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The Life Erotic – Charlotta Phillip

Megaskanks Cover

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The Life Erotic – Charlotta Phillip


Phillip – Never Alone
Released: February 22, 2015

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The Life Erotic – Charlotta Phillip


– Mes Perles
Released: February 3, 2015

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The Life Erotic – Charlotta Phillip


– My Loft
Released: February 15, 2015

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Anal Warehouse Auditions


Cast: , , , , , , Brandi Edwards, ,

These sexy ladies audition those nice tight little asses to some hard stiff meat! Don’t miss out on this tight adventure!

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Tempted By Mommy # 2

Cast: , , , , , , , , , Yuri Luv

“Please teach me everything!”

Dildo party!

Girls love their toys!

Three times the fun!

Fetish lovers!

Teach her how!

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Killergram – Tara Tease


Tara Tease – Hot Babe Dogging
Released: July 11, 2014

You dont get much hotter than the fantastic Tara Tease when its time for an On a Dogging Mission adventure. This hot babe is more than willing to take on some anonymous cocks in a secret car park for your viewing pleasure. Top class reality.

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Sex Art – Neena P


Neena P – Spin Cycle
Released: February 19, 2014

To describe the creative team of Paul and Black as “unique” is to understate the obvious. Nobody else in the realm of erotic cinema creates anything remotely resembling their work. And even in the far broader category of fiction filmmaking in general, they have few analogs. There are echoes of David Lynch, and outside the mainstream there are other, more obscure, surreal stylists on the fringes of the indie scene. The Blacks — he directs, she edits — have a signature creative vision that is challenging, rewarding, and unpredictable. A newcomer to Sexart, , stars in “Spin Cycle,” and laundry day has never been more compelling. A simple plot synopsis is of little value — a woman puts her panties in the washer, takes a bath, masturbates, climaxes, and retrieves her now clean panties — because the art here is in the details, the imagery, and Neena’s unselfconscious and passionate performance. There’s nothing typical or predictable about “Spin Cycle,” and that’s what Paul and Black intended. Nobody else could have conceived or executed “Spin Cycle,” and not every viewer will connect with it. But those who do will watch, enjoy, and repeat, savoring yet another bold artistic achievement by two of Sexart’s most intriguing artists.

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Sex Art – Alissia Loop & Charlotta Phillip


& – I Missed You
Released: August 28, 2013

The title of Andrej Lupin’s “I Missed You” is a simple declaration of emotion and longing, and those three little words are lost in a frenzy of activity as the film explodes across the screen. Within seconds of its start it’s quite obvious that these two lovers — dark-haired and blonde (both making their SexArt debuts) — missed each other very, very much! Reunited after a separation of unspecified length the twosome waste no time on formalities — licking, kissing, groping, disrobing, it all takes place almost instantaneously and simultaneously. And once they’re both gloriously nude there’s a palpable sense of fever and pent-up desire relentlessly seeking release. This isn’t gentle, delicate, impressionistic lesbian lovemaking — this is ravenous sexual desire that can barely be controlled. Tongues slither and slurp, fingers slide, frig, and pump insistently in and out of receptive, glistening slits. Hearts pound, chests heave, nipples stiffen, clits throb, and flesh quivers with orgasmic pleasure. Lovers of lusty and lovely lesbians will not want to miss “I Missed You.”

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