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Sexually Broken – AJ Applegate


shackled and blindfolded, facefucked with brutal challenging deepthroat, used hard!
Released: March 31, 2014

is the perfect package. Blonde, toned and very very good at sucking dick. Just how we like them around here. Today we are going to going to put her throat training to the test. She has been out there sucking every dick in town, does she have what it takes to hang with Sexuallybroken? This is the major leagues. Using a custom made wooden bondage device that binds her arms into a modified strappado and shackles her wrists down, is starting to realize just how helpless she truly is. A leather blindfold reinforces the feeling. She can not see, she can not anticipate, all she can do is feel. In this case, feel the hard dick that walks up and owns her throat hole. The drool and deep back of the throat spit starts to flow out almost immediately, coating her perfect perky tits. Her rock hard nipples show just how much she likes being used like a piece of meat. Ripping off the blindfold so that we can have those big blue eyes look up at us while we plow her mouth, we continue the pace. We seek total destruction. will be unraveled by dick. Her bondage keeps her firmly in place, on her knees where she belongs. That dazed look in those eyes shows it is working. Bondage and dick are the magic combination to take sluts to their happy place of sexual subspace. Picking up the speed, we fully unleash. it is a tooth rattling facepounding, and her eyes rattle like a pinball machine on full tilt. Her makeup and hair are destroyed, her face coated with her own juices. It is throat training as only Sexuallybroken can deliver. is blasted into orbit via dick. Throwing a vibrator on her just seals the deal. She cums, over and over, her sensitive pussy unable to escape. By the time we are done, she no longer remembers her own name…

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Hot Legs And Feet – Candy Alexa


Alexa – Pantyhose Flirtation
Released: March 27, 2014

Alexa from the Russian Federation is here to dazzle us with her size 6 feet and shapely legs outfitted in a pair of footless turquoise fishnet pantyhose. First we get to study her toes in her backless yellow high heel slides, which contrast nicely to her fire engine red toenails. Then kneels on the bed and starts moving around, flexing her high arches and toes at us, sticking her butt with the turquoise crotch panel at our faces. We get to study from many angles as she moves around her legs and feet, and then she takes off her white halter top and blue denim miniskirt so that she can tantalize us further with her curvaceous 34D-25-36…

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Jim Slip – Kat


Kat – Kat Makes a Cacophony!
Released: March 17, 2014

As members will have heard, during her casting, Kat screamed the house down in crazed sexual abandonment. “God, I’m good” I mused, whilst fretting for the microphones which were being trashed by the din. entered the room wearing ear defenders ( as per Health & Safety directives issued for “Noise in excess of 120 db in a confined spaced”) for her protection. I am informed that this kind of aural hazard is quite common on American porn shoots, during which the combined screaming, shouting and groans of supposed “Ecstasy” can produce the same noise as a jumbo jet engine at full throttle from 20 yards! Thankfully, we British are little more reserved in these matters. Anyway, Kat carried on regardless , only pausing briefly after orgasm and after the neighbours on all sides had started hammering on the walls! Who’d have thought such a fr…

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Sexually Broken – India Summer


India – AVN award winner India mummified & suspended upside down, brutal blindfolded deep throat!
Released: March 12, 2014

India is an AVN award winner, and rightfully so. The energy, stamina and raw sexual passion she brings to her scenes make them distinctly memorable and you do not forget seeing India in action. She is willing to go so much further out there then the average porn girl just blandly coasting through for a paycheck. When we thought up the concept of completely mummifying someone from head to toe, binding in a vibrator, blindfolding them, hanging them upside down and using them like a cock sucking pinata, India was the first person to come to mind. She eagerly jumped at the chance to get to try something as unique as this set up. Make no mistake, this is a challenging set up. Wrapped up from toes to nose like a BDSM butterfly, the only thing that peeks out is India’s mouth hole and nose. She can not see, she can not move, she is completely immobilized. Totally helpless. This is a situation that would make many people panic and bail, and that is before we haul her up by her ankles and hang her upside down at the perfect cock sucking height. Sleek and toned in her black cocoon, with her mouth hole open for the use and the vibrator sending waves of pleasure through her bound body, India is already deep in sexual subspace, and that is before the cocks even hit her throat. One after the other, the dicks run a train on her throat meat. She can not see them coming until they hit her lips and slide in. All she can do is endure and cum. Which she does, over and over. Dizzy, disoriented and upside down makes for the very best orgasms. This bondage butterfly is reborn as a cum slut. The cocks own her tonsils and take away the air. The drool and moans flow out as the dicks slide in. Locked in total darkness, India is in an altered reality. When we have had our fill, we leave our butterfly suspended and swaying slightly as a puddle of throat drool forms under her cocoon. India is still cumming, it doesn’t look like she will ever be able to stop…


