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A Hot Wife Blindfolded (2015)


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Backdoor Baddies


Cast: , , , Calvert,

All new scenes!

Subject to change without notice Asshole-obsessed director takes anal fucking to the POV extreme with his perverse videos. In Backdoor Baddies, four incredible babes receive Mike’s enormous cock deep inside their service entrances, resulting in nasty anal gapes and awe-inspiring vistas. Badass bitches love it in the butt! Gorgeous, young offers her adorable smile and tight brown eye for a deep anal reaming and ass-to-mouth oral cum shot. California cutie obediently gags on the director’s massive member and gets her butthole stuffed with a banana! Pale, auburn-haired beauty gets her posterior pounded with messy whipped cream as garnish. All-natural knockout Calvert gets gummy bears shoved up her backdoor, stretches her sphincter with a speculum and submits to a slobbery face fuck. In a non-anal bonus scene, petite sits on Mike’s face, bobs her mouth on his cock, takes an eager boner ride and earns a spermy reward.

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Mr. Anal – Casey Calvert


Calvert – She shows you how to fuck her ass
Released: January 2, 2015

Calvert is a sexy petite brunette that’s going to give the viewers something to try at home. is the Queen of anal sex and loves to be fucked in the ass. She wants to share with you the different positions of Anal sex that she may or may have not tried before. Hoping to spice up your sex life. I’m sure this is going to be an awesome update. Enjoy.

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My Evil Stepmom Fucked My Ass


Cast: , , , , , , Aidra Fox,

In My Evil Stepmom Fucked My Ass, twisted pornographer presents all-female dildo sessions with filthy family dynamics hot, dominant MILFs take physical charge of wayward, young sluts for intimidating anal discipline. Don’t call me Mom! I just married your fucking, stupid dad, rails wicked beauty , slapping fleshy brunette . Lola Frenches Dana’s anus and mouth, buries a butt plug and tastes ass-to-mouth flavor. Tall, voluptuous teacher married bespectacled ’s father to maintain an affair with the comely, pouty pupil. Instructor dominates student’s butthole with glass and metal toys amid tender mouth kissing and flirty whispers. Ms. Vespoli dons glasses for a scene with tasty, young Aidra Fox: Discovering her step-teen’s trampy ways, verbally abusive (jealous?) Dana works Aidra with a menacing strap-on and a cold metal speculum. Gorgeous, busty blonde MILF responds to a sexual prank by horny brunette with an over-the-knee lecture and spanking … that melts into passionate lovemaking and stepmom sodomy.

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Cream Dreams # 3


Cast: , , Calvert, , , , , Layla Price,

Director Jay Sin has made a career out of perverse gonzo scenes showcasing the most extreme anal antics. In ‘Cream Dreams 3,’ Jay brings us five gooey encounters starring porn’s most beautiful women filling their rectums with dairy topping and using the sloppy mess to flavor their kinky activities! Gorgeous model Calvert and redhead share strawberries, cream, rim jobs… and a big cock! even pushes an entire banana out of her anus. and surprise nasty birthday girl with a cake and a cream-filled lesbian dildo party. and fishnet-clad lick each other’s gaping, oozing holes. Wearing a vinyl bondage mask, nasty enjoys creamy enemas and a ferocious ass reaming. and Layla Price, as two of Santa’s elves, get festive with whipped cream, filling their assholes with dairy delight. There’s also a bonus scene featuring adorable Valentine’s Day slut O’Reilly, a can of whipped cream and one well-hung partner!

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Sadistic Rope – Casey Calvert


Calvert – Calvert suffers in grueling bondage!
Released: December 10, 2014

Today, the goal is to put in some of the toughest bondage positions to see if she can endure such torturous suffering from rope alone. Her body and mind are challenged to make it through each scene. The rope is what has her already doubting her ability to make it through, but with the added punishment, she can barely hold on.

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Exploited College Girls – Sophia


