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Nothin’ But Trouble


Cast: , ,

It’s gonna be a long, hard night…

Returning home from a nightmarish blind date, Felicia () walks in on her kinky free-spirited roommate, () as she’s engaged in her own “date”. Felicia lets them have their fun and goes to a local dive bar for a much needed cocktail. She meets a charming, sexy bartender and although he’s younger and not her type, sparks – and clothes – fly.This innocent one-night stand, however, turns into a crazy evening of guns, drugs, kidnapping and a surprise love connection.

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Anal Intensity # 2


Cast: , , ,

100% Anal action!

Anal pervert puts four fabulous sluts through signature sodomy sessions in Anal Intensity #2. He porks natural-bodied Asian-American beauty over a desk in multiple positions, with righteous POV-style footage. Leggy, longhaired Storms big buns flex through a spit-slickened butt fuck that makes her sphincter wink, showing her innards. Thrilling half-Latina lust bucket Jynx Mazes butthole gapes impressively. When he’s not porking her ass, Mike presses bananas into her colon … and she squeezes the fruit back into his mouth! Lustful American Latina was seemingly born to suck cock; she makes stirring eye contact with the camera as she deep-throats Mikes meat, her tongue extended under his balls, copious spit cascading down he body. She rims his ass deeply, clearly into it, and he cranks back her legs for a deep butt-fuck. The four marathon scenes of Anal Intensity #2 live up to the title.

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Fantasy All Stars # 12


Cast: Reid, , , , , , , , Rogers, Ried, , ,

2 Disc Collector’s Edition! 12 Scenes! 13 Stars! Get ready to watch the hottest stars in the biz suck and fuck like there’s no tomorrow! We’ve filled this 2-disc set with all of your favorite all-star sluts including , , Ried, , , , and more. Stop dreaming and start creaming, because the fantasy all-stars are her to body you up!

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Best New Starlets 2014


Cast: Hart, Calvert, , ,

Elegant Angel Productions proudly presents Best New Starlets 2014, starring , , Hart, , and Calvert. The high end all-sex release is directed by porn superstar .

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Yum Yum Dim Sum


Cast: , , , , , , , , , ,

4 Wicked hours of oriental poontang! She fuck you long time!

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Triple Plays


Cast: Banner, , , , Charley , , Snow, , Flame,

10 starlets in 5 scnes of sharing hardcore action!


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Hot And Mean # 10


Cast: Rotten, O’Reilly, , Phoenix , , Brielle Taylor, , , , , , Veracruz,

Scenes Include

Muffin Stuffin

The cooking channels top cupcake finals are fierce. Asa’s nice at the end, but Diamond’s being hot and mean. The judging turns out to be rigged. The ladies vent their frustrations on each others pussies!

Double Dildo Doomies

’s retiring and handing over her studio to a new dominatrix. shows up and disrespects . They whip out all their toys and stretch each other’s holes and fucking to horny new heights of pleasure!

Copping A Feel

Officer Veracruz needs some new leads in a case and heads down to gang owned strip[ club to get some answers. When she questions a stripper names , her bribe buys her a lot more than information!

Salon Sluts

It’s not easy being a lesbian hairdresser! When Sophia shows up 3 times a week, Brett introduces her to the fun of finger fucking. Before long, these babes suck each other’s big tits and slide their tongues down each other’s pussies.

Peeping At The Keyhole

discovered her neighbors were a pair of glamorous lesbians. When and Phoenix catch her in the act of spying, they barge right into the room and have her join in!

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Romantic Fantasies


Cast: , , , , St. Ives

What do women think when they fantasize about men? Well one thing’s for certain…they dress for the occasion. imagines that she’s a sailor and seduces fisherman Glide. St. Ives is a cat who seduces her prey, Lee Stone. as a nurse who fucks a hot patient. Lawyer fantasizes that she’s a cop seducing inmates. And stewardess fucks the ticket clerk, Bill . It’s the ultimate in costume play…but you needn’t wear a thing.

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Sex City Asia – Asa Akira & Skin Diamond


& – Threesome with and
Released: January 27, 2014

The amazingly sexy has spent her afternoon with her girlfriend and a hunky black stud, and damn, she had a good time. They took turn to ride on that massive black cock, squeezing every tiny droplet of pleasure out of the situation and then swapping the hot semen from mouth to mouth and pussy.

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Big Tits At School # 19


Cast: , , , , ,

Scenes Include:

Film Production 101

Students at the Brazzers film institute were dying to make their first short film and they finally got their chance. They make a porn cause god knows they can’t make anything better.

