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21 Naturals – Shalina Divine


Divine – Ascension
Released: February 23, 2014

It was like an ascension to heaven all the time when they did it. Her body felt like weightless, her heart throbbing in her crotch, her blood running in her veins like liquid fire itself. Everytime she took him inside, their bodies melt together and started their slow ascension to the heavens of pleasure.

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21 Foot Art – Shalina Divine


Divine – A Strangers Feet
Released: December 29, 2013

They were total strangers a few days ago, though shared the same apartment. They barely even knew each other, they didn’t share their name. But the chemistry worked, and keeping strangers added some excitement to it, turning their sex passionate, somewhat forbidden and thus, sweeter than anything before.

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Asshole fever – Shalina Divine

Episode: Asshole fever –


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