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Sexually Broken – Aria Alexander

Megaskanks Cover

Aria Alexander – Sexy Aria Alexander bound in brutal back arch and throatboarded with punishing deepthroat on BBC!
Released: April 27, 2015

In keeping with Sexuallybroken’s tradition of using both experienced bondage sluts as well as complete newbies, we are proud to present Aria Alexander. She has never done bondage before and we are honored she would chose to lose her bondage cherry with us. But that does not mean we are going to make it easy for her. Newbie or not, she will be put into the most strenuous and challenging bondage we can provide. Bound in a brutal back arch that presents her all natural breasts on display like a ship figurehead, Aria’s arms are spread wide and belted to a board. This is an extremely hard position to maintain. Let’s make it harder, shall we? Time for some throat training. The set up is simple. A vibrator bolted into place between her wide spread thighs and a cock in introduced to her face. Multi tasking is hard. Multi tasking in bondage is even harder. Time for some fun. We run a train on her throat as the vibrator buzzes away between those pale thighs. It is an overload of sensations, Sexuallybroken style. The bondage, the orgasms and the deepthroat blasts Aria into sexual subspace and she is left panting and glassy eyed. There is no escaping the cock. 10 inches of BBC sink home to the base as those pretty eyes strain over the training. We do not stop until Aria is limp as a used dishrag and gasping in her bondage. This was unlike any shoot this starlet has ever done before and she will not be forgetting today any time soon. Breaking in the newbies is always a pleasure, and today was no exception…

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WhenGirlsPlay – Aidra Fox, Lena Nicole – Secret Garden

WhenGirlsPlay – , – Secret Garden

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WhenGirlsPlay – Cassidy Banks, Delilah Blue – Perfect Pair

WhenGirlsPlay – , – Perfect Pair

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The Art Of Blowjob – Intimate Blowjob

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The Art Of Blowjob – Intimate Blowjob
Released: March 6, 2015

This is a beautifully intimate blowjob between Amy and her partner Jordan. They’re really in love, and it shows in everything they do. Her sweetness in the way she approaches his cock is evident before she even makes connection. From the moment things shift towards the sexual, she’s there with a kind of overarching care for his pleasure. Her long auburn hair sweeps across her face and traces down her back, tickling lightly as she begins to bob up and down as she takes his cock deep. Her hands work together with her mouth, sliding along the length of his spit-slicked shaft, slowly building momentum. Don’t come just yet. She isn’t finished. There is so much more sensuality to explore, from gentle nibbling to subtle tongue flicking. The possibilities are enough to make you flutter. It’s a mix of these deep sensations and these light, delicate moments that bring forth his orgasm. Amy’s mouth is phenomenally talented and intricate, challenging the senses to experience their multitudes and potential in this beautiful blowjob. As she swallows his cum, she revels in the sensuality of the end of this blowjob, and perhaps the next phase of the erotic interplay…


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Hardcore Gang Bang – Mona Wales

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– Sci-Fi Fantasy: Scientist Babe Engineers Men To Fuck Her Into Oblivion
Released: March 12, 2015

It’s the year 3036 and men have been bred into extinction. Why? To protect the world from their RAGING sexual aggression. This is exactly why , sexy scientist and former gangbang Queen of Cocks, decides to bring them back! Craving engorged cocks and brute force, creates a group of guys perfectly engineered to take her the fuck down. They immediately fuck her tiny throat, and, after she’s gotten them all too hard, throw her into a full suspension. Here, shows just how nasty she is under that labcoat: she flips upside down and backwards with ease, demanding they stuff her pussy and ass until she sprays the floor with squirt. Hungry for more, begs for DP and with her airtight ass in the air, soaks their cocks all over again until the final phase of her experiment: cum collection. Hot loads of cum drench her wet body and mouth, leaving this scientist a professional mess. Fans of , take note: this one of her WILDEST and NASTIEST scenes ever. Not to be missed!

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Sex Art – Michaela Isizzu


– Stalker
Released: February 18, 2015

Andrej Lupin isn’t afraid to take chances, and this adds a welcome element of unpredictability to his work. He can tackle challenging subjects like the death of spouse (“Soldier”) or the blissful joy of love at first sight (“My City My Love”), and achieve satisfying results at either extreme. In “Stalker” the director tackles the erotic thriller, and the results are compelling, and sure to be controversial. The soundtrack is ominous as appears, her cozy pink polka dot hoodie visually at odds with the sinister music. As Lupin’s camera huddles in the shadows outside her windows disrobes, enters the bathroom, and takes a leisurely bath, lost in the process of bathing, alone with her thoughts, if not, in fact, actually alone. After toweling off, Isizzu applies body oil to her stunning physique, and after donning an oversized white t-shirt she reclines on her bed. Relaxed and refreshed, begins to masturbate, unaware and oblivious of the voyeur lurking and looking. continues to savor this most private and personal of interludes, legs spread wide, glistening fingers stroking and plunging with ever increasing vigor into her pussy. She rolls from her back and onto her belly, flexing her haunches and humping against her pumping fingers. Will there be a “happy ending” to ’s after-hours autoerotic interlude? Draw the curtains, lock the door, and see for yourself in “Stalker.”

