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Anal Virgins # 9


Cast: , , , Alexis Diamond

Beautiful sluts getting their asses probed for the first time!

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Gag Gift


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here’s your…
It’s the gift that keeps on cumming! You want your gift? You better start to blow!

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Real Slut Party – Binky Bangs & Lana Violet


& – Sluts Gotta Party
Released: July 9, 2013

Some amateur sluts are so DTF they do all the work for you. We got a fuck-tape in the mail of these skanks ditching their friends to go home with some…

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ATK Grind Against The Machine # 2


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3+ Hours! 9 Scenes!
ATKingdom presents ‘Grind Against The Machine’ Volume 2, with three full hours of the hottest young models featured on the famous ATK Galleria getting jack-hammered and vibrated by electric fucking machines until they cum screaming hard!

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The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew # 3


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Anal Sex For These Girls Will Never Be The Same After Our Hazing!
, the pretty, American-Latina MILF with the awesome ass, is up for the fiercest, nastiest anal action; well-hung porn stud is her husband and directing partner. These hard-core swingers, known collectively as LeWood Productions, present their latest collection of crazy rectal vignettes. In ‘The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew #3,’ they teach deserving young ladies brutal lessons about proper behavior… through the use of perverse face fucking and ruthless ass reaming! Francesca and Mark love ganging up on cute young things, making sexual encounters into vicious, two-against-one matches. First is stuck-up popular girl Remy LeCroix, who has been bullying their daughter. They give the gorgeous brat a stern talking-to – and a huge cock to widen her tight sphincter.
After a hair-pulling, face-slapping session of breath control and ass-to-mouth discipline, little Remy admits defeat. Next, the team lures beautiful, new porn starlet over to prepare for an awards ceremony. Instead, they show the all-natural beauty that marriage can be wilder than any bachelorette lifestyle. When Francesca discovers slender spitfire blowing Mark, she makes Binky deep-throat her husband’s massive tool. The twisted pair punishes her transgression with anal domination, lewd rimming and a messy load in Binky’s pretty mouth. Lastly, freeloading blonde housemate gets assigned some filthy new chores. With 20 minutes of revealing interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, ‘The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew #3′ reveals background but shows no mercy. Anal sex for these girls will never be the same!

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Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend # 5


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You’re Home Alone Relaxing When Suddenly Your Wife’s Sexy best Friend Shows Up!

She makes it immediately clear that she wants sex. As she grabs your hand and places it on her ass, she whispers in your ear, ‘I know your wife won’t let you buttfuck her… but I will!’ Now all you can do is hope she can keep a secret… oh boy!

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Mothers Teaching Daughters How To Suck Cock # 14


Cast: , , , , , , , , , , Angela D’Angelo, , ,

Mothers Know What’s Best!
Wow Mom, You’re Good! Good Job Sweetie! Open Up And Relax!
Okay, Now You Try It! Taste That Sweet Cum!
Some things should always remain the parents responsibility, like teaching their young, naive daughters how to suck cock correctly! The key to satisfying a man in a 5 star blow job! Luckily, these moms are slutty whores that have years of cock sucking experience. If you want to learn how to suck cock properly… go ask mom, she’s got more than a few secret sucking techniques that will keep you any man satisfied!

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She Plays A Mean Rusty Trombone # 2


Cast: , , , ,

Starring !
Lick My Ass & Jerk My Cock At The Same Time!
Sexy Band Geeks Are Butt Lickin’ Freaks! Rusty Trombone Involves Deep Tushy Eating!
Mr. Glide was truly gratified when hit all the right notes on his cock and ass during her rusty trombone lesson! Sadie’s Rusty Trombone solo on Sonny’s Ass impressed him so much that he pounded that pussy with his skin flute! Zarena is a shoe-in for drum major, since she happily licked Mr. Talon’s a-hole! A Little Brown-Nosing Goes a Long Way! Binky was willing to do anything to be first chair in the school band so Mr. Lyons assigned her an ass-licking extra credit assignment and gave her pussy a pop quiz! Maxi’s step dad Billy read her diary and found out that she has been daydreaming about licking his ass and riding his cock, so he decided to make that dream come true!

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I Wanna Buttfuck Your Daughter # 14


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Assfucking ! When She’s Home Alone… You Can Slip In The Back Door! Cute, horny girls discovering what that other hole is really for! Once you throughly pound their ass, they will be your anal slave! Their buttholes will get sore, but they’re coming back for more, and more… and more!

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Fuck My Mom and Me # 19


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The video proof that there is a whore gene!
Emily’s mom Jennifer has been feeling down, so when Romeo tried to fuck her, she said “You gotta bang my momma if you want some of this sweet pussy!” When Scarlett caught her mom Leena fucking her boyfriend, she jumped in to prove she was a better fuck! Sammy finally told her daughter Binky she was adopted so she could eat her sweet pussy while Christian fucked her to orgasm! and Jessa were outraged by the airport security guard’s full cavity search until they saw his huge cock!

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Only Teen Blowjobs – Binky Bangs


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Disgraced 18 – Binky Bangs


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Casting Couch X – Binky Bangs


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