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Pissing in Action # 36

Pissing in Action # 36

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Cast: , , , , Plant, Leone, , Sullivan, , Vanessa,

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Pissing in Action # 36

Pissing in Action # 36

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Cast: , Noiret, , , Plant, Leone, , , , Vanessa,

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Love Creampie – Gina Devine


– Feeling You Come
Released: November 26, 2014

I was sure when I picked up this bubbly young girl that she was up for a bit of fun. It took more persuading than I thought but nothing worth having comes easy. For a while I couldn’t tell if she was up for something or just teasing me a bit, it felt like she was leading me somewhere but then she kept shutting these metaphorical doors on my cock. Ouch! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those young tits and I especially couldn’t wait to have them wrapped around my slippery hard cock after it had been freshly lubricated by her throat.

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Stranded Teens # 2


Cast: , , Starr, ,

Hitchhiking teens get the ride of their lives!

Dakota goes the distance.

Gina will give you a ride if you give her one too!

Lola has boyfriend troubles.

lets her tits do the talking!

Victoria is a hitch-hiking ho who wants the dick!

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Only Blowjob – Gina Devine


– Servicing His Stalk
Released: August 18, 2014

gets dressed in her prettiest pink string bikini to deliver both champagne and her talented mouth to , who’s smoking a big cigar and relaxing naked in his rooftop whirlpool. The lithe Czech cutie shares the bubbly with George but then it’s time to service his stiff stalk. Climbing into the tub, she strokes and inhales that big dick, holding it in her slender French-manicured hands and giving it some impressive deepthroat. Her pink tongue laps at the tip and her eager lips give George the balls licking that makes him ache to shoot. Gina gazes with intensity upon his upraised rod, then narrows her blue eyes as she takes those veiny inches back into her face as the pleasant water of the pool surrounds them. Finally George can’t hold back anymore, and blasts his spermy shipment all over her tongue and sweet 32AA titties!

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Strap – Gina Devine & Bella Baby


& – Devoted Touch
Released: May 15, 2014

If Bella and look familiar, that’s probably because you were dreaming about them last night. Soft wet kisses, slow hungry tongues and the taste of harvest in the summer sun. Watch these lovely ladies learn and teach in a video that proves real sex can inspire you on a subconscious level to want more from your partner and from yourself. When a simple manual sex toy ends up insufficient for their needs, Bella brings out her favorite bright pink strap-on to save the day as these two darlings play the night away!

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Female Agent – Nikky & Gina Devine


& – E209
Released: April 19, 2014

was a beautiful girl whose parents came from a Russian background and she was here to find work to help her whilst she was studying. She had previously done some topless…

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Strap – Candy & Gina Devine


Candy & – Nowhere to Turn
Released: April 10, 2014

Martin, Gina and Candy sharing themselves together in this hot threesome video. Martin patiently watches them both kissing and touching each other. Gina’s hands are al over Candy’s big boobs before she works her way down to her wet pussy. The watching Martin is now hard as a rock. He joins them on the bed and they waste no time in exposing his rock hard cock. Candy is spit roasted between Gina’s pussy and Martin’s cock, before the tables are turned and Gina straps on a long purple dildo and inserts it into Candy, and Candy sucks Martins cock.

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Strap On.XXX – Tracy & Gina Devine


Tracy & – The Wonder
Released: March 28, 2014

Tracy and Gina always look forward to working with each other. It’s easy to see how much they know about each others pleasure zones. These two sexy women kiss each other with real passion and caress each other in all the right erogenous zones. After the fingers and tongues have been used to the full, it’s time for the adult sex toys to be strapped on. Gina takes Tracy from behind and sends her into a truly intense female orgasm.

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– Where Are You Going
Released: March 27, 2014

Experience pays off in this business so combining contract girl Gina with stallion George for another scene together was absolutely necessary. We know our Gina loves sucking cock and she loves nothing more than George’s hard length, she sucks on it like it’s her favourite lollipop at times taking it all into her mouth! She’s hungry for his cum but George is after a taste of her pussy first. After plenty of orgasm filled foreplay Gina finally let’s him slide deep inside her moist pussy fucking her hard until, after an incredible build up, they both get their release.

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Lesbea – Gina Devine & Lucy Li


& – Tell Me
Released: March 9, 2014

As they sit close together Gina and Lucy look tantalising with their smooth and sexy legs on display, presented perfectly by stockings on Gina and leg warmers on Lucy. Lucy has such a beautiful face that Gina is happy to just get close, touch it and absorb its delicate radiance. Gina slides her tongue slowly into Lucy’s mouth and she meets it with hers, rolling it around the other and caressing Gina’s wet lips. Gina pushes herself down on her partner’s soft, youthful body and Lucy’s large breasts make a welcoming pillow for her before she grinds herself back and forth on the teenage darling. Gina pulls Lucy’s panties to one side so she can get to her puffy pussy and lick it wet, pushing her tongue deep inside the fatty walls of her labia. She locks her mouth over Lucy’s pussy, pulling on her clitoris. By the time Gina slips her fingers inside and begins to work Lucy’s g-spot whilst simultaneously rubbing on her clit Lucy is already highly stimulated and her breathing has become heavy and fast, she orgasms with Gina holding her close and the feeling is intense.

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Strap On.XXX – Gina Devine & Brandy


& – Secret Senses
Released: March 12, 2014

is a woman that really does have the whole package, a gorgeous brunette who’s silky hair flows down her back. Succulent ample tits ready for you to lick and suck and a lovely peachy ass. She’s incredibly open about her sexuality admitting that at this current time she prefers pussy to dick as she loves nothing more than making a woman wet. We didn’t want to disappoint our sensual new woman so paired her up with Gina for her very first scene.

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Strap – Tracy & Gina Devine


Tracy & – Delicate Desires
Released: March 7, 2014

Tracy loves to tease Gina so before they get started she stands by the bed rubbing her body through her tight white lingerie and pantyhose showing Gina just what’s on offer. By the time Gina gets her on the bed she is quick to remove Tracy’s lingerie leaving her in just her pantyhose, repaying the favour of teasing her by licking over her clit through the fabric ever so slowly leaving Tracy desperate for more. Of course Gina never leaves her woman disappointed so she does up her strap-on and fucks Tracy nice and hard until her pussy gushes with her sweet juices.

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Strap – Eve Angel & Gina Devine


& – Vibrance
Released: March 3, 2014

Gina is fast becoming an expert at adventurous but sensual sex and couldn’t wait to show Eve all the pleasure fuelling tips she has learnt so far. Undressing Eves curvaceous body Gina becomes aroused at the site of her ample tits massaging them and sucking on her nipples getting Eve just as excited as her. Then Gina works her way down to Eves moist hole massaging her clit with her fingers before entering her juice glistened fingers deep inside of her, Gina then satisfies her with her strap-on providing deep penetration until she cums.

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Strap – Tracy Delicious & Gina Devine


& – Angelic Connection
Released: February 27, 2014

Passionate kissing between these two friends in sexy lingerie is just how they love their scenes to start, Gina quickly undoes her lingerie revealing a nice wet pussy for Tracy to play with. Both women dripping wet taking it in turns to satisfy one another with their collection of pleasure enhancing toys until Gina experiences a body-shaking orgasm from the deep penetration that Tracy is giving her. Two incredibly horny women that do not stop pleasuring each other until their pussies are dripping wet and their bodies exhausted.

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