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Tight and Stretched

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Thick Dicks Squeeze Into Tiny Twats

These girls barely weigh 100 pounds soaking wet, but their pussies cream at the sight of a cock the size of their wrists. Even though they can barely wrap their hands around big cocks, these teens still manage to wrap their snug cunnies around these massive members. gets a creampie in her clam. ’s face gets blasted with cum, and Ashton’s vice-tight pussy gets pounded. Plus, Alina’s Chinese-pussy-trap milks her stud’s cock until he nuts on her face!

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First Time Auditions # 33

Megaskanks Cover
Cast: , , , Megan Matthews, Snow,

6 Smokin’ Scenes!

We put a small ad in newspapers across the country searching for real amateur girls aged 18-25. We tell these girls we are looking for the next big star.

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Casting Couch Amateurs # 11


Cast: , , , ,

The beginners just keep on cumming.

– full access!

– Lick my ass!

– Play with that pussy!

– She likes her hair pulled!

– Tight, wet and totally hairless!

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New Girl In Town # 17


Cast: Winter Marie, , , , , , , Luxx Cream

Fresh faced beginners get shown the ropes… And covered in them too! They just want to make a cool first impression, and they know how to try and fit in, and we all want to fit in too!

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Amazing Asses # 15


Cast: , ., , , , , ,

I Get Hard Everytime You Wallk Away.

The kind of asses that make our mouths water, the asses that make us hard every time they walk away… A look deep into the plump, round, and beautiful backsides we all know and love!

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I Know That Girl # 20


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Cast: , , , ,

Featuring !

Lia…Tease Me Then Please Me! Veronica…Takes A Cum Shower! …Gets A Quickie In!

Alice…Gives Tou A Post-Yoga Pussy! Sexy Kitty Addison…Likes It Doggystyle!

Every Slut’s First Step!

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Foot Worship – Lotus Lain & Mia Li


Lotus Lain & Mia Li –
Released: August 29, 2014

Lotus Lain’s training as a footwhore is not complete until Mia Li shows her how to properly fuck a cock with some hungry, wet feet. The two catch a peeping Tom spying on them and decide to make him worship all twenty of their tiny, pink, cum-covered toes. The dirty perv is trampled by both girls and made to sniff the arches of their sweaty feet. Using a long days’ worth of cum as lube, the whores then administer a sloppy double-girl footjob, complete with sole-scrunching orgasms. That lucky bastard!

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Happy Tugs – Mia Li & Angelina Chung


Mia Li & Angelina Chung – Hard At Work
Released: August 2, 2014

We have a seriously awesome scene for you guys this week. One lucky customer got to have twice the fun with his massage. Mia started him off with some oil around his legs; after a while she suggested they bring in another girl to help out since it was a slow day at the parlor. Angelina came in and started working on him right away, and it wasn’t long before Mia had her hands all over his cock. After some negotiations, they hopped right on his cock and gave him the tug job of his life. These girls gave some amazing head, and they knew just how to work together on his dick. Don’t miss out on this hot hot action. These girls are sure to get repeat business.

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Upper Class Fuck Fest – Samia Duarte, Tiffany Fox & Kiki Minaj


, , Minaj – Poppin’ Popstar Ass And Going Triple Slut Deep On The Cock Mic!
Released: July 25, 2014

Popstar sensation Minaj is in the house and eating up all the press attention she’s getting from ultra hot, satin clad reporter and her sexy cameraman, and with the help of her equally bangin’ assistant (on-call slut) they’re about to have some “off camera” fun! ’s all about some oil play, so she squirts Tiffany’s blouse down as her assistant warms up the cameraman, and once he’s rock hard all three babes start gobbling down that cock, with of course showing off that she can go the deepest! Tiffany is the first to take that dick deep in her vag, definitely breaking some employment rules, but fuck it, and not to be outdone, both and Samia go all-out anal, pounding their pretty buttholes until the cameraman can take no more and splooges all over Tiffany! Still not done being sluts, and Samia lick it off and play with that cum as the icing on the cake they deserve after this triple bitch on the cock mic event!

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Fucked And Bound – Mia Li


Mia Li – Sexy Asian Slut Gets Dicked Down
Released: July 4, 2014

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Stepmom Videos – Candi Cox & Kelly Diamond XXX


& Kelly Diamond XXX – Me And My StepMom Fucked My Bf!
Released: June 27, 2014

Kelly was happy to have her boyfriend back for the weekend. He’s a freshman at college and he doesn’t get a chance to see her as often. So she had arranged a special day for him with lots of sex. But then her men ol` step mom came in and rained on her parade. She used her step mom powers to make her step daughter go buy some laundry detergent at the store. While she was away though her boyfriend decided to look at some porn to keep himself hard while she was away, but Kelly’s step mom walked in on him and caught him mid stroke. Candi hadn’t had sex in a few week so the sight of seeing his hard dick got her wet. She started sucking his dick and then the step daughter walked in on them!! Candi knew she had to fix the problem right away and that was by having a threesome with both her step daughter and her boyfriend. Problem solved.

