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Father’s Day


Cast: , LaCroix, , Calvert

Starring !

When You’re A Good Girl, Every Day Is Father’s Day!

With his wife out of town, a man finds himself in a dangerously tempting situation when his stepdaughter suggests they play a game of strip poker. Charmed by her stepfather’s sexual innocence, a young woman provides him with hands-on instruction about the joys of anal sex. A big-time Hollywood agent schools his stepdaughter on the importance of using sex as a way to get ahead. After taking her stepfather on a date to her sorority’s semi-formal dance, a young woman uses her powers of persuasion to convince him that there’s nothing wrong with a little post-date sex – even between family members!

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I Have a Wife – Remy LaCroix


LaCroix – I Have a Wife
Released: June 24, 2014

decides to rinse off in the shower and as she comes out, she sees that Johnny is back early from his trip. She asks what’s going while in her towel and Johnny just unloads on her, he tells her that he got into a fight with his wife on their vacation and she went over to her mom’s house. On top of that, Johnny isn’t even getting laid anymore. sees that as a problem and as a good house keeper, she’s willing to give Johnny a helping hand, rather her pussy in this case!

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Stepmom Videos – Remy LaCroix & Nikki Benz


& – Prom Night Threesome Fucking His Gf And StepMom
Released: June 20, 2014

and Van were getting ready for their big night together. They have been a couple for a few months and plans on doing something special for Van tonight. Shes gonna give him a piece of ass. First though they need to take pictures, Nikki, the step mom insists that she must have a few pictures of her step-daughter before she sends them both off on their big night. Nikki who’s a bit of an empathic woman, she picked up a feeling of uneasiness in . So when Van realized that he had left all the liquor at his friends house and left to go pick it up. Nikki took the chance to ask her what was going on. confessed that tonight was the big night, but she was unsure because she had never done it before and wanted to get it right. Well being a good step-mother that she is Nikki calmed down and then began to teach her how to please a man by eating ’s pussy. who never had her pussy eaten before was in total bliss, so much so, she failed to notice her boyfriend had walked in on them until she had cum with ecstasy. Luckily Nikki had a solution for this problem too..A threesome with her stepdaughter, her boyfriend and herself. You can say that this really was a night to remember forever. The end.

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Naughty Athletics – Remy LaCroix


– Naughty Athletics
Released: June 9, 2014

accepted Johnny’s request for a one on one session for yoga. It’s Johnny’s first time and he didn’t want to be embarrassed if he couldn’t keep up with all the others in the class. They start the session with a little stretching because Johnny seem a bit tense. starts to rub all over Johnny’s muscular body and couldn’t help but notice his bulge in his briefs.. has a better idea for what Johnny needs to relieve the tension in his body and fucking the sexy might be the best release he’s ever had.

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I Have a Wife – Remy LaCroix


LaCroix – I Have a Wife
Released: May 15, 2014

LaCroix stops by Van’s house to prepare for his wife’s Naughty Girl party. Van is not sure what exactly a Naughty Girl party is so explains that it’s a party where women get introduced to new sex toys. is more than happy to show Van some of her products, she’s even willing to demo them for him. Of course, she offers Van a chance to try out the two best sex toy she carries..her mouth and pussy.

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Performers Of The Year 2014


Cast: Reid, , O’Reilly, , ,

Adult entertainment studio, Elegant Angel Productions, is proud to announce the latest volume of its annual series, “Performers Of The Year 2014,” scheduled for release on December 17th. Starring the biggest names of the year: , O’Reilly, , , Reid

