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The Joy Of Squirting


Cast: , West, Corinna Blake,

Nothing says love like a wet orgasm.

What was it about her that made you fall head over heels in love with her? Was it the fact she had the most mind blowing intense gushing orgasms you had ever experienced? If love comes in spurts… then true love comes in squirts!! Get ready for the wettest feature ever lensed.

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Pissing In Action – Natural Born Pissers # 32


Cast: , Sweet, Victoria , , Aprill, , Kate, , , , Dina

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Fucking Machines – Syren de Mer & Alura Jenson


& – MILF WARS – Alura Jens0n and vs. THE MACHINES
Released: December 17, 2014

Alura and are MILF zombies! MILF zombies!! Every time we think we have finished them off and that they could not POSSIBLY cum another ounce or another time, their limp hands start groping again for the cock and sure enough, back into their pussies the dongs go and we are up for another epic fucking. We can honestly and with 100% accuracy say – we have NEVER fucked women this long with machines as we did in the duo Lunchbox fucking set where the girls just. won’t. die!!!!! It’s true MILFs do know how to fuck and how to ask for exactly what they want in the sack. I pity the fool who tries to please these ladies with anything short of a robot cock. Oh and they also squirt and fucks a double penetration machine. Yeah, we quit.

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Wet And Puffy – Silvania


Silvania – Squirty One
Released: January 15, 2015

Silviania is in the conference room in nothing but a skimpy pink lingerie set and is showing off her delicious cameltoe. She bends over to see the g-string of her bodysuit and pulls the crotch right up into her puffy pussy. Once she is fully naked and showing off her sexy body, Silviania gets onto the desk and teases her pussy with her fingers. She uses a dildo to practice her blowjob skills before inserting it right into her pussy. She even gives her ass some toying action and squirts all over the desk, right before her meeting is about to start!

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Wet And Pissy – Ashley Love


Ashley Love – Wet Ashley
Released: January 14, 2015

Gorgeous blonde Ashley leaves little to the imagination as she wears and a skimpy outfit. She looks stunning as she pees through her white panties, making them even more see-through. Rubbing her golden juices all over her body, she licks her fingers and pulls down her panties. Ashley squeezes the pee out of her panties and into her mouth, before getting extremely turned on. She starts to strip and pisses again onto a table top, rubbing her bare ass in her puddle. Using a pump, she makes her labia all swollen and pisses into the suction tube, drinking drops of piss. She masturbates with a speculum inserted into her tight little hole and finishes off by pissing into her high heels, guzzling down every last drop!

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Pissing In Action – Yenna


– Maid For Piss
Released: January 9, 2015

knows she looks amazing in her black satin skirt and jeans, rocking a classy casual sort of look, but as she’s admiring herself in the mirror her man comes home, upset that she’s not mopping the place like she’s supposed to. So, he decides that he’s gonna have his way with this sexy babe and make a much bigger mess in the process! ’s initially shocked by getting golden showered right then and there, but as soon as her blouse and jeans are soaked and smelling of piss she’s all about it, putting her pussy up for grabs, putting her ass high in the air to get pissed on, and all around taking this dude for a ride! It’s a pissy mess of hardcore watersports, and this guy ain’t stopping until ’s got a face full of spunk and piss, and he wants his fresh load blasted out of her pussy as well!

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Hardcore Gang Bang – Penny Barber


– Horny Maid Distracts Stock Traders, Gets Them To Invest In Her Holes!!
Released: January 7, 2015

It’s coffee time for this group of powerful and influential stock speculators and Penny wants to serve them right – with a little cream and sugar. But that’s not all she wants to serve them! These fellas may have met to go over their investment portfolios but soon Penny has made a better offer – investment into all her greedy holes. She’s ravaged just like she wants with power hungry cock-sucking, double penetration, and double-vag! The deal ends with her left covered in cum and a briefcase worth of bills!!