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Sexually Broken – Mia Li


Mia Li – Mia Li gets bound and face fucked by BBC, brutal deep throat on 2 dicks, epic throat training!
Released: June 2, 2014

Everybody loves Mia Li. She is bubbly, eager and loves to fuck. Too bad for this hot Asian piece of ass we are not fucking her today. Today is not about her pleasure, it is going to be about binding her down and turning her face hole into a pussy for our use. Wd are going to completely deconstruct this starlet with dick. This will be throat training at its finest. Bound down on her knees and shacked into a custom made bondage device with her arms cranked behind her and her vision cut off by a leather blindfold, Mia can not see or anticipate what is going to happen. All she can do is take what we wish to dish out. And what we are going to dish out is an unrelenting serving of dick. We step up and make ourselves at home. Mia’s warm open mouth is right where we belong. One after the other the rock hard cocks run a train on that open mouth hole. The training begins. Locked in total darkness, Mia gasps and moans as the dicks own the back of her throat meat. The drool flows out and down onto her breasts, coating and discoloring her dress. We rip off the blindfold so that we can see those big eyes as 10 inches of cock disappear down those lips. The BBC owns her tender throat and her eyes glaze. We throw in the vibrator because we are nothing if not generous. Mia cums hard, over and over, straining in her bondage. The bondage, orgasms and relentless dick all have served their purpose. Mia is a wrecked shell of starlet. Her hair is destroyed, her makeup is destroyed, her face a drool covered mess. Her ruined drool covered dress strains across her large breasts. She sags limply in her bondage, the true definition of sexually broken. This one was fun.

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Nubiles Casting – Holly Michaels & Lia Ezra


& Cast Ep2
Released: January 23, 2014

After chatting for a bit with her newest interviewee , starts to draw out her subject’s sensual side. Lia is soon incredibly turned on, pinching her own tits and peeling off her clothes. She’s a little bit nervous about getting it on with her man, but Holly helps coach her through a blowjob that gets hotter the longer it goes on until you can tell that Lia is really enjoying herself! Now that she is in the mood, Lia is nice and wet and eager to take her beau’s cock deep in her shaved fuck hole. Lia and her man start off in reverse cowgirl style as Holly begins to masturbate her own needy pussy. Soon the redhead is getting fucked on her hands and knees so that her breasts sway in the air and Holly jumps in to film the magical moment as Lia moans her orgasm. Although the redhead was nervous about letting her beau cum in her mouth, she is game to try with Holly’s encouragement. Sucking and licking until her man is on the verge of climax, Lia pushes him over the edge and then swallows every delicious salty drop! Director’s notes: Here we are with Holly’s second casting scene. We ended up with a newish girl named Lia. She was a very nice and sweet girl with a great attitude and was fun. Holly on her second casting was very smooth in the interview and very natural. I was a bit worried about this scene. My hope every time is that we have girls who are very sexual because this leads to great performances and happy customers. I wasn’t getting a vibe from Lia that was very sexual in nature. I don’t know how Holly did it but she somehow brought as much sexuality out of Lia as possible. Lia took an enormous cock like a boss. I can’t say she became orgasmic off it but she did get fucked hard and Holly made the scene even hotter. I am looking forward to next week when another casting of Holly will debut.

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In The VIP – Lia Ezra


, Lee, & – Lick It Up
Released: January 21, 2014

We stormed into the VIP and made sure everybody knew where the best party action was. The ladies had big smiles because they knew they were the best thing going on. All the guys wanted a piece of the action because these girls were on fire. They were looking so delicious, they couldn’t even keep their hands off each other. left her panties at home, as usual, and was shaking her ass with some of the other big booty girls. But soon after, she couldn’t take much more off the hot pussy and had to start munching away on it. Some of the other girls like Lia followed her lead, as they sucked on some cock. Levi and Jmac stroked these girls’ pussies good, as they traded them back and forth. Some of the ladies had never had such huge dicks inside them. They were lucky to have some of the other girls take over, so they could take a break. But the party couldn’t end properly without some final cock-tail refreshments, which the girls happily took all over their faces.

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Immoral Live – Britney Amber & Lia Ezra


& – Teenage Rampage
Released: December 21, 2013

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