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Wet And Pissy – Lolipop


Lolipop – Pee Ocean
Released: 21, 2014

A lot has changed since we featured two years earlier. She’s developed into a very attractive young woman, leaving her younger looks for a fuller and more physically fit body. Her sexier appearance isn’t the only thing that has changed for the better – she’s also more daring and outgoing. She chooses one of our favorite poses, pulling her legs towards her body and her feet up to pee. She spurts and sprays, launching her stream up into the air, well above her feet and past her head. It only takes a little more than twenty seconds for to leave us unable to blink, drenching the right half of her body. There’s another great moment where she dips her crotch into a champagne glass, pulling out right before filling it up. Before letting her go, we get a good look at her beautiful eyes and she gestures a kiss at us.

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Give Me Pink – Angellina


Angellina – Give Me Pink
Released: 14, 2014

Angellina has fashion model looks, no doubt. She makes herself cum with a dildo and with a magic wand and squirt all over the place.

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Tiny Teen Cuties


Cast: , , , , , St. Clair, , , Piper, , ,

Featuring !

12 Scenes! 2 Disc Set! Over 5 Hours 20 Mins!

Get a load of these tiny teen cuties! , , , , and more of your favorite teens are stuffing their faces full of cock! Don’t miss out on this 2-disc set packed with irresistibly hot fucking, because these tiny teens are going to blow your mind!

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Hog Tied – Bianca Breeze


– Squirting Snatch Roto-Drilled Into Oblivion
Released: 14, 2014

Newcomer signs up for HogTied and gets more than she bargained for. is a tall, gorgeous brunette with a pussy that can really take a hard fucking, so we ramped things up for the lovely lady. First, some warm up with spread eagle bondage and some suspended squirting doggie fucking. Then she is tied down completely immobile and drill fucked into orgasm oblivion with the roto drill fucksaw. leaves a little piece of herself on the Hogtied floor, but walks away – just barely – fully satisfied and fucked out.

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Wet And Pissy – Sabrina Moor


Moor – Classy
Released: 14, 2014

arrives in some very nice packaging – nice denim shorts, black pantyhose, elegant stilettos, and a white knotted top. Variety is one of ’s strengths, as she mixes it up heavily in the first part of her video. She pees twice still in her shorts in two different poses. Things start getting more primal as she slides off her shorts. backs up onto the table on her knees as we take a closer look from behind as she pees through her pantyhose. She escalates things further as she tears a hole in her pantyhose, liberating herself, as she spreads her legs apart like a bird’s wings and pees again. Although there’s never a massive outburst from like her shoot for Wet and Puffy, there’s an impressive amount of positions that she pees from. The abundance of poses coupled with her great looks were well worth our time.

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Sin Drive – Uma, Yenna, Lolly & Samantha Johnson


Uma, , & – Keeping The Piss Party Plowing Along By The Pool!
Released: 13, 2014

This pool must be a piss magnet, because as soon as the Pissomania crew of Uma, Kate Gold, and leave the scene another crew rolls up, with babes Uma, , , , and one very lucky dude looking to take things to the absolute hardcore! These chicks are all gonna take a turn working this guys cock, and of course the piss showers blast all over these beautifully bloused babes, and their outfits only shine more as the golden showers soak them down! With legs wide open these babes happily get deep into the watersports, piss swapping and getting into all kinds of nastiness until the sun goes down! Only a juicy pop-shot these freaks can play with can end this Golden Shower Power scene truly drowning in piss!

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Whipped Ass – Simone Sonay & Mona Wales


& – Squirting Stepmom Punishment
Released: 8, 2014

surfs the internet for some hot gangbang porn to jack off to. Low and behold she stubbles upon a filthy milfy gangbang starring her stepmom! is taken a back at first but her stepmom, , is so hot and slutty can’t help but rub her pussy while watching it right when her stepmom barges into the room! is pissed that her stepmom ruined her orgasm and threatens to tell her father about Simone’s extracurricular activities unless she licks her pussy and gets her off. The punishment continues with spanking her step mother’s ass red, fisting and double penetrating her making Simone squirt all over!

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Shes Gonna Squirt – Dani Daniels


– Wet Wild Cleaning Service
Released: 12, 2014

is a lazy bachelor, so when he saw the ad for the Wet Wild cleaning service, where sexy french maids come to you, he was all over it. The company sent him that big booty slut , and she got to work, slowly teasing him, stripping out of her sexy little maid outfit, and getting her sexy body dripping wet. She crawled over to Manuel and sucked his fat dick, and then Manuel threw her on the couch and ate her tight pussy until it was dripping wet. Dani rode that cock, cumming hard and squirting all over the place as Manuel pounded her pussy right. Finally, she jerked his cock until she got the payment she came for: one big facial cumshot!

