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Shes Gonna Squirt – Cece Stone


– Extra Squirticular Activities
Released: 2, 2014

Miss is hard at work giving some students a little sex ed, and of course they’re giggling, being smartasses, and not paying much attention. When she starts talking about squirting, the class clown says he thinks it’s a myth. Now, Miss Stone takes her duty as an educator very seriously, so she takes it upon herself to give a little hands-on education. She grabs one of her dildos and starts rubbing her pretty pussy until it squirts all over her stunned student, and can barely believe his eyes! He licks her wet pussy until it squirts even more, and then Cece drops to her knees to suck on his fat cock. He fucks her tight pussy hard and deep until she squirts and gushes all over his hard dick, and then get s a turn to do some squirting of his own all over her pretty face!

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Squirt Gasms ! # 2


Cast: Rotten, , Daniels, , Rodriguez

Starring 2014 AVN Performer Of The year Rotten!

Get out your umbrellas, the weather forecast calls for heavy squirting! Is there a more beautiful sight than a woman gushing with sexual pleasure? We don’t think so.

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Wet And Pissy – Mia


Mia – Red Tights
Released: March 26, 2014

Mia is back for another scene at Wet and Pissy and this time she means business. Dressed in red pantyhose and a yellow tank top, Mia is teasing in the office. She runs her hands all over her body before she pulls down her pantyhose and fires a stream of piss into the air. It covers her tank top and even part of her pretty face! Mia dives into her own puddle of pee and pours some into her mouth. Taking off her tank top, Mia uses it to wipe up her wet mess and then wrings it out over her tits. She cuts a hole in her pantyhose and releases a massive piss on a glass chair while we film from below. Mia rubs her pussy and ass in her piss puddle before lapping it up with her tongue. Finally, Mia pees into a massive goblet, pours it all over her head and fucks her dripping wet pussy with a glass dildo. So hot!!!

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Fucking Machines – Bella Rossi & Savannah Fox


& Fox – Incredible Squirting, Fisting, G/G Machine fucking, Orgasm Overload!
Released: March 19, 2014

Today is the 1000th update for FuckingMachines.comToday is the 1000th update for FuckingMachines.com. The site began in a basement in the year 2000 and has been everywhere from Japan to Poland to Howard Stern! We were ’s first ever porn shoot (Dec 18, 2009.) we’ve fucked Grey, Cytheria, , , , , Charley Lane, we’ve shagged the girl busted with Sheen – . We’ve taken more girls porn virginity than we can count and we have YOU to thank. Thank you for watching Fuckingmachines.com through the years, for buying shoots and memberships and for being great, loyal fans. We must thank the over one thousand girls who made us so horny and so happy for the last 14 years. Today is an extraordinary example of the incredible, genuine amazing machine orgasms here on FM. We put Fox and in a room together with machines and watch as squirt flies and dildos pound. They fist each other, they cum until we literally have to stop because is about to pass out – she doesn’t! We even have a “blooper” that we left in because it happens right as cums. is licking ’s pussy and she starts to cum, she pushes the cock out and BAM right in ’s kisser – she gets cock slapped at 350 RPMs! She’s fine and still manages to finish her epic orgasm. Now, go on and watch this GREAT shoot.

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Wet And Pissy – Clair Brooks


– Wet And Pissy
Released: March 19, 2014

shamelessly pees through her panties. She pulls them aside, wiggling around as she continues to pee. She appears to be done, but is pleasantly surprised as she exerts herself a little more, dancing joyfully as she empties herself for the moment. After a pantie sponge bath, she lines up some martini glasses on the floor. She sits on the chair and pries herself open with some tongs, aiming for the glasses. After an extensive frolicking on the wet floor, she finishes off strong as she positions herself directly over the chair. Facing the wall, she unloads her final piss onto the back of the chair.

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Hog Tied – Andre Shakti


Andre Shakti – Hot Bondage Babe in Brutal Bondage Predicaments
Released: March 13, 2014

Beautiful and tough as nails Andre Shakti is brutalized in terrible bondage predicaments and rewarded with overwhelming orgasms. Put into a tough spot between a tight crotch rope and a desperate tit tie, Andre has to choose which torture to endure to earn her orgasms. Reward time: tied to a saw horse and stuffed with a dick in her cunt, and hook in her ass, and a brutal vibe on her clit, she is whipped while she spills orgasm after brutal orgasm all over the set. The sling style suspension finishes her off by ripping her slutty thighs apart for a thorough pussy plunging that rips orgasm after orgasm from her. Good job Andre, you went the distance with The Best Bondage Site on the Web!

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Shes Gonna Squirt – Riley Reid & Veronica Rodriguez


& Rodriguez – Straight A Squirters
Early Release: March 19, 2014

and Rodriguez are a couple of slutty schoolgirls taking classes with Professor . is frustrated because even though she always works harder than , always seems to get straight A’s! Curious about her friend’s secret, sneaks into professor Ferrara’s bedroom to see if she what she can find out, only to find stripping down and taking a mouthful of Manuel’s fat cock! Not wanting to be shown up, grabs her favorite toy and makes her tight little pussy squirt clean through her white cotton panties. Manuel fucks both of their tight little pussies until they’re squirting all over his dick, and then blows a huge load right into ’s mouth. Like a true BFF, shares the jizz with , and assures herself an A+ in the process!