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Teen Bitch Club – Kristina Rose


– Teen Bitch
Released: March 12, 2014

Daddy bought a car for the bratty teenager , but he didn’t teach her how to keep it working. When the engine breaks down, the sexy teen has no choice but to use the tools she has at her disposal. Her amazing body to seduce a guy to help her out… and all this for a fuck.

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Sexually Broken – AJ Applegate


– Beautiful blonde stuck in stocks, drilled down with brutal deepthroat, used hard!
Released: March 18, 2014

is a smoking hot piece of ass. Blonde, beautiful and fit, today we are going to take this fine piece of flesh and turn it into a blowjob machine. We do not need any part of her other then her mouth hole. We do not need her opinions or thoughts, just her throat meat. And all it takes to turn this athlete into a deep throat device is a set of wooden stocks. Once she is restrained in them, it is go time. We are nothing is not nice however, and set up this face pussy on a sybian. Sybians are literally the most powerful vibrator in the world. They sound like a jet engine taking off and they have the ability to milk orgasm after orgasm out of a tired pussy long after it wants to quit and give up. Today we see just how well can multitask. How well can she handle the dick when she is cumming her brains out? Particularly if nipple weights are added to the picture? The rock hard cock steps right up and owns her face. We sink into to the hilt and make ourselves at home. If there is one thing this slut can do, and do well, it is suck dick. We hang out for a while and make ourselves at home. All the while, the sybian is working the magic between her restrained thighs. sputters and gasps, unable to do a things about the waves of pleasure washing over her body or the dick lodged in her mouth. is completely conquered by cock. The sybian, the orgasms, the cock owning her air, they all combine and send her plunging down the sexual rabbit hole. She is gone, checked out, finally made aware of the true meaning of Sexuallybroken. A few more thrusts and then we simply walk away, leaving the sybian to work its magic. It will never get tired or slow down, never need a break. ’s moans can be heard echoing off of the walls. She is going to be here a while…

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Sex Art – Neena P


Neena P – Spin Cycle
Released: February 19, 2014

To describe the creative team of Paul and Black as “unique” is to understate the obvious. Nobody else in the realm of erotic cinema creates anything remotely resembling their work. And even in the far broader category of fiction filmmaking in general, they have few analogs. There are echoes of David Lynch, and outside the mainstream there are other, more obscure, surreal stylists on the fringes of the indie scene. The Blacks — he directs, she edits — have a signature creative vision that is challenging, rewarding, and unpredictable. A newcomer to Sexart, , stars in “Spin Cycle,” and laundry day has never been more compelling. A simple plot synopsis is of little value — a woman puts her panties in the washer, takes a bath, masturbates, climaxes, and retrieves her now clean panties — because the art here is in the details, the imagery, and Neena’s unselfconscious and passionate performance. There’s nothing typical or predictable about “Spin Cycle,” and that’s what Paul and Black intended. Nobody else could have conceived or executed “Spin Cycle,” and not every viewer will connect with it. But those who do will watch, enjoy, and repeat, savoring yet another bold artistic achievement by two of Sexart’s most intriguing artists.

