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Milking Table – Tiffany Brookes

Milking Table –

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– Rodeo Riding
Released: November 21, 2015
The very second walked into the spa Tiffany laid eyes on him and instantly knew what he was going to tell her. See Jack works for the rodeo, and it can be a rough business without certain protective hardware. Jack was gored in the balls by a bull, and so he’s here to try his very last option. Tiffany gets to work offering Jack some warm oil to help him relax and a hand job to get things started. Jack responds well to Tiffany’s treatment, and soon she’s crouched under the table milking his hard cock with her hungry warm throat.

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Tricky Spa – Jenna Reid

Tricky Spa – Jenna Reid

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Jenna Reid – Can I See More?
Released: November 18, 2015
Step daughter Jenna Reid asks her father if it is alright to go to the mall today and with no objections Jack gives her permission. He is glad that he can have some alone time so surf the internet and masturbate over hot chicks. Unfortunately, Jack is interrupted as Jenna walks back in, catching him with his pants down, cock exposed. She runs to her bedroom not knowing what her virgin eyes just witnessed. Jack follows her, apologizing for what she saw, explaining that things between him and her mother aren’t going very well sexually, and this is the only way he can relieve his needs. Jenna feels bad for her father and offers him a massage to relieve him for all his stress. Although Jenna knows Jack is married to her mom, she cannot resist to know what it would be like to watch a man masturbate. She persuades her father to show her how he likes to please himself with images of young women and if he doesn’t do exactly what she asks, she will tell her mommy. Jenna wants to see it grow, and pleads with Jack to shove it in her mouth. She loves the feeling of his cock getting bigger in her mouth but she wants more, she wants him to fuck her tight pussy, demanding he fuck her deep and hard, aware that she is pleasing her daddy’s cock.

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Cast Kalina Ryu, , , , Mac, , Eric Masterson, ,

Detective Wallace () is a valuable and respected officer on the LAPD… until her husband is murdered. With a crime hitting so close to home and no leads in sight, accusations begin to fly. Even her own partner suspects something is amiss. When an escaped criminal resurfaces, no one is prepared for just how deep the deception runs.

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Fantasy Massage – Cadence Lux

Megaskanks Cover

– Officer Of Seduction
Released: July 15, 2015

Looking out for his business and colleague, Eric Masterson warns about news reports he saw on television, undercover agents are going into Massage parlours, busting those who have shady tactics. Eric gives a description of the investigator busting the spas, and it just so happened that Jack had a client fitting that exact description with the name ! Jack has to make sure everything is legit, and if anything, making sure she instigates it. Watch Jack trick this girl into playing her own game!

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Nuru Massage – Samantha Rone


– My Babysitters Cock
Released: July 24, 2015

Every guy dreams about their babysitter one way or another, but didn’t dream in a million years he would be meeting , his old babysitter at the Nuru Massage. Samantha was very happy to see Jack after all this time and always thought of Jack as a father figure. Samantha wanted to make sure Jack was absolutely sure he wanted to proceed with the treatment with all things considered. Jack was a regular here so he was used to the routine, but was he really prepared to see his old babysitter naked? Only one way to find out!

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Maneaters # 4: All Bush Edition


Cast: , , Tori Avano,

Femdom enthusiast Glenn King brings us more cartoonishly aggressive ladies putting their sexual needs first. Glenn King’s Maneaters 4: All Bush Edition! showcases sultry bitches that skip the trend of pussy shaving in favor of a neatly trimmed bush. After a short address to the viewer and a director interview, each fearsome maneater relieves her pent-up desire on a submissive boy-toy. Skinny, gorgeous makes grovel in front of her, spit-clean her black vinyl boot and suck her pretty toes. Grinding her ass in Alec’s face, Jessa devours his cock and rides him to orgasm. Tattooed, well-toned Latina beauty gets a sweaty workout from gym slave . Big, voluptuous, tattooed bitch Tori Avano sits on skinny black slave D Snoop’s face. Following a nasty interracial fuck, Snoop spurts a hot load on Tori’s belly. American-Asian beauty uses her forceful personality to extract pleasure from beefy black dungeon slave .

