Sex Art – Whitney Conroy


– Girls Love Sex – Mistress
Released: December 31, 2014

This episode of the international edition of the “Girls Love Sex” series begins with a brief, moody, prologue. stands in front of a bathroom sink and regards herself in the mirror. She raises the hem of her dress and slowly, deliberately, spanks herself on her bare bottom. While the tempo of the spanking remains measured, each subsequent slap becomes stronger and more forceful. After a brief pause for the titles, the film begins. Now Conroy, pretty and somewhat demure in a blouse and skirt, is sitting on a sofa being questioned by an unseen interviewer. The mood is relaxed, the lighting bright and flattering, and Whitney’s answers and explanations — in fluent English — are both enlightening and titillating. After a short explanation of her entry into erotic modeling, she begins to tell the story that gives the film its subtitle, “Mistress.” Although she maintains her composure, Conroy’s mounting arousal is apparent as she describes meeting and being seduced by a strong, dominant woman. The scene that unfolds at the beautiful dom’s “studio” is recounted in considerable detail, and by the time Whitney succumbs to her desire to masturbate her pussy is already glistening and wet. Conroy then retreats into her mind and unleashes her libido. She masturbates with focused, deliberate intensity, lost in the world of her imagination, memory, and fantasies. Her panties eventually come off, as do her other clothes, and she uses both hands to deliver herself to a stunningly powerful and profound orgasm. is, quite justifiably, one of the most popular and coveted Sexart performers. “Girls Love Sex – Mistress” provides fresh insight into this gifted young woman’s life and personality that will delight her many fans, and her performance here is sure to win her many more, as well.


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