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Raw # 17


Cast: Amy Anderseen, , ,

French-American director/stud goes right to the meat of sexual relationships in his intimate Raw series, in which he brings his camera on private dates with the adult industries most lustful girls. Stripped of all porn pretense, the behind-the-scenes-style Raw 17 is like a voyeurs eye-view of action that’s real as fuck! Manuel’s been jacking off all week to the videos of outrageously voluptuous , and with this black-haired sex doll in his hotel room, he gets to squeeze his meat between her enormous globes. Amy rides the directors giant cock and gets her heaving chest splattered with sperm. Adorable, all-natural, young treats Manuel to another hotel encounter, slurping the directors huge boner and getting her pretty cunt filled with throbbing cock meat. After he showers ’s tiny frame with hot jism, she sucks out the last drops. Buxom blonde worships Manuel’s enormous member with her mouth and pussy, and he fingers the big-lipped bombshell to a juicy, squirting orgasm. Finally, Manuel visits one of his favorite sex partners, , at her house. The two enjoy a nasty reunion after over three years. Mia takes a relentless banging and a hot load of sperm right in her pretty face. Raw 17 is pure sex and unfiltered emotion for fans that prefer real fucking over porn pretense.

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Brazzers Exxtra – Remy LaCroix


– Spying on the Sorority
Released: March 6, 2014

We’ve all heard stories of the sexy stuff that goes down behind closed doors at sorority houses. Dude snuck into ZZ House to raid their panty drawers and see if those college hotties are as slutty as he’d always heard. From his hiding spot in a closet, managed to sneak a peek at the seniors paddling the ripe butt cheeks of their newest freshie, . And when he gets caught spying, the ladies rip his clothes off so can earn her place riding his rod.

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Harvest Moon


Cast: , Mack,

Can’t Fight The Moonlight!

The Heat Rises In The Light Of The Harvest Moon!

Rachel and have the perfect marriage… or so you’d think! The truth is – their relationship is nothing more than an illusion, as Rachel is still pining for her long-lost first love, Jim. In a matter of moments – life goes from simple to complicated, as Jim returns to claim Rachel. Harvest Moon casts an intense and erotic light upon the ultimate love triangle!

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Oil Overload # 10


Cast: Reid, , Mack, , ,

Oil Overload # 10 Mack – Anal! – Anal!

– Double Anal & DP!

Mack Gets Oil And A Whole Lot Of Cock… Shoved Up Her Ass!

Manuel Covers Reid In More Than Just Oil!

Discovers The Pipeline… Runs Right Up Her Ass!

Little Is Definitely Slippery When Wet!

’s Crazy Curves Were Made For Oil!

Andriana Chechik Is Overloaded With More Than Just Oil!

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Seduction # 3


Cast: , , Blue,

Starring !

Tony Ribas is back with the third volume to this high end gonzo release, Seduction 3. These are four of the most beautiful and passionate girls in the industry and they will seduce you with their erotic and artistic tease performances. Featuring high end locations, this movie is a visual feast and one of ’s very best!

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Corrupt Schoolgirls # 6


Cast: , , Dee, Faye

The Cheater!

’s Naughty Lesson! Feels It Out! ’s Revenge!

sneaks into the class looking for tomorrows test answers. Mr. Wilkins (Manuel) walks into the class only to find half naked on his desk doing some really naughty things.

tells Vic (Mr.Pete) why she’s not in school today, and that really gets him going. So he asks if maybe she can show him what she really did.

While in detention comes to the conclusion that Mr. Gunn is a robot from the way he answers her. So she decides to find out for herself if he really is or not.

On her way home () fakes an injury to get into her nemesis ’s house. Jake, ’s father is in for a big surprise when he finds out what is up too!

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Love Requited


Cast: , LaCroix, , , , , ,

There’s Always Payback In Love!

For Fine Folks With Good Heats And Curious Minds!

One Way Or Another, Payback Follows Love!

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Filthy amateurs Like It Uncensored


Cast: , , Lacroix, , ,

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Big Wet Butts – Remy LaCroix & Rose Monroe


LaCroix & – Asses Unchained
Released: December 29, 2013

and Lacroix put on their sexiest leather outfits when they heard was coming to town, cause they know that he knows how to fuck an asshole right. After they tease us with their big juicy booties, James comes in to oil those asses up and get them ready to fuck. He fingers, licks, and spanks those big wet butts until the two bootylicious babes are begging for his big dick. Once their assholes are ready, he sticks his fat cock balls deep in both their tight asses, and then blows a fat load all over their faces!

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