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Fucking Machines – Dolly Leigh


Dolly – Her 1st Kink Shoot – Local girl, tied up& machine fucked, MANY Orgasms
Released: November 13, 2014

Dolly applied to shoot for Kink after doing a few months of cam shows and amateur clips. She LOVES bondage so we made the rare exception here on FM, and tied her up for the machines. The results are fantastic! Dolly’s shyness turns to sexiness and she has some of the best orgasms of her life which we always love to supply! Just another happy pussy!

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Wet And Pissy – Cynthia


– Wet Baloons
Released: November 13, 2014

returns in an extra golden presentation. Her ample bosom is literally bursting out of her bra, waiting to be unleashed before your eyes. Once they are out in the open, she works them together between her hands, mashing them against each other. She makes sure that they get a lot of attention, bathing them with her pee in several ways. It leads up to dipping them into her puddle on the chair. Her attention shifts to her feet as she plunges them into a bowl ready to be doused from above. Her pee is noticeably more yellow as she pulls her feet out to pour it onto herself. Soon after – she positions the bowl below her with her back towards the camera and from a squatted position – she’s ready to piss the ultimate golden concoction!

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Backroom Casting Couch – Misty


– Backroom Casting Couch
Released: November 10, 2014

You know things went well when the girl thanks you for cumming in her pussy. There’s something magical about 21 year old French-Native American mix , I almost lose my cool when she walks in to my office. is real, down to earth, cute as fuck, nice, and does what I want. There’s chemistry. I actually WANT to make HER cum (and I do, several times…), if that tells you anything. For me this is the perfect casting with the perfect girl. For her…probably not so much considering she’ll have to go back to her dreaded hotel job after this…with an aching anus and womb full of Rick juice.

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Monsters of Cock – Veronica Avluv


– MILF squirts all over big black cock
Released: November 11, 2014

In this week, we got busty MILF by name of come in and squirt all over while getting banged by a huge dong. She gives this big cock a good sucking before we start seeing her going wilds she gets fucked. She fucks hard and squirts all over until she makes the guy cum all over her.

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Pawg – Summer Brielle


– Pussy squirting non stop
Released: November 7, 2014

It’s been a long while since we’ve had a squirt fest around here. Summer is one hell of a fuck. Her G sized tits. Her big fat ass. What more do you need? Mike went to town on Summer as soon as he got the green light. From eating her ass to laying the pipe, Mike was on fire. Summer was loving Mike’s dick so much, she came not just once, not just twice, not even just ten times. No, Summer came 16 times! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.


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Fucking Machines – Abigail Mac


Mac – Secret Pleasure
Released: November 5, 2014

Mac thought today would be like any other solo site she has performed on. She does her sexy little striptease and plays with herself a little bit, getting ready to cum on camera and go home just like she has done in the past. But once the machines fire up and she spreads for her first fucking, her whole attitude changes. This is unlike anything she has experienced. The machines are fast, unrelenting, and perfectly dialed to fuck her g-spot and pussy with precision. She cums and squirms intense pleasure and by the end of the fucking, her pussy is soaking wet and too sensitive to touch. Watching her tits bounces and her sexy body tense with climaxing is almost as hot close up shots of her post-orgasmic. Almost.

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Wet And Pissy – Any Blackfox


Any Blackfox – Drops Of Any
Released: November 6, 2014

This sexy blonde loves to tease and has a lot of fun in her debut pissing scene for Wet and Pissy. Dressed in a blue tank top and denim hotpants, she drizzles a stream of piss through her crotch onto the leather sofa below. She enjoys every minute of it and runs her hands over her wet crotch. Laying back, she pisses over herself and licks up the juices with her tongue. This horny babe pisses into a big glass bowl and dips her sexy hair into it, letting beads of golden piss dribble down her tits and onto her toned stomach. Finishing herself off with a dildo, she releases one more pee onto its shaft. Wow!

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House Of Taboo – Kiara Lord


– Nectar of the Nymph
Released: November 4, 2014

Come with us on a journey into never-before-seen erotic strangeness with this bizarre depiction of pretty and naked Hungarian nymph in a cage, her legs positioned by bars, and her shaved pussy positioned so that she can pee into metal strainers which will then filter her urine into a pan on the floor. We have deliberately left ambiguous our description and analysis of this situation so you can attach your own storyline to it. What, dear sir, will happen to Kiara’s pee? Shall it be processed into a healthful drink or some new form of party time thirst quencher? And who is supervising this entire process? A kinky lover, a far-sighted industrialist, or a groundbreaking scientist? One thing is for certain: judging by her big smile in this fetish XXX video, Kiara is enjoying the whole unusual process of pissing for us in this manner!

