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Public Disgrace – Casey Calvert

Megaskanks Cover

Horny Anal Slut Strolls the Streets of San Francisco
Released: March 13, 2015

Sex Tourist is looking to service the kinky city of San Francisco. First stop on her list is the local leather shop to find the sluttiest outfit. makes her submit to deep oral payment for these goods. is then blindfolded and paraded down the filthy streets to a crowded bar. She is humiliated, flogged, double teamed, anally fucked and covered in cum in front of a huge crowd.

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Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex: BDSM For Beginners

Megaskanks Cover
Cast: O’Reilly, , Luna,

BDSM. It’s everywhere you look – in theaters, books, even on TV – but how do you take it from the screen to your bedroom? The answers are right here. Join me, Wicked Pictures Contract Performer and Director , along with some of the most experienced performers as we help you make your fantasies a reality. Along with demos and interviews, there are three hardcore BDSM scenes to help you get inspired. If you’ve ever been curious about BDSM, this movie was made just for you. We’ll show you the ropes … Literally.

You’ll Learn About:

Negotiating Play
Dominance & Submission
Collaring & Posturing
Sex Toys and Other Accessories.

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Wet Food # 6

Megaskanks Cover

Cast: , , ,

100% Swallowing Edition!

When the beautiful girls of director Darkko’s nasty Wet Food 6 do their good work, he sees to it that nobody goes hungry! lets his female cast suck for their supper courtesy of an interracial group of well-hung porn studs eager to fuck faces and fill mouths with loads of nourishing protein sauce. These adventurous girls swallow every spunky drop. Busty slut orally services a dozen dudes, gagging on their thick shafts until her eyes water and her face is covered in spit. Stunning brunette takes on 13 huge, throbbing cocks; after she’s sloppily skull-fucked, ’s mouth overflows with gooey semen. All-natural blonde beauty masturbates with a vibrating wand while gagging on cock. The sexy bitch swallows a creamy mess of jism. Stocking-clad, pale, glamorous bombshell leaves lipstick traces during her saliva-drenched blow bang. She gulps down loads of hot cum.

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Sisterly Love # 2

Megaskanks Cover

Cast: Red, Kush, , , , Rae, Banks, Ryan Ryans

finds herself unable to resist her stepsister, Shyla’s advances in the aftermath of their steamy one night stand. Vulnerable and disappointed after losing out on a coveted modeling contract, Ryan seeks comfort in the arms of her seductive stepsister. ’s burning desire for her stepsister, explodes when she realizes that their feelings for one another are mutual. After discovering her stepsister’s deviant side, realizes that when it comes to sex, she might not know everything.

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Angelic Asses # 4


Cast: , , ,

100% Anal!

Smooth, silky tight asses are here for the taking! Plunge on in and get a feel for that incredible closed off ass!!

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Sleeping Beauty XXX An Axel Braun Parody (2014)


Sleeping Beauty XXX An Parody (2014)

Cast – , Robbins, , , , Jay Crew, , Micky Blue

All your fears are about to come true. Following the critical and commercial success of “Snow White XXX: An Parody”, Wicked Pictures proudly presents another classic fairy tale re-imagined by the legendary director. Featuring rising starlet Albrite as the doomed , and superstar in a powerhouse performance as Maleficent, “Sleeping Beauty XXX: An Parody” is a dark, sensual and enticing feature with all the amazing costumes, production values and hot sex that Braun’s fans have come to expect from him.

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Everything Butt – Ariel X & Casey Calvert


& – Trail by Ass fucking. Bewitched Asshole gets a medieval punishment
Released: February 24, 2015

catches red handed trying to seduce the prison guards with her ass play. is spread wide open so can do the proper investigation for a witch hunt. Only if the Ass Gapes Wide, Gets pounded, Fisted and Shot with hot loads of cum, will know if is innocent of being a witch. ’s ass is spread open with a speculum, licked clean by her domme. She’s fucked in stocks and gets a hot load busted onto her perfect ass. She gets fisted and uses her charm to seduce her domme so she can return the fist and ass fucking. A Cum enema will prove ’s innocence.

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Gape Lovers # 9


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Sadistic Rope – Casey Calvert


Calvert – Power Exchange
Released: February 18, 2015

I’ve worked with quite a bit and have done some extreme things to her. Today I decided to show you what a true power exchange is between two willing participants. There are other ways to torment someone besides heavy impact, and this is an update with a new level of torment.

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A Hotwife Blindfolded


Cast: Chase, , Calvert,

Wanting to keep her first hot-wifing experience completely anonymous, a blindfolded, anxiously awaits a stranger’s arrival. With only her sense of touch and taste, ’s husband challenges her to an erotic guessing game involving one of their closest friends. Using deprivation, handcuffs, and a blindfold, Erik taunts his insatiable wife, Dana with the of sex with a man she’s never met. Ryan discovers that watching his wife become sexually unhinged in the hands of a man she cannot see is the ultimate foreplay.

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Neighbor Affair – Casey Calvert


– Neighbor Affair
Released: January 28, 2015

drops by her neighbor’s house to hand him over some of his mail that was accidentally delivered to her. Her neighbor, Bill, confesses that he placed his own mail in her box in hopes that she would come over. His plan worked and these two end up fucking on his couch.

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The Upper Floor – Casey Calvert & Sophia Locke


& Sophia Locke – The Paddle Club
Released: January 16, 2015

It’s a New Year and the House demands increased discipline and loyalty to the tradition. House slave and Petitioner Sophia Locke are the first two lucky submissives to enter into the Upper Floor Paddle Club: It is hereby decreed that in order to maintain the Order of Servitude on the Upper Floor, each and every Upper Floor Slave is required to receive ONE hard whack with the Paddle of Discipline for every year of service! This whack should be PAINFUL and it should leave a MARK! So says the House, and So shall it be done!

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A Hot Wife Blindfolded (2015)


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Backdoor Baddies


Cast: , , , Calvert, Kelsi

All new scenes!

Subject to change without notice Asshole-obsessed director takes anal fucking to the POV extreme with his perverse videos. In Backdoor Baddies, four incredible babes receive Mike’s enormous cock deep inside their service entrances, resulting in nasty anal gapes and awe-inspiring vistas. Badass bitches love it in the butt! Gorgeous, young offers her adorable smile and tight brown eye for a deep anal reaming and ass-to-mouth oral cum shot. California cutie Kelsi obediently gags on the director’s massive member and gets her butthole stuffed with a banana! Pale, auburn-haired beauty gets her posterior pounded with messy whipped cream as garnish. All-natural knockout Calvert gets gummy bears shoved up her backdoor, stretches her sphincter with a speculum and submits to a slobbery face fuck. In a non-anal bonus scene, petite sits on Mike’s face, bobs her mouth on his cock, takes an eager boner ride and earns a spermy reward.

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Mr. Anal – Casey Calvert


– She shows you how to fuck her ass
Released: January 2, 2015

is a sexy petite brunette that’s going to give the viewers something to try at home. is the Queen of anal sex and loves to be fucked in the ass. She wants to share with you the different positions of Anal sex that she may or may have not tried before. Hoping to spice up your sex life. I’m sure this is going to be an awesome update. Enjoy.

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