The Life Erotic – Assoli, Brandy A & Lindsey Olsen

Megaskanks Cover

Assoli, A & – My Truth – A Story 2
Released: June 30, 2015

In this episode, Assoli introduces a story told to her by her girlfriend, , who is a masseuse. We see sitting astride a pretty blonde, , giving her a naked massage. When is thoroughly oiled up, begins to suck her stiff nipples, and slides a hand down to stroke her smooth-shaven pussy. struggles to stay still and composed, gasping as ’s slippery fingers penetrate her. Turning onto her side, she lets finger her more vigorously from behind, then lifts a leg high onto ’s shoulder so they can look into each other’s eyes as she gets finger-banged. The nimble fingers rubbing up and down over her clit drive her wild, and eventually she takes over and frigs herself frantically, while watches avidly. She moves into doggy position, the noise of her wetness drowned out by her moans as she orgasms. smiles, satisfied with her work.




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