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VIPissy – Anna Rose


Anna Rose – Miss Boss’s Daughter
Released: November 4, 2014

Whatever Anna Rose wants, Anna Rose gets. That’s one of the benefits of being the only daughter of a wealthy business owner. Anna didn’t ask for a management position in one of her dad’s offices because she wanted to work. She asked for the job because all she thinks about all day and night is cock. And her daddy’s office is full of them. Beautiful and charming (when she wants to be), Anna has her pick of men. But today she has her eye on the handsome man who has occupied her fantasies for the past few weeks. It’s time to make her move. When he offers to fill her coffee mug, Anna takes this opportunity to fill the mug herself… with the unsuspecting man’s piss. Much to his surprise, Anna pours the entire cupful of hot urine onto her tongue, letting it run out of her mouth and down the front of her dress. Completely soaked in pee, Anna’s dress becomes somewhat see-through, clinging to her small perky tits and showing off every detail. As Anna pushes the man to his knees and begins to rub her pee-soaked panties on his bald head, all the man can think is that he needs to be inside her. It’s not long before the playful piss-fest turns into a heated fuck session, with the spoiled teen getting her share of cum and piss. If only Daddy knew what goes on in his office when he’s away on business…

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Pissing In Action – Vanessa


– Putting Water Resistant Showrooms To The Piss Test
Released: October 31, 2014

is shopping for a new bed among other things, and the salesman is happy to brag that the bed sheets are water resistant. However, drives a hard bargain and really needs to make sure that’s the case, so what better way for the salesman to prove this than to piss all over when she’s testing out the bed for comfort!? It appears that the bed handles the golden shower well, but ’s outfit, especially her fur vest, are completely soaked through and clinging to her banging body, and with the piss squishiness all over her she gets horny as hell and then wants to put the bed to the fuck test! It would be difficult for any bed to handle this level of piss banging action, but these two don’t give a fuck and go at it like animals, making the showroom their own watersports studio!

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Public Bang – Bonnie Rotten


Squirts In Public!
Released: November 4, 2014

Motherfuckign ! This babe is a sex machine! She has an amazing body and she loves to fuck. You can’t come half ass with it. wants to get her back blown out. This time she took the action to the streets of Europe. Don’t ask me where, all I know is put on a great public exhibition. Alberto had to come correct with it, because was on a mission. Sucking and fucking in the public eye. Squirting all over the dick. This is one update you don’t ant to miss. Trust me!

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Sisters Of Anarchy


Cast: Rotten, , , , , Dahlia Sky, Kane, Styles, Stone

A Digital Playground original series!

, played by Rotten, is the leader of the Sisters Of Anarchy motorcycle gang who operate in the heart of Briarhaven, California. She has to deal with some difficult decisions involving her club’s future ever since ex-gang member, Adam, exchanged information with the feds. Now the district attorney is pining on Adam’s testimony to ensure her spot as governor. Every decision will make will affect her family, friends and rival gangs. In order to protect her hometown and the SOA, must do what’s needed, even if it means screwing people, left and right!

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Sadistic Rope – Ariel X


– Something Familiar
Released: October 29, 2014

has made a name for herself as a Domme around the castle. She is shooting like crazy, and does an amazing job. The problem is, that can never get enough of being tied up and tormented. She craves it, yet everyone want’s to see her on Top these days. Not in this update. Not on this site! is put in positions that challenge her as well as accent her perfect body. She is tormented to find out a good starting point for the day. She is still tough as nails, so the torment will be taken to a higher level for our little pain slut. It has to be tough and exhausting, otherwise she will not get pushed the way she wants to be.

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Wet And Pissy – Gitti


Gitti – ComeBack
Released: October 30, 2014

Gitti looks sensual in a blue tank top and miniskirt and lifts up her skirt to show that she isn’t wearing any panties. She places a bowl on the floor and pisses directly into it, catching her golden nectar then dips her skirt into her juices before drizzling them down herself and over her pretty face. Taking off her high heels, Gitti pees into them and tastes her own piss, letting it run down her gorgeous figure. By now, she is completely naked and stretches her pussy wide, releasing another stream of piss onto the floor. She finishes herself off with a banana shaped sex toy and pees as she cums into a glass, again tasting her juices and pouring it all over her head.

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VIPissy – Angel Piaff & Leila Smith


& Smith – ChopSticks
Released: October 28, 2014

When slender redhead is having trouble using chopsticks to eat her rice, hot steps in to help. Now that she’s actually got a taste of the plain white rice though, decides that it’s just too boring for her liking. She decides to add some flavor of her own… some fresh pee straight from the source. Angel helps once again by holding the bowl between her legs to catch the golden flow but before even has a chance to sample her concoction, her devious blonde roommate dumps the entire thing onto the coffee table and instructs to sit in it. With her bare ass covered in sticky wet rice, allows her erotic urges to grow while her lover licks the pee-soaked rice from ’s glistening skin. Then Angel uses a river of her own piss to rinse off what’s left of the snack. Before long, all thoughts of food are forgotten and the naughty pair are lost in an exchange of hot golden showers, making sure to saturate every inch of hair and bare skin. A long red wand is put to use deep inside both girls pussies, pumping in and out of the dripping fuck holes to bring orgasmic satisfaction. And now that the lesbian lovers are gooey and sticky with their fuck juices, they can think of only one thing to rinse away the erotic mess…

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