Mommy’s Girl – Allie Haze & Mercedes Carrera

Mommy’s Girl – & Carrera

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& Carrera – Ex Mom Movement: Part Two
Released: February 6, 2016
On the brink of a major breakdown, Carrera seeks help from conversion therapist . After a thorough history of filthy fetishes and lesbian attraction for all her past stepdaughter’s, Allie suggests that a little role play could shed some light on mental predicament. Allie pretends to be one of stepdaughters, as she roots inside the core of her psyche, bringing out the worst of ’ obsession with her lesbianism. is on her knees crying, convinced that she cannot control her sexual urges for tight young pussy. Allie comforts her client, assuring her that this breakthrough is just another step away from being healed. has learned she is a sexual monster that preys on young, fleshy daughters. Allie uses her therapy skills to open mind, making her realize that she isn’t a sick monster after all, just a woman hiding in the shadows from her own sapphic desires. finally has an epiphany, and realizes that she was never attracted to men, all her confusion finally lifts away, and she comes to her sense. She is a full blown lesbian. But Allie wants to try one last treatment, one she likes to call ‘sapphic conversion therapy’, a role playing game aiming to test ’ sexual urges and to confirm Allie’s theory. stands up showing off her huge ass with Allie in front of her on her knees and spreads her lesbian patient’s shaved pussy. Allie strokes and teases ’ clit, pushing two of her fingers deep inside her hole. begs that Allie not to stop until she cums. sits on top of Allie, tribbing away with built up lesbian fury, finally unashamed of her natural desires. Hungry to taste Allie’s pussy, spreads her pink pussy wide open, gratifying Allie with her mouth and tongue. It took a lot of effort but Allie thinks is finally at peace, realizing who she is and what her heart desires! Women!

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