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Fucking Machines – Summer Carter


Summer Carter – HOT! 1 Million ways HOT! Leggy, Flexible, Blond Gymnast Fucked!
Released: October 15, 2014

Summer Carter is a former gymnast who just brings the heat to the scene with her sex appeal and creamy orgasms! We fuck her every which way she can hold her legs. She offers up the bendy poses and the splits and we can’t resist! Summer cums so many times we have to lay her down for the last machine – the Mojo. She’s 10 from all the judges here!

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Wet And Pissy – Dido Angel


– Class Glass
Released: October 16, 2014

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Sex And Submission – Zoey Monroe


– Blackmail, Bondage & Butt sex oh my!
Released: October 10, 2014

Fuck toy lives out her SAS fantasy with in this sexy hard core role play. With deep throat fucking, anal sex and squirting orgasms!

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All Girl Massage – Vanessa Veracruz & Veronica Rodriguez


& – My First Real Wet Orgasm (Squirting)
Released: October 13, 2014

It’s been years that Veronica has been with her husband, and he’s never given him an orgasm. Veronica’s friend sent over a specialist . is an expert at giving women an intense orgasm, and Veronica has no clue what she’s getting into, but I’m sure she’ll have her mind blown. asks Veronica to trust her. After takes off her dress and reveals her huge boobs and her perfect lesbian body for Veronica, she starts feeling more comfortable to let go of her own lingerie. starts Veronica’s sensual massage, and soon she they are masturbating and enjoying ’s wet tongue licking Veronica’s perfect pussy. That’s not the end of the show though, cause Veronica finally has the orgasm she’s been waiting years for, complete with some super wet squirting orgasms that was hoping for. Her job is done, but wants one of her own. Veronica knows just how to please a woman. Something her husband surely doesn’t understand.

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Czech Taxi # 11


Czech Taxi – E11
0, 2014

The world famous Czech taxi hit the streets again. The tank is full and cunt-o-meter running. Fucking with the driver is allowed. A long-haired medicine student has embarked the vehicle stuffed to the roof with hidden cameras. She got heartbroken on her way to the railway station. He partner just send her a message to break up with her, and what she needs now is to be comforted. With a hard cock. The magic hand of our experienced driver has turned her cunt into a thermal spa. One, two, three! When she comes for the third time, even the taxi driver can’t hold it any longer and he gives her his whole load. The pretty pussy is soaking wet with its own juices and cum of out therapist. She pays and disappears in the corridors of the railway station. This fucking spree was amazing! Get in!

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Wet And Pissy – Puppy


– Thirsty and Not
Released: October 2, 2014

is a gorgeous blonde who has a pretty naughty streak! She is relaxing on her bed when she pees her panties and wakes up to taste her juices with her fingers. This feisty babe peels off her soaked panties and pisses into a glass before pouring it over her feet. She loves it nasty and once fully naked, she drinks her golden juices from the glass. stretches her pussy wide with a speculum and pisses over her bed sheets before collecting another piss stream in a vase and pouring it over her perky, yet petite tits. She lays back and pisses on her face before getting herself off with a magic wand vibrator!

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VIPissy – Angelina & Naomi


& – Backdoor
Released: September 18, 2014

When slender, dark haired beauty feels a tingling sensation growing between her legs, she knows she needs to satisfy her urges right away. She stumbles upon the perfect opportunity when she finds sexy blonde napping on the sofa. Hovering just over the sleeping girl’s head, massages her swollen pussy until she feels the rush of hot urine pour out… all over ’s head and face. Awakened by the wet warmth, the naughty blonde begins lapping up the tangy golden nectar, stirring an undeniable arousal in both piss-loving vixens. When she notices a guide to anal sex for girls lying next to , quickly volunteers to be the guinea pig for her younger friend to practice on. This kicks off an intense session of anal pleasure, interrupted only by frequent golden showers and pee-drenched fuck holes. Tongues, fingers, and sex toys are all put to use to make sure both and get a piss filled, ass fucking experience that will stick in their devious minds for weeks to come.

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Wet And Pissy – Diana Dali


Dali – Diving
Released: September 18, 2014

looks both cute and sexy as she teases in a plaid miniskirt, pantyhose and a tiny white blouse. She soon shows off that she isn’t wearing any panties and rubs her hands over her pussy before bending over and pissing all over the floor, right through her pantyhose. She manages to get some on a glass chair and dives into her little puddle, licking up her warm nectar. starts to strip and squeezes piss from her blouse into her mouth before rolling around in her pissy puddle on the floor. She looks seriously sexy as her whole body gets covered in pee, including her hair. Finishing herself off with a pink dildo, has to pee again and this time aims for a glass bowl, pouring its contents all over her curvy body.

