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1 Girl 1 Camera # 3


Cast: , , , , Adams, Norton, Clay, , Tawni Ryden, Ryan Hunter, Fransheliz Vasquez, Taylir

Starring !

12 Scenes! 12 Girls!

12 Girls All Alone With Their Camera And Imagination!

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Big Butts Like It Big # 16


Cast: , , , , ,

Starring & !

All Anal!

‘Wait, You’re Fucking Erik Too?’ –
Erik’s somehow managed to juggle dates with the hottest MILFS, and , without either one finding out! Until these best friends go sunbathing and start chatting about their bogus boyfriend!

‘Private Dance Double Penetration’ –
Aleksa appears in her glow in the dark fishnet and she works the pole like a pro with her big fake tits before showing her best pornstar moves on both guys at once. Watch her eye popping double penetration performance here in HD!

‘Ass-Tastic English Lessons’ –
Jessie needs to pay off her tuition, so she decides to give English lessons to raise money, but when she stops in at Ramon’s place, he agrees to a lesson anyways, she suggest he deposit his cock in her ass!

‘Jealous Asshole’ –
Madison is tired of her lazy ex-boyfriend living at her place. So she brings a date over to make Keiran jealous. It doesn’t take long for her passionate moaning to drive him over the edge, and in no time he’s storming up the stairs to take that pussy back!

‘Stick It In MY Big Country Ass’ –
It’s easier if you picture a slutty hillbilly like , who’s so desperate to get a probe deep in her butthole she starts waving her big country ass around until the scientist gives in and dicks her down with his massive rod!

Bonus Scene With !

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Fuck A Fan # 21


Cast: , , , , , , Laela Pryce

Awesome arrangements for these superstars’ biggest fans! Fully accommodated and fully serviced men get their royal treatment from their favorite starlets!

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Big Boob Chicks # 2


Cast: , , Ms Panther,

Don’t miss and her lovely titties joined by some of her big breasted girlfriends!

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun


Cast: , , , , , , , , , Caroline

These ladies just want to have a good time, so when there’s non dick around, they don’t let that stop the party! 10 of adults hottest starlets bury their faces in tight pussy and don’t stop licking and tonguing until the screams of ecstasy stop! It’s the hottest all-girl sex you’ve ever seen!

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Nikki Sexx Takes Dictation


Takes Dictation with the best of them. She doesn’t need a pad of paper or a microphone. Just tell her whatever you want while you fuck her and she remembers every word. Especially if you talk dirty and tell her how happy you are that she’s got the job of being the office whore!

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Cuckold Sessions – Nikki Sexx


– Cuckold Sessions
Released: December 18, 2013

and her husband live the cuckold lifestyle when no camera is to be found. Nikki’s husband loves watching the love of his life get absolutely railed by the biggest black cocks around…..for his enjoyment and hers,of course. We open up with a candid interview with the couple right before Rico Strong brings in his huge slab of beef. Nikki’s husband looks on as a far superior man treats his wife’s mouth to a stuffing of big black dick. Nikki’s mouth does a mighty fine job of getting Rico’s big black cock all nice and wet. And that’s how Mr. Sexx likes to see his woman. Nikki doesn’t end her fun with a blowjob. No…she does A LOT more! Rico slides his beefy slab in between her thighs as her cheerleader-of-a-husband looks on. The damage done to that pussy quickly transfers over to the toll her asshole takes. , and that beautiful sphincter, nearly get split in two as her husband/spectator jacks his mine meat on the side. Rico’s continuous blitzing of that white pussy leaves him ho choice but to blow the entire contents of his balls onto that creamy slit. Her husband continues the fun by fucking Nikki and depositing his own creamy goodness all over her face. The reaction, post-fucking, says it all.