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When Pornstars Attack # 4


Cast: , , ,

Femdom director Glenn King unleashes four ferocious vignettes of fearsome female sexuality in When Pornstars Attack! 4, cautionary porn tales of the havoc wreaked by a particular breed of insatiable slut. The plot concerns a pheromone spray that makes women insane with desire. Isiah Maxwell is bullied by bitchy secretary until he uses some of the special cologne. Tory’s suddenly consumed by an interracial hunger she can’t control. Next, black domme is about to torment in a dungeon session, but the white executive uses the secret formula, compelling the sex-mad BBW to smother him with her huge, black ass. Horny janitor D Snoop gets his car washed by adorable, young , who attacks him in an eruption of interracial sucking, fucking and bare foot worship. hopes to impress his daughter’s voluptuous friend, beautiful . The nasty results are more intense than he bargained for!

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Cuckold Diaries 5: Cum Eating Edition (2013)


Cuckold Diaries 5: Cum Eating Edition (2013)

Category All Sex, HD – Shot In High Def, Cuckold, White Ghetto Films’ Cuckold Diaries Series

Starring , , Gabriel Dalessandro

100% Dick Slurping! Pussy Drilling! Messy Creampies!

My wife is always telling me how pathetic I am when it comes to our sex life. I guess she meant it because when I came home yesterday she had another guy over. I was hurt and angry but when she made me to watch so I could learn I did what I was told, even when she made me eat his cum out of her!

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Maneaters # 3


Cast: Dahlia Sky, , Sarah Jay,

Fetish director Glenn King loves to explore dominant females mean, sexy bitches with no inhibitions about taking whatever they want from the weaker sex. In Glenn King’s Maneaters 3, four aggressive ladies demand pleasure, and if they have to overpower a pathetic man to fulfill their quest, no problem! Each scene begins with a solo, POV-style introduction from your horny mistress. Busty, big-assed bombshell wants black dick, so she gets Isiah Maxwell for an interracial session of fucking and foot play. Gorgeous blonde gets filled with stiff meat and takes a load on her chest. Petite, bratty young bitch bosses around black stud D Snoop, grinding her sweet, little ass in his face and fucking him until he spurts helplessly onto her back. Sultry, leather-clad domme Dahlia Sky makes slave submit to face sitting and hard fucking; she allows him to bask in the aroma and taste of her sheer nylon-clad feet.

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Maneaters # 2


Cast: , , Jenna Ivory,

Each scene starts with a short POV segment in which the wild wench spreads her ass and demands viewer worship. Glenn interviews the bitchy broads about their dominant proclivities, but these hussies are impatient for dick. looks hyper-horny in garish make-up, thigh-high boots and a cocktail dress with nothing beneath. She accosts Dsnoop, stuffing feet in his mouth before issuing a thorough femdom interracial fuck, through which she shit-talks a shrill streak. Big-assed blonde dominates , smearing his face with ass in a rim job and riding black dick, butt bouncing wildly, feet mashing his face. Bitchy throws Keni Styles on the bed and spits in his face, and when they fuck, she does the slamming. Pale bleach blonde Jenna Ivory, a dungeon dominatrix in leather corset, takes oral servitude from hapless and slam-fucks him, pulling him by the leash till he cums at her command.

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When Pornstars Attack # 2


Cast: , , ,

In When Pornstars Attack! 2, director Glenn King presents hard-core fantasy scenarios wherein aggressive sluts overpower meek males. Each scene is preceded by a POV intro in which the dominant bitch teases the camera and talks shit to the viewer. Loudmouthed spitfire takes over a gym, bossing D Snoop into a sweaty interracial workout. She mauls him on the exercise machine, fucks him over a yoga ball and makes him eat her stinky feet. Voluptuous manhandles co-worker Keni Styles, sitting her fleshy ass on his face, towering over him, yanking his head up her ass and violently fucking him till he cums on her massive, deeply cleaved boobs. Dungeon Mistress financially dominates caged , demanding his wife’s credit card. She makes him phone the wife while they’re fucking, and after the Mistress sends the Mrs. an incriminating pic, Jack gets to taste his own cum! When forgets Valentines Day, furious girlfriend uses him as a sex slave for pussy, ass and foot worship, nipple torment and fucking her way.

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Milking Table – Deni Desire


Deni Desire – Natural Remedy
Released: May 31, 2014

’ homeopathic doctor has sent him to the Milking Table spa in order to cure his erectile dysfunction, and Deni Desire is eager to help him past this common problem. Jack is used to taking homeopathic supplements, but when Deni introduces him to her therapeutic approach, she proves the technique’s worth, and our tickled pink patient, vows never to resort to supplements again! He’s a gloryhole virgin, and Deni is a Milking veteran. What better patient-expert combination is there?