Sophia – suffers in grueling bondage!
Released: December 11, 2014

It’s hard to say which is bigger; Sophia’s phat, bouncy ass or her unquenchable taste for cock. Fortunately for you, this week’s update has plenty of both on display as Jay puts this horny first timer to the test Ex Co Gi style. We meet Sophia as she applies her make up and gets her hair just so, because if there is one thing guys look for on an Ex Co Girl it’s some put together hair. (Jokes!) Jay blurts out straight away that he’s heard that Sophia is a pretty serious horndog and she happily agrees by giving a few examples of her sexual adventures including a brother on brother spit roasting and a relatively small orgy. Eventually she gets her ‘do just so and Jay moves her to the bed to get things started. Sophia doesn’t waste any time getting started, as soon as she strips off her clothes she’s getting busy between her legs with her fingers. This is always a good sign and between her fingers and Jay’s use of a vibrator, a body shaking orgasm soon follows. As fans of Ex Co Gi now, after she gets hers, Jay gets his. Although in this case it’s hard to say who enjoys this blowjob more, Jay or Sophia. The way she licks, sucks and drools over Jay’s dick is nothing short of a work of oral art. The face fucking quickly turns into real fucking as Jay bends Sophia over the bed and attacks that phat ass. After plowing Sophia’s fantastic ass from behind, and getting even more head from her, Jay gets her on her back for some great action shots. As she’s getting fucked, she’s furiously rubbing her clit providing both a great visual and some great audio of pure wet fuck sounds. Finally Jay has her drop to her knees for a big facial finish. And as a final touch, after coating her face he manages to scoop a little cum off her tits and feed it to her. We’re not going to name names but there’s a certain old school rapper who based his affection for various ladies on the fact that they’ve been blessed with a “big ole butt’. And while this rapper moves from Tina to and finally on to , he never manages to meet with Sophia and thus is missing out on one of the most fantastic examples of a big ole butt we’ve ever seen.

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Dirty Wives Club – Casey Calvert


Calvert – Dirty Wives Club
Released: December 12, 2014

is really excited for round two with Bill and can’t wait until he gets out of the shower when she receives a phone call from her husband. She tells her husband that she is going to be working late and that he should get dinner on his own. After her conversation is having second thoughts about her actions for the night, she “feels” really bad about lying to her husband and believes she should leave. Bill knows just how to work her sweet spot to get her to change her mind and hop of his cock.

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Everything Butt – Aiden Starr, Casey Calvert & Dakota Skye


, Calvert & – Anal Sluts: , Calvert,
Released: December 2, 2014

Three beautiful all natural girls get down and dirty in this hot and kinky all anal kink update!

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Mean Cuckold # 6


Cast: , , ,

Director Glenn King’s Mean Cuckold 6 presents blatantly cheating wives and dominant bitches degrading meek males in sensational scenarios. Domineering broads lewdly fuck better-hung, real men; submissive losers are made to watch in disgrace and orally worship the women’s assholes, cunts and feet. On her wedding anniversary, buxom blonde Latina . savagely humiliates husband Jimmy Broadway, fucking Rob Piper’s big black cock literally on top of Jimmy and smashing his face with her scum-splattered jugs. Petite dungeon dominatrix thrashes slave Eric Jover multiple, brutal kicks to his nut sac double him over. She drools black lover Dirk Huge’s semen into Eric’s mouth to make him gargle and swallow! Hugely hung Isiah Maxwell seduces pretty, longhaired student in front of her boyfriend, and her streak of rude verbal filth never subsides. To save husband Dominik Kross’ job, busty blonde dates his fuckhead boss. The wimp licks the shrill, faithless wife’s asshole as she announces how much better the employer fucks her.

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Blacked – Jillian Janson & Casey Calvert


& Calvert – Two Best Friends Share a Big Black Cock
Released: December 1, 2014

Jillan was visiting one of her absolute best friend . They used to be very close and always mess around with each other until Jillian got a jealous boyfriend that wasn’t into the idea of his beautiful trophy girlfriend having hot lesbian sex… After a few drinks and catching up revealed to Jillian that they never fucked a cock together and that has been one of her biggest fantasy’s. Jillian was intently seduced by the idea and they bonded again on their love of black cock. Once Jillian and got their hands on Flash they started giving him a super sloppy blowjob while occasionally making out with each other. They then fucked him so good he almost came multiple times, Jillian was so turned on watching her best friend getting fucked she started licking ’s asshole as Flash’s huge big black dick was thrusting into . This film is hot from every angle don’t …

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Cute Little Butt # 2


Cast: Jenna J. Ross, , , , , , , , , , , Sparks

Featuring !

12 Scenes! Over 5 Hours 20 Mins!

Get your fix of petite bubble butts in this hot 2-disc set! For over 5 hrs. 20 mins., , Jenna J. Ross, , , and more girls are going to get their cute little butts pounded to oblivion. We absolutely love cute little booties, and there are no butts about it

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Twistys Hard – Casey Calvert


– Go Hard Or Go Home
Released: November 11, 2014

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TwistysHard – Casey Calvert – Go Hard Or Go Home

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Twistys – Casey Calvert


Calvert – Total Knock-Out!
Released: November 4, 2014

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