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Wet And Pissy – Leyla


Leyla – Elements
Released: 7, 2014

Leyla makes her first appearance on Wet and Pissy in a tiny grey boob tube and denim hotpants. She sits on the table and pees through her denims as a big golden puddle appears. Her hotpants are soaked and Leyla enjoys sitting in her own pee. Pulling down her denims, she plays with her pussy and at the same time pisses all over her fingers! At this point she covers herself in her nectar and lays back, pissing over herself. She looks really horny as she rolls around in her puddle, covering her sexy body and her long flowing brunette hair. After stripping naked, Leyla inserts a metal speculum into her piss soaked pussy and stretches her pussy wide while letting us zoom in close as she releases another stream. After finishing herself off with a vibrator, she looks like she has really enjoyed herself! This one is hot!

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Babes – Kira Queen


– Bring The Heat
Released: 6, 2014

Experimenting in the bedroom keeps the fire burning between and Timo Hardy. There’s little this couple won’t try, because they keep things fresh in the bedroom and try all their dirty fantasies. When Timo came home, he found Kira texting him, and wrap his arms around her curvaceous body right away. After waiting all day to feel her mouth on his manhood, nothing compared to the feeling of Kira wrapping her lips around his rock hard cock. Later, Kira even dove under his balls with her tongue to really spice things up. After fingering Kira until she squirted all over the bed, Timo thrust his cock deep inside her from behind and pumped until he shot his load on her plump pussy.

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Hardcore Gang Bang – Daisy Ducati


– Extreme Fisting, Squirting, Double Penetration For Super Bendy Stripper
Released: 6, 2014

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Sexually Broken – Ava Devine


– Busty MILF totally taken apart by dick, brutal deepthroat on BBC, squirts everywhere!
Released: 16, 2014

If you were to look up “insatiable” in the dictionary, there would be a picture of . Ava is a true nymphomaniac in every sense of the term. Rather then be ashamed of her desires, she has fully embraced it. She even got into porn to get order to get her hands and eager holes on all the dick she so deeply craves. Today we destroy this slut. Well, we try. This one can take a licking and keep on ticking. There is an art to the proper pacing of the breaking of sluts, and we start off with some throat training. Blindfolded and bound with leather belts, Ava is dropped to her knees like the good little whore she is. Her huge tits are in full display. The blindfold ensures that she can not see or anticipate the dick, only when her throat meat is being reshaped by cock will she know what is happening. One after another the cocks own her face. Shifting her up onto the fuck table, we use both ends of holes. The bondage keeps Ava in a tight bundle, totally tied but easily shiftable. Her mouth and pussy are stuffed up to the brim with rock hard cock as Ava adjusts to her new purpose in life-to be a bag of holes for our use. it is a purpose she lives for. She cums hard, over and over, as the dick plows her pussy. The dazed look on her face shows how deep she is wallowing in sexual subspace. Time to bring the hammer home. Bound in a classic fuck me position and the gag wedged back in-between those giant blow job lips, Ava’s legs are spread open and wide, her pussy making the perfect target. We make full use of that tempting target, and proceed to destroy her with dick. The ponding is relentless and without mercy, and Ava cums hard, squirting over and over in a massive orgy of wet and messy orgasms. By the time we are done dishing out the dick, there is a huge puddle of cum all over the floor we are slipping in and Ava can not get her eyeballs uncrossed. THAT is how you break a bitch.

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Wet And Pissy – Vanessa Hell


Hell – Hardcore Bed Sex
Released: 10, 2014

Hell is a feisty blonde who is wearing sexy hotpants as she poses over the chair. She immediately releases a piss which drizzles down her delicious legs and makes the crotch of her denim hotpants increasingly wet and pissy. She tastes her own juices as she starts to strip and then sits back in the chair to aim her next release of warm nectar into a bowl. Pouring her juicy goodness all over her hair and into her mouth, is really enjoying her experience with piss play. dives all over the floor into her wet puddle before bending her body over and pissing over her own pretty face. To finish herself off she uses a pink sex toy in both of her holes and squirts everywhere!

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Super Soakers


Cast: Rotten, , , Evans

Starring Rotten!

Have You Ever Watched A Girl Experience A Mind-Blowing ‘Explosive’ Orgasm? Squirting Sexpot Rotten Leads This Cast Of Spellbinding Female Ejaculators That Will Give Your Cum Shot A Run For Its Money! You’re Just A G-Spot Away From The Slip & Slide Squirting Ride Of Your Life!

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Wet And Pissy – Carrie


– A Premiere
Released: 31, 2014

charms her way through her second shoot for us and her first time peeing on camera. Quite properly, she pulls down her pink panties and lifts her skirt up to get things rolling. She positions herself over the chair, semi-squatted, facing away from the camera. A small trickle becomes a nicely audible stream and her relieved face soon changes to a charming beautiful smile. It’s almost surreal how quickly and flawlessly puts any doubts to rest. She gets ready to pee again, this time from the sofa, but a small queef causes her to burst out laughing. After a brief edit, the action resumes as soon as she begins to pee. Her laughter only moments before makes at impossible for not to laugh and lose some control over her legs and her bladder. Remarkably, is able to go three more times, proving herself to be an exceptional newcomer.

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