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Lizz Tayler – Hobo With a Hard-On

– Hobo With a Hard-On

As a poor, filthy hobo, keiran hasn’t been laid in years, and is stuck eating dog food in his cardboard hovel and playing pocket pool during the time that this chab fantasies of twat. Little does he know that the hottest little delinquent with the superlatively good milk shakes on the block is checking him out…

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Erotic Massage Stories 3 (2014)


Erotic Massage Stories 3 (2014)

Category – All Sex Movies

Director – Brother Love
Starring – , , , , , , , Hart,

It’s time to relax and embark on a journey through 5 sensuous massage fantasies that will overwhelm your senses. Every delicate curve and touch of , , , , and have been expertly captured in the highest quality. Let them caress and stroke you, because these girls will surely help you rub one out!

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Teens Like It Big # 19


Cast: , , James, , , ,

The hottest teens fucking the biggest cocks!

‘Sluts Spin The Bottle’
When gets together with her slutty friends, they always have a raunchy good time. Tonight, the gals are gossiping and daydreaming about Johnny’s big cock. Dillion wants a piece of that dick so badly, she’s willing to stay up all night to get it.

‘Channel 69: Breaking Nudes’
’s all set to appear on ’s news show to address this national outrage. Turns out Erica’s got a few surprises up her skirt, including super-fan who wants to jump on and fuck James right there on live TV.

‘Chores For A Whore’
Three slutty bitches at a slumber party invite over their virginal friend James for a makeover and some silly pranks. When she gets caught nearly naked in the hallway by Johnny, ’s eager to show him she’s the furthest thing from being a prude.

‘The Dick Next Door’
Danny D’s neighbors are bratty teens who just want to party and make noise, when he’s got work to do. He tries to be polite about it, but it backfires. The only way to fix it is by going over to ’s place and tiring her out with his big cock.

‘Party Girl’
Nerdy girl Jessie is tired of living life on the sidelines, so she drags her bestie out to Johnny’s party and heads upstairs with the host himself. She’s not sure she wants to go all the way – until she sees his massive cock, that is. Then it’s party time!

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Mommy, You and Me Make 3


Cast: , , , , , , , , , , ,

These families are very close and like to keep everything in house. Watch how they all fuck each other like no tomorrow and don’t even care on how wrong it is! Wrong never felt so good!!

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Hot And Mean – Keisha Grey, Bunny Freedom & Lizz Tayler


, Freedom & – School Discipline : Part One
Released: April 3, 2014

was just minding her own business in the women’s room of her school when local badgirls Freedom and came in to smoke and gossip. Keisha tried not to attract any attention, but their smoke made her cough, and pretty soon they had pulled her out of her stall to check her out. Lizz and tore Keisha’s schoolgirl uniform off to get a nice look at her big natural tits and pretty pink pussy, and then licked, sucked, and fingered the sexy student until her tasty little cunt was dripping wet. Keisha got all of her holes finger fucked as she used her soft tongue to please the other two horny sluts. Once all three of the dirty schoolgirls had a chance to cum hard, and Lizz left Keisha on the floor of the bathroom where they found her and went back to class!

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Mano Job – Lizz Tayler


– Twice Blasted!
Released: March 25, 2014

In addition to an appearance over at our sister site, The Dick Suckers, super-vet makes her fourth stop here. All of her scenes are among member favorites, and it’s easy to see why. Lizz is like a fine wine, and she only gets better the longer she’s in Porn Valley. Her JOE is off the hook, and it’s easy to see she’s a natural born slut. The only thing left is to throw her to Mr. POV…or, maybe I should say we’ll throw Mr. POV at her? Enjoy my brutha!!

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Pretty Little Teens


Cast: , Jenna J. Ross, , Heart,

Featuring !

Nobody Says No To… Pretty Little Teens!

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Odd Jobs


Cast: , Chase, , ,

In this sexually charged “mockumentary”, we follow the exploits of a slightly deceptive headhunter, ( Chase), who finds highly qualified people – ‘less than’ quality jobs. Whether it’s a Babysitter, French Maid, Vacuum Salesman or Student Mover, all of the candidates bend over backwards to do their deeds! Odd Jobs because everyone deserves a raise!