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Sexually Broken – Odette Delacroix & Emma Haize


Delacroix & – TWO blonde pixies Delacroix and tag teamed by cock! Brutal deep throat, squirting!
Released: March 14, 2014

In a tag team for the ages, today at Sexuallybroken we have not one but TWO adorable, tiny, blonde pigtailed pixies with serious deep throat skills ready to be completely destroyed by cock. Both Delacroix and are as cute as they come, and combined are more adorable then a bag of kittens. In this case, these kittens are going to get stuffed full of dick until their eyes water. Bound on our well used fuck table, is in a very unique position that actually incorporates in her shoes as part of her bondage. The classic fuck me position gets a fresh twist with a metal bar that goes through the heels of her shoes, keeping her legs up towards the ceiling where they belong. is bound and bolted to the floor with her skinny legs spread wide and a vibrator shoved between them. Their precious heads are side by side, allowing them to share every moan and shriek. It is go time. The cocks run a train on these pixies. We will not be satisfied until we have tattooed our initials on their tonsils. For as little as they are, both of them bring some serious dick sucking skills to the table. All 10 inches of the BBC disappear completely down ’s greedy little gullet. As gets her throat plowed, Emma is getting her tiny shaved pussy reshaped. The vibrator is pulling orgasm after orgasm out, the rock hard cock makes them cum helplessly. Their moans of pleasure echo off of the walls of the studio, only interrupted when the cocks are shoved down their throats. It is a blowjobageddon. These two suck themselves silly, and Emma is fucked ragged. Not content with the orgasms the cock is milking out of Emma, we finger blast her until she squirts. The fingers own her pussy, she literally can not help herself. We milk the squirt out of her pussy and fling it on her face. All the while is still bound and cumming. These two have been fucked and sucked into an undone puddle of limp flesh that can not even see straight. We leave them bound and covered with their own cum. They are even cuter when cum covered.

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CumLouder – Nadia Fernandez


– Hard Anal and Squirting
Released: March 15, 2014


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Wet And Puffy – Cayla


– A Comb Misuse
Released: March 12, 2014

is in the lounge in a tight top, miniskirt and cute knee socks. She is already horny and rubs her hands over her pussy that is covered in a white lace g-string. This sexy blonde pulls down her top and rubs her petite tits, before bending over and using her fingers to pleasure her pussy lips. She pulls her g-string to one side and tugs at her juicy lips before trying out a pump. They suck right up inside the pump and enjoys every minute of it so much that she pees right inside it. She then grabs a hair brush and uses it to tease herself, rubbing it faster and faster along her clit. She fucks the handle …

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Fucking Machines – Casey Calvert


Calvert – Calvert is back with her fierce ass & pussy & HUGE ORGASMS!
Released: March 5, 2014

Ever seen the Scream painting? No need, just look at ’s face while she’s cumming. Now THAT’s a Scream face! She cums from the edge of her lips to tip of her toes from and from every inch of her pussy and ass. A full body orgasm with relenting fucking that has just losing her mind. squirts while her ass is pounded by The BunnyFucker – shooting her girl cum up into the air and back down on to her tight stomach and cumming pussy!

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Mr. Anal – Kagney Linn Karter


– Kagney Linn Anal Pounded Until She Squirts
Released: March 5, 2014

Kagney Linn Carter is back with a vengeance! She gets her face fucked, and then it’s straight for the ass! Hardcore raw brutal anal pounding just how she likes it. She gets fucked so hard that it makes her pussy squirt over, and over, and over again. Real wet, real messy intense anal blasting that only Mr. Anal can provide!

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Shes Gonna Squirt – Deauxma


– The Squirting Specialist
Released: March 5, 2014

Watching a bunch of squirting videos on Brazzers got turned on and super curious to know if she could squirt too. She needed a really intense fuck to take her all the way, so she looked in the Yellow Pages for a gigolo with a huge cock. Keiran showed up at her room ready to pound her pussy hard and raw until she came from a deep G-spot orgasm. By the time they were done fucking, has hosed down the leather sofa and gushed puddles of lady-cum all over the floor.

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Pissing In Action – Tatiana Milovani


– Pissing All Over The Party
Released: February 28, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta piss all over the party, and that’s exactly what these freaks do! With a group of sexy babes and super horny studs hanging out and having a good time, it only makes sense to crank things up a dozen notches and start pissing all over the place, and that’s exactly what one guy does – but instead of freaking everyone out it makes everyone at this gathering super freaky, with golden showers busting out all over the place as these well dressed hotties fuck and suck their way to piss drenched glory! Check out how Pissing In Action people party down nasty style!

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Wet And Pissy – Alyssa Reece


– Golden Hair Balsam

Released: March 2, 2014

pees herself through her green denims. She starts to strip from her tank top and runs her hands over her warm wet patch of piss before releasing even more of it. It streams down her legs and onto the glass table below. enjoys playing with it with her hands and rubs it across the table before diving into it on her front. She turns over and wriggles about in her warm piss after pulling down her jeans. She loves being wet and messy and spreads her pussy lips apart. uses a vase to collect even more of her golden nectar then drizzles it down her neck and over her tits before pouring it over her head. She is one wet mess, and doesn’t stop there as she fucks her pussy with a straw and pees once more on the glass table!

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