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Glamour Pornstar – Lyla Storm


– Good Brake
Released: September 14, 2014

What’s up? We’re back with another fantastic FUCKING episode just for you! Joining us today is the petite and sexy latina babe . This chick is so fucking sexy! She has nice firm tits, a juicy round ass, and a thick pussy. Fucking this fine piece of ass is none other than Nick Manning. We all know Nick has an anaconda cock and we also know he can put on a great show when it comes to fucking dime pieces like . This is exactly why we can count on Nick. He fucks Lyla so good that she squirts all over the place! It’s a must see!!! Dropping Loads all over her face!!! Believe me, it’s worth it!

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House Of Taboo – Wendy Moon


Moon – Fun with a Funnel
Released: September 13, 2014

Everybody should have a “party piece.” That’s defined as something that people always do when they’re asked to do contribute an entertaining or unusual bit to an evening’s festivities. It can be a song, a dance, a series of jokes…or it can be having yourself stripped naked with your wrists and ankles bound, and placed upside down in a doorway with a funnel stuck in your lips so that you can try to see how much pee you can aim into your own mouth. It’s suspenseful for the other guests because, if they’re inclined to wager, they can bet on how many times the urine actually reaches and spirals down the funnel. True, party pieces have evolved with society. Yesterday’s soulful rendition of “Beautiful Dreamer” has become today’s exercise in extreme sex behavior. But just remember, as Moon here does, that you have to be in the properly uninhibited social circles to be able to perform The Funnel Trick! Contemplate the pissing possibilities of this up-to-date party piece in a fetish XXX video in Full HD!

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Czech Toilets # 94


Czech Toilets – E94
Released: September 11, 2014


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House Of Taboo – Dominica Phoenix


– The Switchables
Released: September 9, 2014

While some people adhere to rigid roles in their sex play, in today’s scene and Mugur demonstrate you can switch from being a submissive to a dominant with one spurt of pissing. Things start with Mugur carrying a bound Dominica into a bleak room and laying her on a mattress. He crams her shaved pussy and ass with his fingers, then wets a vibrator with her mouth before stuffing it into her butthole. Then he fills her face with his big dick before banging her ass with it. He spits in her mouth, stuff her box with the toy, and plows her rosebud from yet another angle. But here’s the kinky switch wrinkle: suddenly Mugur lays down on the floor and Dominica stands over him femdom-style to pee on his face while he strokes his cock! The idea seems to be that a master occasionally craves the pleasure of being on the bottom himself. At the end, though, he reasserts his air of command in this Full HD BDSM extreme sex scene by getting this beauty to kneel in front of his dick to receive his load while he pulls her hair.

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Fucking Machines – Mona Wales


Wales – Oh oh Her She Cums, shes a Machine Squirter!
, 2014

Wales is fun naked. She’s comfortable, hot and ready to fuck anything in front of her hungry pussy. She’s a rock star and a porn star and we love her super squirter pussy! Summa ain’t over yet with and her squirt firing, cum hungry pussy. She hoses the machines, the furniture, our set and even the camera lens! And she takes the deepest penetration possible – the dildo disappears into her pussy in an amazing show of deeeeppppp fucking! She likes it best on her back and we accommodate as the Fucker, The Monster, Gyno and The Fucksall take turns making her wet and weathering her pussy juice storm! will definitely be back to the machines!

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Wet And Pissy – Alina Bell


Bell – Non-Stop
Released: September 4, 2014

Ready for a sexy blonde who happens to be into piss play? is a new face to Wet and Pissy and looks extremely gorgeous in her little secretarial outfit. Black skirt, white blouse, seamed pantyhose and heels. What more could you want? loves to tease and uses her feminine charms to seduce the camera. She starts to undress and show off her small but perfect tits. Now, in just her pantyhose, she bends over a chair and pisses onto it. She laps up her own warm golden juices before peeling off her pissy pantyhose and toying her pussy with a glass dildo. brings herself off and immediately needs another pee. She pours a stream into a goblet, tastes it and drizzles it over her sexy, naked body.

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Hard X – Savannah Fox


In Big Anal Asses 2
Released: September 2, 2014

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