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Electro Sluts – Lorelei Lee, Lotus Lain, Mia Li & Mona Wales


, Lain, & Wales – True BDSM : The Destruction of
Released: February 12, 2015

Celebrate Valentines Day with Sweetheart of Porn, . In this electro-lesbian orgy, Mia takes on three of the cruelest dommes and endures ANAL electricity, ANAL lesbian strap on fucking, fisting, EMS pads, violet wands, taser, and more. Mia is a true Electroslut who not only enjoys the pain, but begs for more. Electro punishment makes her squirt! She is DOUBLE PENETRATED with strap-ons, and made to lick pussy and finger her dommes until they squirt all over her! There is so much lesbian electro fucking in this update, so many orgasms, so much punishment, it is awe striking to see Mia take it all with a smile.

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Fantasy Massage – Mia Li


– I’m Looking For Buyers (HARDCORE)
Released: January 21, 2015

Today this beautiful babe named , came into get a massage and get this, she makes her own massage oil! It smelt terrible, but she asked me to use it on her and I figure, it’s the least I could do right? Mid-way through the massage she really starts selling her product, making it almost too easy for me to get what I want! I slide my hand up her thigh and I’ve gotta say, that oil of hers is really slippery! I convince her that the rest of the guys and I would actually consider using her oil on our clients if she does a little something for me in return. Sure, we didn’t buy the oil but her husband should be very happy to know not only does his product feel great but, so does his wife!

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Sapphic Erotica – Mia M & Frida


Mia M & – Castling Cuties
Released: December 28, 2014

Mia (black hair) and are playing a game of strip chess when one thing leads to another. Mia loses her top early in the game, and this makes too turned on to continue playing it. Mia pulls of ’s top, and the girls start kissing passionately. Mia masturbates and fingers while kissing her and sucking her nipples. Then Mia goes down on , eating her pussy until she comes. The girls kiss again, and then finger fucks Mia. Then Mia lies back, and licks her to climax. Then the girls cuddle together, fondling and kissing one another.

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Ultimate Surrender – Bella Rossi, Mia Li, Mona Wales & Jeze Belle


, , Wales & Jeze Belle – Blond Bombshells take on Team Tittie, winners move on to wrestle 2 TS babes
Released: November 20, 2014

Today we have Wales and Jeze Belle on team Blond Bombshell. These two leggy blonds are sassy and ready to throw down. They meet and from Team Tittie. This match is pretty close up until the 3rd round when one wrestler can not control her orgasms on the mat. Her selfish orgasm costs her team the win and costs them the chance to move on to the next round where they partner up with hot TS girls in another segment of tag team wrestling. All these girls want the chance to go up against two of TSPussyHunters’ hottie TS models. These girls really give it everything they’ve got in order to get the chance to hold down gorgeous babes with big cocks.

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The Upper Floor – Gabriella Paltrova & Mia Li


& – Domestic Anal MILF Training , Day One
Released: November 7, 2014

When House slave breaks the rules, the Master of the House takes as his new favorite. But Mia is not having it, and when Master is away she takes her revenge on the undeserving underling. Mia pays a high price for her underhanded power grab however and suffers at the tip of the cattle prod as Master fucks his favorite.

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This Ain’t Supernatural XXX


Cast: , , , , Marie,

This is a parody!

Some things can’t be explained…

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Hog Tied – Mia Li


’s First Anal Bondage
Released: October 30, 2014

When shows up to today’s shoot, she lifts up her skirt and reveals a plug in her ass. She’s been wearing it all morning, and can’t wait to get tied up in it. This is her first time doing anal on camera – an anal slut in training! We start out with a back breaking pole tie that presents her tits for clips, and her pussy for the crotch rope. Rough rope grinding against her tender clit makes her squirm but the position is just too much for her and we cut it short. When it is time to get back on the horse, Mia is tied tight spread eagle and fucked hard with a dick on a still till she is all orgasmed out. And for desert, the shocker: tied doggie style and stuffed with two in the pussy and one in the ass. Happy HogTied, Mia.

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Electro Sluts – Isis Love & Mia Li


& – Deep Electro Examination
Released: August 28, 2014

is an innocent college student looking to earn some extra money. What better way than an invasive medical study? Perverted doctor is researching what makes horny young sluts cum and she searches Mia’s holes for an answer. First, she shocks her tight ass with the zappers and taser, then tests Mia’s orgasm endurance by stuffing her pussy with an electrified dick-on-a-stick. Dr. Love was shocked to find Mia could cum from electricity…again and again and again. And that was just the first part of the study. Mia can’t stop squirming so she is put into bondage and hooked up to the electrical pads, which make her entire athletic body convulse. See her muscles shake and tremble as she is subjected to a pussy and ass eating test, then gets smothered by Dr. Love’s tits. An enormous electro prod is inserted into Mia’s pussy and she cums some more, earning her a final showdown with the cattle prod. Dr. Love then has a real breakthrough in the field of orgasm research. Mix one part athlete with one part desperate, young slut and you get : a rare subject who cums harder from being shocked to the core. Mia takes the prod like a champ and is left tied to the table, shaking and cumming all over the lab.

