Step Siblings Caught – Pepper XO

Step Siblings Caught – XO

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XO – Fleshlight Delivery
Released: February 25, 2016
found his stepsister Xo’s terrible report card, but intercepted the fleshlight that Johnny ordered so she considers them even. Johnny has other ideas when he tries to convince to stick her finger into the fleshlight to tell him if it feels like the real thing. Once has tested the fleshlight, Johnny demands to know how it compares to the real thing. With the threat of her dad finding out about her report card, agrees to let Johnny finger her so that he can find the answer for himself. His next steps is to get her to hold the fleshlight while he tries it out. It’s not long before he insists on a comparison with the real thing. Soon is on her back admitting that maybe Johnny’s dick feels pretty good inside of her. It gets even better when she’s on her hands and knees getting some doggy style. After indulging in a long lusty blowjob that keeps Johnny good and hard while her body comes down from its first climax, climbs aboard for a stiffie ride deep in her bald fuck hole. Even after she climbs off and turns around, she keeps thrusting her hips and gliding Johnny’s cock up and down her slit before settles back on for another round of fucking. Peppers pussy pulsing around his cock is too much for Johnny to handle. The second she gets off his dick, he blasts his load all over her belly and thighs to leave her covered in his man juice.

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