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Website Sold.. Sort Of..

hello gentlemen.. website is in the process of having ownership/hosting changed over… was able to find a buyer genuinely interested in running the website more or less as-is who wants to keep the adverts to a minimum.. we’ve rejected better offers to ensure the site doesn’t become complete garbage

check back in the coming days for updates and such ~ kopimi

Database Pruning

database has been pruned… all posts pre-2012 (9,000+) have been deleted… pornstar tags now more accurate

Putlocker Problems…

So new posts have been delayed because it’s been expressed very clearly to us by our visitors that PL streaming is a requirement and putlocker is fucking lame. Click the image below for a screen shot…


No telling when the situation will be corrected it is visible on any PL account by clicking ‘external remote upload’. Though we have a rapidleech upload plugin for putlocker it does not support streaming. So until putlocker gets their act together.. we be fucked.