Blowing Dr. Blue

Asa is one stressed out student. She’s been working on her thesis but the teacher doesn’t think it’s ready. She lacks a bit of real world experience. Time to get some experience. Sexual experience!

Smarty Pussy

is a brilliant student and in love with her new teacher, Mr. Mountain. is determined to show how much she cares about his class and his cock. She lets him do whatever he wants with her and her little tight pussy!

Backroom Pussy For A Pass

The school year has begun and already Nyomi’s son is flunking. Called in to the principal’s office yet again, Nyomi knows what to expect, and as every principal knows, it’s easy to use this for some sexy backroom negotiations!

Dorm Room Mix Up

Xander has had enough. His new roommate is impossible to live with. She walks around naked and flashes her gorgeous pussy. His stress level is going through the roof. has a few ways to relieve.

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Doctor Adventures # 17


Cast: , , Valentine, , Alexander, ,

Starring & !

First Aid Had Never Been So Much Fun!

I still ’t Fucked What I’m Looking For – Bono himself has generously agreed to donate a new health clinic for the poor at ZZ Hospital. After Dr. Akira convinced him to with the back of her throat. When he shows up, he’s being an incredible douche, showing off and groping patients.

The Doctor Is In – Dr. loves her job, but the only thing she loves more than her patients, is their big cocks. When Chris is brought to her after suffering a stab wound, she can’t help but let hims tab her pussy with his penis.

Driven By Double G’s – Doctor Sins is obsessed. His need to make tits bigger just keeps growing and he is becoming a man consumed. Will his luscious assistant be able to distract him with her perfect natural breasts before it’s too late?

An Erotic Method – For Dr. Sin’s techniques to work, the patient has to be absolutely turned on and wiling to go deeper than she ever has before. Blake looks inside herself, and finds a raging nympho ready to explode and fuck the first cock she sees!

The Bone Identity – is a super sex spy, trained in the art of fucking. Her last mission went awry and poor cannot remember who she is… But the real question is does she remember how to fuck?

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Unfinished Business



, , , , , , , , Price, , , , Randy Spears, , T J Cummings,


Joel () is away at university just getting ready for midterms when he gets a surprise visit from his old partner in crime Lana ( Price). This of course can mean nothing but trouble for Joel.
Before you can say “I just failed Algebra” Lana and Joel are back in business, and the news is spreading fast. The whole campus wants what Joel is selling, and are willing to pay for it… big time. Lana and her girls (, , and host of other beauties) are more than happy to give the student body a taste of their “private tutoring” sessions.
Joel is having the time of his life, or so he thinks, but he quickly learns that all good things cum to an end. Now it’s time for Joel to take care of some Unfinished Business.
Cause sometimes you just gotta say WTF… (Want To Fuck?)

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Boom! # 2


Cast: , , , Charley ,

When you mix all these sexy, slutty pornstars together the result is explosive!

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Young At Heart



, , , , , , , ,


Some gifts never get old. John (Brad Armstrong) is your everyday average guy. Unfortunately, it’s his 45th birthday. He’s starting to feel his age, and starting to find a few extra grey hairs. Can anyone say “mid-life crisis”.

So he starts doing all the things guys do in an attempt to regain their youth from sports cars, to hair dye, tanning salon, and hair salon, from hitting the gym, to hitting the clubs, and of course dating younger women. The fun begins as John tries to keep up with all the young hotties, as they put him through his paces. Featuring adult super-stars , , , , Lala Star, , Alexa and .

Most of whom are 20 years his junior, so he has his work cut out for him… Thank god for the little blue pill. Then one night when he’s picking up his date, he’s met at the door by her mother (). She’s not at all happy at the age difference, and lets him know it in no uncertain terms. She puts the kibosh on the date, but as John drives home he can’t get her out of his head. He starts to forget about his bevy of young beauties. All he can think about is . He finally gets up the nerve to go back, and after a little heart-to-heart, the sparks fly. And with ’s help he realizes age is just a number, and that it’s not about trying to act young… it’s about finding someone who’ll keep you young… or at least “Young at Heart.”

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Jessica Drakes Guide To Wicked Sex: Anal



, , ,


Curious about anal sex, but afraid to try it? Maybe you have unanswered questions and just don’t know where to start. With my help, we’ll change all of that. I’m , and in this Guide to Wicked Sex, you’ll learn everything you need to know to enjoy your first anal experience. With the help of two anal experts, you’ll learn how to prepare, experiment with toys, choose the correct lube, and finally how to go all the way. You may have thought about trying anal sex to please your man, but I’ll show you just how satisfying it can be for both of you!

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