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Hot Legs And Feet – Lina Dean


Lina Dean – To Serve and Satisfy
Released: February 19, 2015

Hello, darlings! I’m one of the newest DDF starlets from Hungary and it’s exciting to appear here doing a foot fetish scene for the first time. But what’s that? Some of you want to see me in sheer black –RIGHT NOW? You’re acting rather demanding, I’d say. Well, sweeties, you’ve forgotten one thing. I am my own woman and I’m calling the shots and you’ll worship me–you’ll serve and satisfy me–and you’ll start with my feet in knee socks if that’s what I feel like wearing! We’ll get to nylon another time. And here’s something else to remember: when you watch it for the first time, my new foot fetish XXX video is to be viewed on your knees, while you’re naked and stroking! It doesn’t matter that I’m on a screen and you’re in your homes–this is what I like to call “Clothed Female Naked Male Time,” until I decide to take off these socks and the rest of my clothes and share my nudity with you in this Full HD video! So be good obedient foot boys and kiss the bottoms of my socks and if you do it well you’ll see that you get rewarded with my bare size 8.5 soles and toes with fire engine red nail polish, and I’ll even play with a vibrator too! Just keep in mind who’s in command today in my personal toe sucking, leg fetish world–your sweet Mistress Lina, whether I’m in socks or nylon or leather!

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Hot Legs And Feet – Emma Leigh


Emma – The Modern Goddess
Released: January 15, 2015

The amazing Emma aka Emma from Great Britain is here for us outdoors in a stunning red fishnet outfit that shows off her incredible 34DDD/E-29-40 curves. Emma’s 5’8” as well, so with these skyscraper fire engine red high heels she’s gotta be at least six feet tall in this new scene! Get ready to worship this amazonian beauty from tip to toe in her new exclusive leg fetish xxx video. We gotta wonder if Emma’s female ancestors back in the 19th century looked like her, because if they shared her eyes and smile those ladies probably had all those English gentlemen fighting duels over them!! But here in the 21st we can sample the awesome allure and only have to shoot semen to prove our allegiance to this delectable lady. Whether you’re ready to kiss and salute with sperm her glorious bottom, which she spreads for us as she towers above on the stone table; or you’re ready to come in close as she teases with her shapely calves and then her toes after she dangles off her shoes; or if you’re prepared to kiss her hot pink toenails through the fishnets on your way to her bright hot shaved pussy–you’re in for a foot worship treat par excellence of those spellbinding size 9 Emma soles as this modern goddess strolls amongst us mere horny mortals!!

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Milf Hunter – Alexa


Alexa – Lucky Seat
Released: January 12, 2015

Levi and Pauly went out four-wheeling and got stranded in the middle of the woods. Luckily, there was still a cell signal, and a girl Levi knew who lived close by was home. Soon Alexa was on her way to save the day. While she took a look at the engine, Levi couldn’t keep his hands off this beautiful blonde MILF with her plump round ass. Alexa told him to try starting it again, and it cranked right up. Levi felt he needed to repay her; and how else but to give her a deep hard fuck, tape it, and pay her to let him and Pauly use it? Alexa wanted a good pounding and some extra cash, so she figured why not. They went back to the crib, and soon, we saw the rest of Alexa’s firm sexy body, sweet succulent tits, and ass and tight juicy pussy. Levi was all over her and pounded that pussy proper until he exploded on Alexa’s face.

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Electro Sluts – Chanel Preston & Sophia Locke


& Sophia Locke – Ultimate Painslut Faces Off With Electricity
Released: January 8, 2015

Rumor around the castle had it that Sophia Locke was the toughest new girl around. Well, Double nipple to vag clamps + labia weights + an electro touchplate in Sophia’s first 5 minutes = sometimes rumors are TRUE! Sexy leads the punishment, submitting Sophia to all of our meanest electro toys, turned up as high as they can go. Sophia takes a deep samurai vag invasion, tight electro labia clamps, pussy eating, electro-strap on fucking and more! Start 2015 with blood-curdling screams of pain and pleasure as this electroslut takes on an extremly challenging fuck!