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Facesitting Tales # 4


Cast: Aiden Star, , Katie St Ives,

For all submissive males that crave the comforting abuse of a strong bitch’s big, beautiful booty, fetish director Glenn King has a new female-superior treat in store: Facesitting Tales #4. It’s cruel vignettes pit the capricious whims of heartless dommes against the pathetic lives of their male slaves. When a powerful woman wants to be sexually serviced, her victim knows he’s in for foot worship and smothering ass punishment… and he’d better say, Yes, Mistress the moment he comes up for air! Dark-haired enjoys taking absolute control of helpless slave . He endures a stinging dungeon session of face sitting torment, foot-sucking duty and cock-and-ball pain. Busy nerd Eric Jover receives a random call from adorable brat , who demands to be chauffeured around town. The payoff occurs with diminutive Katie making Eric worship her bitchy butt and toes with his tongue. After jerking him off, she feeds Eric his own splooge! Spoiled rich bitch likes to bully her servants, especially geeky black butler Chris Cock. She coolly degrades him to the point of sniffing and licking her soft ass. Busty Asian stripper humiliates regular patron Dominik Kross in front of the other customers, but after the club closes, she uses the pathetic loser for her own pleasure. Each tale reaches its climax with a merciful hand job for these pitiful prick. The erotic torture of Facesitting Tales #4 is literally breathtaking.

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When Pornstars Attack


Cast: , , ,

Don Not Feed The Pornstar!

Danger! Remain At Least 3 Feet From The Cage At All Times! Pornstars Will Attack!

Femdom director Glenn King brings us a shocking, new expose of the dangers of unbridled female sexuality. ‘When Pornstars Attack!’ is a cautionary tale in the form of four searing-hot vignettes featuring gorgeous bitches that get off on using men for their own selfish pleasure. When these insatiable she-beasts are on the prowl, watch it! Trash-talking porn slut is caged during the full moon, when her nymphomania is rampant. But zookeeper Flynt Dominic mistakenly unlatches her gate, and Tory leaps onto him, ripping his clothes and devouring his hard cock. She mounts him and ferociously rides his dick until he messily loses his load!

When D Snoop discovers a lamp that summons a genie, he’s granted him one wish. Snoop asks to become irresistible to women… and his front door flies open to reveal horny, voluptuous in attack mode. The sex-crazed blonde dominates him with her pretty feet and milks his sperm into her ravenous mouth. Busty brunette is salesman ’ boss, and she’s used to getting everything she wants from her employees. She wants Jack on his knees! Alexa fucks him, spitting in his face and screaming orders until he spurts jizz on her belly. Big, curvy, sex-obsessed blonde celebrates her diagnosis of nymphomania by taking total control of her therapist, Dr. . A female-superior thrill ride with lots of intense face sitting action, ‘When Pornstars Attack!’ is dangerous fun!

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Massage Parlor – Maddy OReilly


Maddy OReilly – The Pool Boy
Released: March 13, 2013

is the pool guy and Maddy O’Reilly is falling behind in her bills. She offers to barter his services for her services in the massage parlor. Lucky her her, Jack’s back’s been bothering him so he agrees to come in for a massage to settle Maddy’s bill. Maddy knows she’s got to make this massage a good one. She works his muscles giving him the deep tissue service as she shamelessly flirts with him. Maddy has always wanted to fuck her pool guy and now she has the perfect chance to. As he is relaxing on the table, Maddy strips down naked to set the mood. She lubes up her own stomach and tits so that she can climb on top of him and surprise him with a body to body massage. Maddy rubs her tits up and down his back as her pussy gets wetter and wetter. She plays the boss, taking control of the situation and telling Jack just what to do. We bring you amazing close ups of Maddy’s wet pussy from behind as she rides him. But Maddy really heats things up when she has him turn over, exposing his big cock. She can’t wait to get her hands and mouth all over it, fulfilling her sexual fantasy. Maddy lets Jack eat her pussy for a bit 69 style before dropping to her knees so Jack can cum all over her face as she plays with his jizz. Needless to say, Jack wants to barter with Maddy every month after this session!

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