House Of Taboo – Minnie Manga, Nesty & Viktoria Diamond


, & Diamond – Punishing Her Slave Girls Part 2
Released: January 17, 2015

In Part 1 of this new Full HD BDSM series, Mistress Diamond gave her unruly slaves and blonde some well-earned flogging, spanking, and hair-pulling. But now it’s time to remind these subbies that they are slaves with HOLES that will be penetrated for Mistress’s amusement whenever she wants, no questions asked! is made to suck a big black dildo in this fetish XXX video and then, while getting it crammed in her cunny, is bent over by her goddess to lick at ’s shaved pussy. Then must lick her domme’s thigh-high black leather stiletto boots, before getting that dildo stuffed up her asshole while laps at her pussy some more! The ruthless Mistress knows how well eats vagina, so she then has service hers, pulling her face in tight with the heel of her boot. Meanwhile Mistress continues to fuck ’s butt with the dildo. The ultimate humiliation is when ’s mouth is used to push the dildo back and forth in ’s ass. Yes, this beautiful blonde’s mouth is reduced to a “fucktoy motor”–but she and have learned their lessons well as we take leave of these three hot Hungarian ladies in a scene of fetish power unleashed!





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