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Amateur Introductions # 12


Cast: , , Aimee Addison, , Jolie, Brook Van Buren, Anna Stevens

Starring !

7 POV Sex Scenes!

Where Nice Girls Come To Swallow Cum!

Aimee Addison is a gorgeous professional model that was recently featured in Penthouse. This is her very first hardcore scene and she can really work a cock. She takes my cock into her gorgeous wet mouth, and then I fucked her amazing tight pussy. I shoot a thick river of cum into her mouth and watch is slide right down her throat. Awesome!

is a very cute 18 year old waitress from Pennsylvania. On vacation in California she met Ray at a club. Brooke agreed to show off her oral skills for the very first time on camera. After a good fuck and suck fest, Ray unloads in Brooke’s hot mouth. She gulps him down with a cute smile. I think you will love the second cum shot as well!

is only 18 years old and is very naughty. She’s a petite hottie with a tight body that loves to swallow cum. She pulls out Rays cock and starts sucking. Then Ray pounds her tight little shaved pussy before he dumps a huge load of jizz into her mouth!

Anna Stevens is a gorgeous blonde mainstream model. She is 5 ft 10 inches tall and she is 22 years old. She wants to move into the adult marketing world and asks me to give her a chance. I am more than willing to let this beautiful babe suck my cock. Watch her swallow two big cum shots.

Jolie is 18 years old and works at a bookstore. She is 5′ 8′ tall with really pretty eyes. Jolie came to me because she needed a little adventure and excitement. I sent her over to my buddy Ray. He shows her a great time and slides his big cock down her sweet little throat!

is a very cute, 20 year old student. A college friend of hers, that is already on the site, sent her over to audition for Amateur Allure. Mia really sucks cock very well and of course chugs down two big loads. She even gets her lil shaved pussy banged!

is 18, and has an enormous 38DD chest. This is ’s first scene ever. She has never ever been naughty on camera before and has a lot to learn, so I give her some pointers. She does her best swallowing my cock and gulps down two big loads!

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Ultimate Surrender – Mistress Kara & Mia Li


Mistress & – Our Top Wrestler takes on the most Orgasmic wrestler! someone is bound to cum
Released: June 13, 2014

Mistress is arguably the best wrestler US has ever seen. She’s big, Tall Strong, skilled and she can sling a mean cock. Today she takes on Mia “Muscles” Li. Mia has shown some improvement since her first match but she still has a weakness for Orgasms on the mat. One wrestler gets Pinned and face-sat while she gets finger blasted. Orgams on the Mat, Nipple bitting, Lift and carries, deep french kissing, Tribbing for points. This match has it all.

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Ultimate Surrender – Daisy Ducati & Mia Li


& – The 2 Best Rookies meet in the finals. Squirting orgasms in round 4
Released: April 18, 2014

and have beat out all the other sex athletes in the Rookie Cup Tournament. No one expected to make it this far in the tournament. She’s improved drastically since her debut match which was against ( see match 33909). These wrestler are desparate to win and impose their sexual dominance on each other. Buzzer goes off but the Dominate wrestler pays not mind to the time limits. She rips an orgasm out of her opponent after the end of the round then fucks her good and hard until she Squirts all over the mat. GUSHING orgasms flow freely out of her wet sweaty pussy.

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Cum Fiesta – Mia Li


– My My Mia
Released: May 6, 2014

We had a super freaky sorority girl come over to the Fiesta this week. Her name was Mia, and she had some serious moves and some amazing legs on her. She wasn’t shy at all and showed off her nice tits as the password right away. In fact, Mia came over ordering Jmac around and wanting the Dick. She gave him some good sloppy head for a bit before she hopped right on for a pounding. Mia wanted more and more and couldn’t get enough. She was really pleased when Jmac busted a big load on her face, but she kept sucking for more. This one’s a little sex fiend!

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Immoral Live – Gaia & Mia Li


& – Asian Persuasion
Released: April 14, 2014


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Ultimate Surrender – Alexa Aimes & Mia Li


& – These Girls are Friends but today they’re here to Fight
Released: April 4, 2014

and are buddies but they are after the same goal; To prove themselves as the strongest most dominate sexual gladiator in the Rookie Cup Tournament. Some one has to Lose, someone has to get fucked. These wrestlers gas themselves out in the first two rounds. One wrestling can not continue. Wrestling cut short due to one wrestler simply being too weak.

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Ultimate Surrender – Mia Li & Carissa Montgomery


& – So much Tits, So much Ass, So much Awesome. Rookie Cup Match up
Released: March 22, 2014

March Madness Rookie Cup Tournament Continues. Today we have two of our curviest babes, and . Both wrestlers are coming here with miserable records of 0 wins. Someone has to win today. Someone has to move on in the tournament and someone has to get fucked like the loser she is.

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