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Czech Amateurs # 82


Czech Amateurs – E82
Released: July 1, 2013

Real fucking series! That’s another cool video made for you by Czech amateurs and you will love it. She’s a wonderful young blonde with one advantage – she’s horny all the time, she needs to get it every hour!!! And when the big cock of her boyfriend’s is not around, she has a spare rubber one in her drawer. Wonderful spectacle my friends. A jewel of home archive!! Orgasm follows orgasm and everything is finished by another orgasm!! Great! They both like teasing each other with exhibitionist stunts in public. They really enjoy fucking in various places. But the high peak of this video is their latest experiment – PISSING! They fell in love with that. Especially her, the sweet brunette, enjoys this the most. A masterpiece! Enjoy!

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Cash For Sex Tape – Cheyenne


– Season 1, Episode 2: Amateur video of a sex-crazy couple
Released: June 24, 2013

This is our first couple sex video for you, and we want you to know that we’re gonna blow you away! You’re gonna have lots of fun watching our amateur videos, that’s for sure. So today we decided to have our car washed, but our video would be so fucking lame if we only showed you that. To spice things up we fucked while our car was being washed, but we didn’t expect it to end so soon. Fuck, it only took about 5 minutes! Of course we wanted more, so on our way home we stopped in a park, so that I could make my hot girlfriend come. As for me, I came too, right on her beautiful face.

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Czech Amateurs # 80


Czech Amateurs – E80
Released: June 11, 2013

Young and voracious! That’s what the sexual appetite of young couple from Prague is like. They will let you take a look in their privacy and you don’t see something like this often. She, a likable brunette, never leaves his fat cock alone. But that’s not enough for her, therefore she keeps a vibrating friend at hand all the time. All day long the only thing they do is fucking. Do they even work? Do they have time to eat? They both live in a mist of fucking. They are both crazy about feet, so if you like some feet action, you will love them. But that’s not all. Just imagine that apart from foot fetish they also like pissing!!! So you will see in detail how they gave each other golden shower. This is crazy, my friends!!! Enjoy this perfect video of Czech amateurs!!!

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Czech Amateurs # 79


Czech Amateurs – E79
Released: June 3, 2013

This is pure exhibitionism! We have never had here anything like this. My friends, lovers of home archives of Czech amateurs, we have something really bombastic for you. When we got the video form this young couple, we didn’t believe our eyes. This is just incredible. They both enjoy exhibitionism. They like to provoke and to have public sex. You definitely won’t get bored with them. Their favorite sexual destinations are shopping malls. She likes to go out in no underwear and tease him with showing her pussy and masturbation amongst lingerie. They fuck anywhere they can. Even in the kid’s corner, between cars on public car park, in the aisles of the mall. They have no moral boundaries. You need to see this. RIGHT NOW!!!

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Czech Amateurs # 78


Czech Amateurs – E78
Released: May 27, 2013

Get ready! Here’s another video filmed for you only by real Czech amateurs. This time we have a really exclusive show for you. The lovers of gorgeous Czech amateurs, this one is for you. Watch the action of wonderful young brunette that films all the private sexual games she plays with her boyfriend. They have a huge collection of vibrating toys and they became an essential part of their intimate moments. The beauty is funny and her pussy requires permanent attention of a hard cock and loads of cum. Who wouldn’t cum like crazy after fucking such luxurious pussy, right gentlemen? And her always hungry pussy likes to be spread wide. Oh gods, that’s wonderful. Enjoy!

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My GF – Jessica


Jessica – My Girls Pussy Is The Best
Released: May 25, 2013

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My GF – Ynnes


– Fucking My Girl Where Ever I Want!
Released: May 14, 2013

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Czech Amateurs # 77


Czech Amateurs – E77
Released: May 21, 2013

Do you want to see a spectacular home video? You are on the right place in the right time. Let’s watch another extraordinary episode of the original CZECH AMATEURS project. You are about to experience an excursion into the privacy of young Czech married couple. She: very likable blonde with pussy that’s always wet. He: a horny guy with permanent hard-on. A perfect couple with ideal potential for filming a really spicy home porn diary. Get ready for a show full of fucking, licking and cum flying in all possible positions and all thinkable places. Enjoy their game of erotic dice. Throw the dice and get a task. Fuck in a position for certain amount of time. That’s exciting!! Just check that out.

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Czech Amateurs # 76


Czech Amateurs – E76
Released: May 13, 2013

Cherchez la femme. Another private video by CZECH AMATEURS is ruled by HER! The beautiful 18 years old who lives with her boyfriend in the house of his parents. That’s a good dose of adrenaline. Somebody can appear in the doorway just anytime. This girl is incredibly horny. She wants it all the time and everywhere. She’s not ashamed to pull his cock out on a bus. They fuck in the elevator of the house where her grandmother lives. She teases him with masturbation with dildo. She thinks about fucking all day long. Take a look into the privacy of young Czech amateur couple. Watch this horny 18 years old in action. It’s an amazing show and you cannot get anything better than this. We guarantee that!

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Teeny Lovers – Ira


Ira – Teen Models Love Cock Too
Released: May 6, 2013

This beautiful teeny is a model and even with multiple guys craving for her attention it turns out she is still hungry for cock all the time. Her neighbor is a simple guy who loves to fuck and he gets really lucky to be in the right place at the right time to get down and dirty with such a hot kitten. She takes his cock in her perfect pussy with so much passion and cums twice times as he fucks her like a real pornstar. What a slut!

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My GF – Lavender Rayne


– Dude’s Girlfried’s pussy Is Tight and Thick!
Released: April 30, 2013

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Violet Sheets


Description: Bree spreads and savors every morsel of her ecstasy in this hot solo scene.
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Blonde
Measurements: 34C-24-35
Favorite Position: Submissive

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Czech Amateurs # 73


Czech Amateurs – E73
Released: April 23, 2013

The words are not important, the acts are. Young married couple who filmed their privacy for you doesn’t speak much, but the more action will they show. Get ready for the hottest sexual experience. The nice young girl just loves dildos and with a little help from her friends she will show you several massive squirts! Unbelievable! They both really love anal sex, so none of their intimate moments is without hard anal fucking. If all this isn’t enough for you, wait for the horny brunette to fuck the gear-shift in their car, only then you will be breath-less. Only CZECH AMATEURS can show you stuff like this!!

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My GF – Carmen Loves


– Masturbation On Down-Time
Released: April 23, 2013

Every now and then we get a video from a guy who was away either on vacation or business when their then girlfriends sent them videos of them masturbating. This is one of those cases. Homeboy has broken up with his lady cause she did him dirt on some level, and this video submission is his revenge. This chick just goes all out fingering herself out by the pool not ever thinking that the consequences can blow up in her face. Without further or do, I present to you what I call Marco polo Solo haha. Enjoy!

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Bailey – Here Cums Bailey

Bailey – Here Cums Bailey
Released: April 15, 2013

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