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XXX Trek

XXX Trek

Category Parody / Spoof

Director Cash Markman
Starring Randy Spears, Mike Horner, Sin, Obsession, , Rogers, Farrah, Steve Austin, Rich Handsome

In this episode, The U.S.S. Intercourse encounters a giant vagina in outer space and gets sucked into it’s massive black hole. Watch as Captain James Quirk and his crew engage in interplanetary sex with the finest female aliens in the galaxy. These aliens get poked and prodded in Uranus and beyond.

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Latina Sex Tapes # 15


Cast: Keisha Grey, Chase Ryder, Caroline Ray, Nadia Capri, Tobee Keepsake

Featuring Keisha Grey!

Mouth-Watering Curves Luscious Round Asses!

Every Slut’s First Step!

Keisha Is…Too Hot To Handle!

Chase In…Riding Miss Ryder!

Caroline Ray…Breaks In The New Camera!

Nadia…Wants A Footjob!

Tobee Shows You…How Sluts Say Sorry!

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Glory Hole – Chase Ryder


Chase Ryder – Glory Hole
Released: August 18, 2014

There’s something extremely special about a chick that has no problem taking it in the ass. Add a black cock into the picture and she becomes a legend. Chase Ryder’s recent trip to a public bathroom sees her come face-to-black cock with a stranger via the hole in the wall. The slutty freak wastes little time in devouring the black stranger’s massive appendage as she uses her fingers to keep that box soaking wet. Normally she’d use her pussy to get her rocks off’ however, Chase’s tight ass is on the menu for that random black dick. The white whore rides the wall as her third input gets stretched to the circumference of a soda can. The only thing left is for Chase to gladly welcome a mighty helping of black jizz where her make-up used to be.

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Young Enough To Know Better


Cast: , Carter Cruise, Chloe Amour, , , Chase Ryder, , , , , Casey James,

These young girls just don’t know any better, so we’re going to show them what fucking is all about! Get ready to take it to the next level of action with , , , Carter Cruise, and more young sluts. With 12 hot young babes and tons of nonstop action, this is definitely an orgasmic experience that you don’t want to miss!

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Caught !


Cast: , , Carter Cruise, Callie Calypso, Chase Ryder

If you’re caught, you’re fucked!

Caught! delivers laughs and hardcore sex galore, as a beautiful P.I. and her sexy assistant ( and Wicked Contract Star, ) go undercover (and under covers) to get the dirt on cheating spouses! No cheating man – or woman is safe, as the dynamic dick and dike-loving pair go to great lengths to catch their cheater!

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Shorty Iz Fuckin Yo Mama


Shorty Iz Fuckin Yo Mama
Studio: Black Market

Cast: Sin, , , ,

Shorty may be short, but his massive king dong is so big and fat, every woman he screws, ends up with a gaping cock socket, that’s pretty much worthless for ever enjoying a regular size dick again. Watch as he nails the interracial blonde babe and makes her scream for mercy and when he penetrates Sin, she thinks she’s getting DP’d and much, more!

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Mission To Uranus


Cast: , , Sin, ,

From the Liner Notes: We might not get you off the planet, butt we will take you to Sex Fair 2000 in Brussels! Venture with Alisha into craters of unknown depths, and watch McKayla take the ride of her life.

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