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Twistys – Anya Ivy


Ivy – Watch Me Squirm
Released: January 10, 2015

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Hard X – Riley Reid


Reid – Reid In Squirt For Me Master
Released: January 9, 2015

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Wet And Pissy – Foxy Anne


Foxy Anne – Squirty Anne
Released: January 8, 2015

Gorgeous raven haired Foxy Anne shows off her features in a denim miniskirt and tight top and starts to remove her garments to reveal her body. She pulls apart her curvy ass cheeks and pisses before trying to capture some of those golden juices in a jug. She pours her piss over her tits and even tastes her nectar. Feeling frisky, Foxy Anne uses a speculum on her hole, drinks even more of her own pee from a cocktail glass and gives herself a shuddering orgasm using a purple sex toy.

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Hard X – Dani Daniels & AJ Applegate


& – In Squirt For ME Master
Released: January 7, 2015

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Sexually Broken – Bonnie Rotten


Rotten – AVN winner Rotten bound in a straightjacket and roughly fucked hard, epic deepthroat!
Released: January 2, 2015

The one, the only, fucking Rotten. This slut can perform, and she does it well enough that she keeps stockpiling up AVN awards. Today we turn this tattooed tramp into our own personal fuckpuppet with the help of our handy leather straightjacket. Straightjacket available from The Stockroom if you wish to bind up your own fuckpuppet. The straightjacket exposes her tattooed tits and leaves her arms tightly bound. Both ends of our slut are wide open and ready for use. And use them we do. It is a brutal rough ragdoll fucking all over our well used bed. Hard cock trains out both of her tender holes. We fuck her and flip her around in every angle and position that we so desire. Adding in a vibrator releases a gushing squirting orgasm out of that experienced cunt. is drenched in her own drool and squirt as the hard cock continues to plow her holes. She has come so hard there is a huge puddle of squirt running down the side of the bed. There is no doubt this is an award winning slut. We leave our dazed starlet lolling on our wet and rumpled fuck bed. The straightjacket keeps her tightly in place until we want another round. She is so cumdrunk of the dick she can’t even sit up. THIS is how you sexually break a starlet…

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VIPissy – Luna Ora & Antonia Sainz


Luna Ora & Sainz – Lick My Wet
Released: December 30, 2014

There was no pretext for Luna and to share a pissing fantasy together. It was simply the combination of two hot girls in exquisite apparel, putting all of their feminine traits to great use. Both girls take turns directing each other, kissing and and caressing in the dining area. It is a marvelous sight to see the shorter Luna helping up from her chair and then approaching her aggressively to kiss her. responds, frisking Luna’s body and then turning her around to work her hands over Luna’s ass. Luna strips down to her and shoes, and the pissing begins. Luna helps undress, tugging at her bra and then her panties. is eager to pee, and she works on removing her panties completely. After peeing on the table, raises one foot on top of the table, flexing to pee into Luna’s mouth. The girls get down on the floor where takes advantage of the wet surface, dragging Luna around from her legs as she pleases. She positions her laying below her to pee on her hair. Luna’s signature moments occur towards the end. The first is a fantastic pee as uses a purple vibrator on her. The other doesn’t involve Luna peeing, but rather drinking the contents of a wine glass. Where normally a girl will only drink their own fluids, Luna drinks that which came from , closing things off in a very unique fashion.

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Hard X – Bonnie Rotten


Rotten – Rotten In Squirt For Me Master
Released: December 28, 2014

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Infernal Restraints – Bonnie Day


– Chatter Bitch Part 1
Released: December 26, 2014

Man, can be one obnoxious ass bitch around the office. She’s constantly getting in the way of everyone else getting their work done. Well, OT needs his business running like a well oiled machine, and if she is going to get in the way of that then she is going to have to be taught a lesson in proper office performance. Here at Intersec we have a… unique view on how to punish our employees. We don’t like to just fire people if we know there is a way they can be reformed. Sometimes they just need a little bit of incentive to behave themselves properly. In this case the punishment is corporal and it comes along with some intense heavy metal bondage. It’s the only way we can be sure that she’s going to learn not to bother the rest of the staff when they are working. We need to be able to depend on her to do what she is told, nothing more and certainly nothing less. And if that means taking a few days out of her work week to bring her down to the dungeon and show her what the price of disobedience is, then OT is more than happy to do it. If doesn’t like it she’s free to quit. You know… as soon as we unlock her.

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