where season one left off. Five sexy amateur girls do everything in their power to suck, and fuck, their way across the finish line. Does the winner take all? Watch and see!

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Naughty Bookworms – Summer Rae


– Naughty Bookworms
Released: May 6, 2013

Student is ecstatic when Professor Castle calls her in during office hours to tell her that she scored one of the top grades on the exam! But when he also tells her that she nailed the same exact test score as the classmate to whom she sits next, she knows she’s been busted! The good professor doesn’t want to nail her for cheating … but he does want to nail her, so he tells her that she either needs to spread her naughty little legs, or she’s gone! A student’s got to do what a student’s got to do!

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Street Blowjobs – Summer Rae


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