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Hot And Mean – Gracie Glam & Lizz Tayler


& – Cumming Out
Released: March 6, 2014

Uh oh! Gracie walked in on her lezzie step-sister Lizz watching some super-hot lesbian porn and rubbing the fuck out of her clit. SO embarrassing! After dinner, Lizz made a move, and reached her hand down Gracie’s panties, fingering her pussy-hole until it was soaking wet. Gracie caught on quick, she tore off Lizz’s fishnets and ate her pussy out from behind before burying her fingers deep in her asshole. After she’d had some explosive orgasms, Lizz stretched out her step-sister’s pussy with a whole vegetable garden: carrots, zucchinis and a big-ass cucumber that slammed that pussy like a wrecking-ball!

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Big Tits At School # 19

Cast: , , , , ,

Scenes Include:

Film Production 101

Students at the Brazzers film institute were dying to make their first short film and they finally got their chance. They make a porn cause god knows they can’t make anything better.

Blowing Dr. Blue

Asa is one stressed out student. She’s been working on her thesis but the teacher doesn’t think it’s ready. She lacks a bit of real world experience. Time to get some experience. Sexual experience!

Smarty Pussy

Rachel is a brilliant student and in love with her new teacher, Mr. Mountain. Rachel is determined to show how much she cares about his class and his cock. She lets him do whatever he wants with her and her little tight pussy!

Backroom Pussy For A Pass

The school year has begun and already Nyomi’s son is flunking. Called in to the principal’s office yet again, Nyomi knows what to expect, and as every principal knows, it’s easy to use this for some sexy backroom negotiations!

Dorm Room Mix Up

Xander has had enough. His new roommate Nika is impossible to live with. She walks around naked and flashes her gorgeous pussy. His stress level is going through the roof. Nika has a few ways to relieve.

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Teens Like It Big – Lizz Tayler & Veronica Rodriguez


& – Step Sister’s First Cock
Released: January 18, 2014

was in her room rubbing her pretty Latina pussy with her favorite little pink vibrator when her step sister walked in to give her some sisterly advice. Veronica had never gotten her hands on a real live big cock before, so Lizz asked her boyfriend to help them out! First Lizz showed her how to suck that big dick, guiding Veronica’s wet little mouth while she did her best to deepthroat his monster shaft. Veronica sucked Mick’s fat dick with a smile, and then the two horny sluts took turns sucking and fucking him while they kissed, licked, and sucked every inch of each other’s tight bodies. Finally, Mick rewarded all their hard work with a nice big load of jizz for the two horny hotties to share!

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, , ,


When a romance novelist moves into a haunted old house to work on her next best seller, she quickly becomes embroiled in a supernatural tryst with a spectral paramour that takes her to greater heights than anything she could have imagined. Her ghostly lover’s insatiable desires literally begin to consume her as he attempts to revive the memory of his beloved, giving her both the greatest story of her career and the secret to finding true love in the process.

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Party Girls



, , Jordan, , ,


Some girls just know how to party! Join and as they embrace their sexuality with a home party featuring lots of naughty toys and stories. From dark dungeon encounters to an all girl orgy, this is one party you don’t want to miss!

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My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend – Lizz Tayler


– My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend
Released: December 19, 2013

loves to go out partying, but her boyfriend knows how wild she gets so he makes sure his son, Johnny, watches her while he’s out of town. Johnny didn’t like what he saw when she went out with her. She had her tits hanging out at the bar! He brings her home and threatens to lock her in. Lizz doesn’t mind, she’ll just bring the party home. She starts the party by grinding on Johnny. He knows it’s wrong since she’s his dad’s girl, but once he starts watching Lizz play with herself he can’t help but join in. Now he knows why his dad keeps this party girl around, she’s well worth the trouble considering how well she can fuck.

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Teens Like It Big – Lizz Tayler & Erica Fontes


& – Channel 69: Breaking Nudes
Released: July 9, 2013

Parents are right to be concerned. Teen gals everywhere have discovered a raging passion for porn, all thanks to one porn star, . He’s all set to appear on ’s news show to address this national outrage. Turns out Erica’s got a few surprises up her skirt, including super-fan who wants to jump on and fuck James right there on Live TV. We’ll see what the parents think of their live threesome on prime-time news.

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