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Hairy Twatter – Silvie Delux


Delux – Dildo Cam Delights
Released: February 20, 2014

One of our ingenious members, a retired NASA engineer, has used his experience to design a dildo cam that has laser sight for aiming, a nice cushy handle to fit right into the palm of your hands, and a sounding beep to let you know that it’s ready. Imagine all the amazing sex toys we’d have if all NASA engineers used their brains for the adult industry instead! Well today we’re honored to have sexy Czech Delux put the dildo cam to the test with her very full hairy pussy. First she demonstrates how she sucks cock to get the toy slick and Dillon slips it inside her wet furry twat. then takes over control of the dildo cam and fucks herself w…

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When Girls Play – Jessi June & Rahyndee


& – Fun In The Sun
Released: February 10, 2014

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Hog Tied – Holly Heart


– Request Fulfilled: Big Tit MILF Bondage Predicaments
Released: February 6, 2014

Gorgeous big tit blonde is BACK as a hot fucking MILF! Recorded during our last live show, takes requests from viewers and fulfills them all throughout the shoot. Super tight crotch-rope predicament puts our MILF between a rock and hard place and all she can do is suffer, squirm and beg. But things only get tougher for her when she is tied to a chair, her pussy pinned open and her clit vibed to screaming orgasm after orgasm. Relief arrives in the form of a big black rubber dick that fucks the shit out of her helpless pussy. MILF-ey slut come so many time that she can’t keep count and in the end is completely wrecked and satisfied by a very challenging live show.

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Sexually Broken – Darling


– Booming big titted bent in half, brutally deepthroated and milked for orgasms, takes on BBC!
Released: January 22, 2014

Bent back bitch, booming big breasted bimbo doing what she does best! has a superpower, she can be folded in half like a pocketknife. Today we are doing to push that superpower to the very limit, while challenging her multitasking ability with massive black cock. The setup is both simple and extremely challenging. Take some leather belts, wrap them around the waist of our smoking hot bendy doll, and crank her up until it looks like her whittled waist is going to snap in half. Jacked up in one of the most extreme back arches ever captured on film, can hardly breathe. The strain is evident through every muscle and fiber of her shaking body. Let’s make it even more challenging, shall we? We add in 10 inches of massive black cock down the back of her gasping throat. Taking on that much dick is hard under normal circumstances, upside down and bent in half puts in the major leagues of cocksuckers. This is Olympic level dick sucking. Now we make it even more challenging yet, and add a vibrator into the mix. is completely overwhelmed. Bent in half, giant cock plowing her throat and multiple orgasms begin ripped out over her helplessly exposed cunt. This is Sexuallybroken at its best. Overwhelmed, overloaded, orgasm after orgasm. is a babbling breathless fucktoy. Her bound breasts are fit to pop. Her back is strained as far as it can go. It is something most people would never even be able to attempt. Thank you for your suffering and orgasms , we appreciate all the effort.

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Sexually Broken – Gabriella Paltrova


– 4ft 11in blindfolded shackled, Brutal Throat training! Brutal Deep Throating!
Released: January 13, 2014

Clocking in at only 4′;11, little Gabriella is as small as they come. We like pocket sized toys like Gabriella, they manhandle well. Today we are going to take this porn star and put her through her paces. She is playing with the big boys now. Does she have what it takes to survive? Bolted down on her knees and shackled in place with her arms strictly drawn behind her, Gabriella is the true definition of stuck. Leather straps hold her down in a kneeling position. A blindfold cuts off all vision, her world is reduced to sensation only. A tongue trap holds her little tongue out like an eager . All she can do is take the dick. She is reduced simply to a face pussy for our use. A face pussy we put to immediate use. We walk right up and slam home balls deep as copious amounts of drool flow out of that helpless mouth. Gabriella is a messy one, and truly astounding amounts of drool run out of that mouth. It coats her chin and breasts, pooling down her belly and ending up on her bound lap. We rip off the blindfold and keep going. We want to have those big eyes looking up us while she services our dick. While the cock is challenging her porn star throat, we want to push her just a little more, and we add some nipple clamps. The clamps succeed in getting her attention and those eyes get even bigger. Now that we have her bound by nipples, knees and wrists, we unleash the floodgates. It is a throat training this little spinner will never forget. Gabriella dissolves into a messy puddle of porn star. She foams and blows spit, gagging on the dick. It just got real. We throat blast her into next week. The bondage holds her in place, all she can do is try and survive. When we are bored of playing with our toy, we simply leave. Gabriella languishes in her restraints, covered in her own fluids and hardly able to remember her own name. Porn star, meet dick. The dick won this round…