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Phat Ass White Girls # 5


Cast: , , ,

Big, Bouncy, Round Booty!
– Ass made for anal! Huge tits, a juicy pussy and a huge booty made for taking dick up her tight asshole. knows how to give good head as well. Now that’s my type of girl!
– Anal Hard Fuck! is a sexy lady with an amazing figure. From head to toe, nice tits, a juicy ass and a pretty pink pussy. Chris couldn’t wait to get his paws on her. takes Chris Strokes’ long cock like a champ!
is a qualified white girl! She is pretty, has sexy long legs, an all-natural body and a perfect onion booty that looks very tasty!
is beautiful and sexy with a phat ass. She claims to give the best head in the game so you know we wanted to see her attack cock as soon as she said that. Her ass is so fucking round and delicious that I really couldn’t help myself! Some deep ass licking on some white girl ass!

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My Boss Is A Cougar


Cast: , , , ,

Juicy cougar pussy!
Over 2 hours of big ass, large breasts, horny cougars pouncing on their willing and lusty prey. You’ll see young men licking juicy cougar pussy as they finger fuck and drive them cock crazy. If you want to see cougars talking nasty as they ride hard young cock, then you’ve cum to the right place!

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Gotta Love Those Big Tits


Gotta Love Those Big Tits
Studio: Venom

Cast: Jade, , , , Allanah Li

There are big boobs, and then there are great big tits! Join the super sets on Jade and as they show why women with bigger boobs get more!

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Doctor Adventures # 16

Cast: , , , , ,

Scenes Include:

Aletta’s Anatomy
Nick Lang is a paraplegic with a secret. He’s just been pretending to be paralyzed so that he can reap the benefits that come with having a fuckilicious doctor like taking care of him day and night.

Naked Therapy
Keiran had trouble in intimate situations and decides to make an appointment with Lisa, a sex therapist with a unique technique in bringing people out of their shells, by fucking their brains out!

Criss is suffering a rare condition. He is daydreaming with this hot, sexy woman. The problem is that he passes out right after. he schedules an appointment with Dr. Nikki who is the incarnation of the woman in his fantasies!

Doctor Orgasm
The press has discovered Dr. Orgasm, a doctor who has been administering illegal orgasms to hot and sexy female patients. Phoenix, an uptight reporter tracks him down at his office so he can explain himself to the American people!

After oding on a particularly intense orgasm, Madison is rushed to the hospital where under the care of Dr. Johnny Sins, she’s restored back to health courtesy of some good old fashioned anal!

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Immoral Live – Nikki Sexx & Jay Taylor


& – World’s Luckiest Guys
Released: September 27, 2013

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Tonight’s Girlfriend – Nikki Sexx


– Submissive
Released: August 30, 2013

Being on the road three weeks out of the month gets pretty lonely, and it builds my need for a release. Not just sexually, but emotionally. I’ve been needing to dominate for sometime now, and that’s what I’m going to do tonight. To porn star . I’ve seen her videos and the way she lets guys with big dicks destroy her pussy the way she likes it. Now it’s my turn. I’ve paid for her, so Nikki’s going to be my submissive little love slave this night, big tits and all. Maybe I should go on the road more often.

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White Mommas # 4


Cast: , , , ,

Starring ! 100% MILF! 100% Anal!

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Mom’s Cuckold # 12


Cast: , , ,

’s Poolside Manners! India’s Fixing The Pipe!
Nikki’s Interracial Exchange! Austin’s Doing It Doggy!
While Reading a book gets disturbed by her zero of a husband. He then convinces her to make lunch for him and his boss so he will get a raise. But has other ways of getting him that raise. India’s husband has no clue about anything and is completely useless; good thing Jon Jon is there. Once Jon Jon is done fixing the sink, India figures that she can get her pipes cleaned as well. Nikki decides to be a ‘House Mom’ for an exchange student. When confronted by her ziltch of a husband she decides that it’s a good time to show him how a real man treats a lady. Nat heads next door in a furious rage because Austin’s dog won’t shut up. Nat is then confronted by Austin’s pussy for a husband. So Nat decides to show him how a real man should act!

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