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Esperanza Gomez 03 : Deep Tissue Orgasm

03 : Deep Tissue Orgasm

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All Girl Massage – India Summer & Tiffany Doll


& – The Informant
Released: August 31, 2015

India is a hard ass top notch cop, and she isn’t taking shit from nobody. She has been following Tiffany for months, waiting for the moment to pounce, but things haven’t shaped up the way she needed them to. Tiffany is part of the protection program run by India’s superior and Tiffany’s elaborate crime syndicate. Tiffany is cooperating to give India info, but India is weary of how much, to start off. Tiffany gives India a massage, part of their cover. Tiffany is helpful in calming India, and India takes the bait, believing in Tiffany’s angle. As long as Tiffany is offering her expertise India will be back for more info.

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Czech Massage # 189


Czech Massage – E189
Released: August 31, 2015

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Massage Creep – Brooke Lynn Santos


Brooke Lynn Santos – Pussy Massage
Released: August 31, 2015

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Fantasy Massage – Sara Luvv


– My Boyfriends Gay Friend
Released: September 2, 2015

Ryan is patiently waiting for his next client Sara. She has been in a relationship for ages and her boyfriend likes to stir shit up to ensure that she isn’t jealous when her boy goes out with his buds. But Sara allows the whole secret slip. In a wild attempt to keep his buddy’s reputation clean with his girl Sara, Ryan admits to her that he’s the one who’s gay. But we know different. Guys will be guys, and this one’s hurtful. Ryan comes up with a plan to get his buddy back, by fucking his girlfriend’s naïve wet pussy wild with his totally non-gay cock. Sara is impressed, and when the whole trick is finally let free, Ryan has what he wants, revenge. But, that’s not all. Sara has finally learns that it’s the other way around, her boyfriend’s the one who takes it! What better way to bring down a filthy lying bastard than to fuck his innocent teen girlfriend?

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Tricky Masseur – Sexy Masseuse Fucked

Sexy Masseuse Fucked – Tricky Masseur
Released: June 28, 2015

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Czech Massage # 179

Czech Massage – E179
Released: June 22, 2015

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Massage Rooms – Anna Rose

Anna Rose – Anna on Denis
Released: June 26, 2015

There are a few things that masseuse Anna Rose loves in a client, and they are blonde hair, tattoos and a great physique, so you can only imagine her delight when Denis walked in for one of her famous oily rub downs. Her delicate hands hesitantly made their way to his ripped torso and lay softly upon him, by which time her heart was racing ten to the dozen and she could barely contain herself. But with every stroke and rub she became not only more confident in the presence of this hunk she craved but hornier and more wetter than usual, just begging for the moment he would touch her back.

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Massage Rooms – Ani Blackfox


Ani Blackfox – George on Ani Blackfox
Released: July 27, 2015

24 year old Russian beauty Ani was George’s next client with a mild back pain which she was hoping George could work on. Ani loved having George’s experienced hands on her body and made sure her towel soon “accidentally” fell off leaving her soft sexy body on display, but her masseur was focused on the job in hand, for now. Once the treatment was near the end Ani made sure she was in a position that no man or woman could ever refuse. Sure enough it worked as George undid his bottoms and slipped his hard cock straight into Ani’s wet pussy causing her to almost burst with joy and sexual excitement. But it didn’t stop there soon Ani was orgasming multiple times from George’s experienced fingers and his raging hard cock.

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Nuru Massage – Ashley Adams


Ashley Adams – My Wifes Best Friend
Released: July 31, 2015

was in a hurry, needing a quick fix on his back at the Nuru Massage. Walking into the spa, he didn’t realize that the masseuse who greeted him him was his wife’s best friend, Ashley Adams. Ashley refused to treat him today considering this was her husbands best friend, but Derrick didn’t think anything of it, saying he came here all the time and this was her job. Ashley finally agreed but made it clear that she wouldn’t touch or handle him in any sexual way. Entering the shower, Ashley rubs Derrick thoroughly over his front and backside. Feeling the sexual frustration, Ashley resists her temptation of kissing Derrick, knowing this would be the downfall of her friendship with his wife. But her desire and Derrick’s persuasion takes over her mind and body, filling her pussy with his big cock inside of her. Will Derrick’s wife find out about her husband’s adultery, or will this be Ashley and Derrick’s little secret? Find out today!

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HD Massage Porn – Madison


Madison – Very private massage for a tattooed babe
Released: August 5, 2015

A private massage session means that you can get anything you want. In fact, if a client is such a sexy babe as in this cool massage xxx video then the massage therapist is always happy to get his client happy and totally satisfied. Skillful pussy massage is just a foreplay to something kinkier and hotter…

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All Girl Massage – Dillion Harper & Chloe Lynn


& – The Present
Released: August 3, 2015

wakes up ready for the day and to her surprise notices a paper beside her. The note was a certificate for a massage at Sapphic Bliss left by her loving boyfriend. Chloe was so thrilled to wake up to such a wonderful surprise. Walking into the day spa, she is greeted by , her massage therapist. As they settle on the massage table, both girls engage in a conversation about their love lives, realizing that Chloe and Dillion have more in common then they would’ve expected. It turns out that Dillion used to date a rock star named Matt, who coincidentally was Chloe’s current boyfriend. His rock star life drove Dillion up the wall, where she decided she was done with guys and preferred the company of women. Dillion advocates the reasoning behind Chloe coming to the spa was just a ploy for them to engage in a threesome. Chloe was so livid that Matt would exploit her in that way, regardless if he was a rock star or not. They needed to take on some sweet revenge. Want to know how? Watch today and find out!

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Massage Creep – Chloe Amour


– PoolsideSlut
Released: August 5, 2015

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Tricky Masseur – Lera C


Lera C – Teen Massage Fuck
Released: August 3, 2015

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Czech Massage # 185


Czech Massage – E185
Released: August 3, 2015

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