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Sex Trek: Charly XXX

Sex Trek: XXX

Director: Cash Markman
Writer: Cash Markman
Stars: , Vette, Sophia

The Starship Intercourse is dispatched to Deep Space Station 69 to retrieve Walker, the lone survivor of a spaceship crash, marooned on a desolate planet for 20 years. turns out not to be a grizzled old spaceman, but a “hot babe” in her early 20’s. But that’s not the only surprise in store for Captain Quirk and crew in this parody that blends two episodes of the original Star Trek series. possesses an insatiable libido and the ability to transmit her consciousness to others, effectively wresting control of their bodies from the owners. She bends one crewman after another to her will and whim, even taking a turn as Captain Quirk. All your favorite characters from the series are here, albeit slightly skewed: Dr. McJoy, the gruff ship’s surgeon, Mr. Sperm, a half-human/half-alien science officer from the planet Horny, helmsmen Jackoff and Screwyu, engineer Mr. Squat, the delectable Yeoman Gland, and a stunning African communications officer Lt. Uwhora (pronounced “You whore you”).

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Gluteus To The Maximus


Cast: , , , , , , ,

Produced and captured by Seymore Butts! 8 beautiful buttholes stretched in over 2 hours of raw, spontaneous action! All the shots you’ve cum to expect … and more!

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