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Sex Art – Andrea P


– Deus Sex Machina
Released: January 15, 2014

A genre can be defined as: “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.” Female solo masturbation films constitute one well known and popular genre of erotic cinema. And Paul and Black’s “Deus Sex Machina” is unquestionably a female solo masturbation film. But to dismiss it simply as a genre film would be a mistake. Here the artists operate beyond definitions, outside expectations, and well beyond the limits and boundaries of genre classification. The Blacks often explore the space between surrealism and the dream state, and “Deus Sex Machina” is very much of that territory. A factory, bathed in inky darkness. A table saw rips through wood, a furnace is stoked until it blazes. Amid the grit, grime, machinery, and other implements of industry, a woman, a redhead bathed in dancing firelight, sits. But is no ordinary actress, and the Blacks are no ordinary filmmakers. Without ceremony or fanfare she reveals her breasts, moments later her pussy. Holding a pitcher filled with amber oil she drizzles the lubricant across her exposed slit. An immaculately manicured hand massages, rubs, strokes as oil continues to flow from the container. She douses her breasts with the liquid lube, squeezing, pinching, teasing her erect nipples. Masturbation? Absolutely. But unlike anything you’ve likely seen. And then, the machine. Cranks and cogs, wheels and belts, somewhere an engine, a steel shaft, and there, pointing at her pussy, a rubber phallus. Ignition. “Deus Sex Machina” springs into lusty life. The images race and flicker. The machine clatters and pumps. The orgasm explodes. Yet another perfect example of why this site is called Sexart.

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Educating Reeves


Caroline’s rustic existence is shattered when petrol-head, Reeves, drives into her picturesque valley with the purpose of buying her land to build a raceway. Reeves soon discovers country girls aren’t the push-over he expected and Caroline shows him there is the more to like than concrete and throbbing engines…

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Sexually Broken – Rain DeGrey


– Big breasted takes on 10 inches of BBC, pounding anal, Brutal Deepthroat, Category 5!
Released: January 3, 2014

likes it as rough and hard as she can get it. She CRAVES it. Here at Sexuallybroken, we aim to oblige. Even a slut as hardcore as Rain will not be forgetting today anytime soon. We are bringing the big guns out to work this big breasted whore over exactly how she deserves. Bound with her arms out in a classic crucified pose against the legendary Sexuallybroken fuck bed, her huge breasts tightly bound and protruding, and a rope around her waist for easy steering, Rain is ready for the ride of her life. A neck rope tied to the bed railing keeps her head in place. We walk right up and own the back of her throat with a rock hard cock. We run a tag team train on her face pussy. Rain sputters and chokes, the massive cock challenging her past what she can keep on top of. She struggles, but there is no escaping the dick. Dragging her up onto the bed, we slam into her helpless holes. The huge cock makes her whimper and moan. Any hole we want, mouth pussy or ass, is ours to use as we see fit. 3 hole sluts are the very best kind of slut after all. The 10 inches of big black cock own her ass, slamming home balls deeps. She is flipped around, Chinese finger trapped and stuck full of cock from both ends. Rain takes it all, moaning like a bitch in heat. We are feeling no mercy and use her like a fuck puppet, pounding her limp. Multiple orgasms wash over her and she slides into a dazed sexual subspace, her eyes glazed and foggy. Yanking up one of her free legs, we attach it to an overhead pulley. Rain is about to be pulled up into one of the most difficult and challenging suspensions there is-a single leg inversion suspension. It is exactly the sort of ride Rain is looking for. Once she is pulled all the way and hanging helplessly, we use the vibrator to tug one last orgasm out of that well pounded pussy. Rain sways red-faced and limp, hanging like a slab of beef in a butcher shop window. She is completely checked out. You wanted it hard and rough Rain? You got it. You are welcome.

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