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Sexually Broken – Bonnie Rotten


– Tattooed AVN winner tied up with brutal gagging messy deepthroat on huge cock!
Released: December 10, 2014

The one, the only . This talented tattooed slut keeps getting AVN awards chucked at her, and with good reason. If there were was a starlet willing to absolutely destroy herself on the dick, it is . This is a sexual athlete at the top of her game. It is doubtful that she can be sexually broken, but we sure will have fun trying. Bound in a strict hogtie with her hair tied up to an overhead point, our starlet is truly stuck. Stuck is a very good look on her. Her mouth hole is open for use on one side, and that flawless ass is exposed on the other side. We simply walk right to and sheath ourselves balls deep in that award winning throat. She goes for it, committing to her destruction with every fiber of her being. The drool pours out as the dick goes in. Her makeup is wrecked, her hair matted and her eyes are glassy, but keeps going. Just to make it a little more challenging, we throw in a vibrator. Multitasking is hard, and most sluts can’t suck dick and cum at the same time. is not most girls and she cums fiercely with a dick down her throat. By the time we have had our fill, looks like she has been hit by the cock truck. But judging by the satisfied grin dancing across her face, being hit by the cock truck is one of her favorite activities. She loves this sort of treatment. Always a pleasure , we will definitely have you back soon!

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Sex Art – Samantha Bentley & Tracy Lindsay


& – Love For Sale – Milestone – Chapter 4
Released: November 30, 2014

It’s entirely fitting that the final installment of Alis Locanta’s “Love For Sale” is subtitled “Milestone.” Now that the series is complete it has, indeed, a reached a creative, aesthetic, and erotic milestone, and in more ways than one. And, in a series that has challenged the viewer’s expectations at every turn, it’s only fitting that Chapter 4 is perhaps the most challenging of all. For this final encounter luminous star is joined by busty British beauty , and the chemistry they share runs the gamut from one emotional extreme to the other — laughter, lust, control, helplessness, and ultimately boundless, overwhelming ecstasy. Typically a synopsis of a Sexart feature would include at least a thumbnail or rough outline of the sexual activity in the film, but after the build-up of the previous chapters, and the ongoing, unfolding narrative, such detail would be a disservice to the prospective viewer. To fully appreciate “Love for Sale Chapter 4 – Milestone” put your preconceptions about the series aside, and prepare to rethink what you think you know about what has happened thus far. ’s most complex and challenging role, and Alis Locanta’s most ambitious and visionary project for Sexart, reach a stunning conclusion in the final chapter of “Love For Sale,” but like so many great adventures, each step of the journey is as important as the final destination, and, in this case, a genuine “Milestone.”

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Sex Art – Suzie Carina & Tracy Lindsay


Naughty Blog Cover

& – Love For Sale – Safeword – Chapter 3
Released: November 23, 2014

The third installment of Alis Locanta’s bold, adventurous, and boundary-pushing erotic series, “Love for Sale,” continues to explore the themes established in the first two episodes, but with an extra helping of boldness, adventurousness, and boundary-pushing. Once more the situation involves an escort and her customer, but it also involves dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, restraint and release. And even though the themes here are dark and gritty, the style and presentation is bright and pretty as arrives at her appointment with . While she’s greeted with a warm embrace it doesn’t take long before the power and status of the participants is established and Lindsay willingly submits to ’s lusty and manipulative will. After briefly but aggressively groping the submissive blonde, assumes the position — a demanding queen on her stylish, contemporary throne — and Lindsay obediently and skillfully services her. Then the tables are turned — with more than one kinky twist. Now Tracy occupies the throne, but she’s tethered, powerless, and subject to her queen’s every will and whim, no matter how devious, devilish, or debauched. Beautifully performed and stylishly realized, “Love for Sale Chapter 3 – Safeword” is challenging, provocative, and powerful erotic entertainment for adults — but only those whose eyes and minds are open.

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Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits # 7


Cast: Madison

All natural huge 34FF tits!

This movie features in various titillating adventures from training a dragon, or should I say, draining the dragon of all his cum, scavenging in the garage only to find the toy of her dreams, shopping for the best produce to shove inside her hot box, and several other escapades where her only objective is to expose her giant all natural world famous tits and suck and fuck and got herself off in the most exquisite ways. She loves boys, she loves toys, she even has a thing for dragons so if anything comes across her that even resembles a hard cock, well, she’s gonna fuck the hell out of it!

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WhenGirlsPlay – Nicole Aniston, Samantha Saint – Never Say Never

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