Sex Art – Margot A & Whitney Conroy


A & – Lift
Released: November 28, 2014

An elevator is the device that Andrej Lupin cleverly employs in this stylish and scorching foray into lesbian erotica. A (billed here as Sue) steps into the elevator and presses the button for her floor. A moment later joins her. They smile in greeting, as elevator riders routinely do. But when Conroy accidentally bumps into the routine is abandoned. Sparks of attraction fly. And Conroy boldly plants a kiss on ’s mouth. Without a care for where the elevator is going, or when it may stop, or who might unexpectedly join them, the seduction gains momentum. Before long Conroy is on her knees licking and sucking hungrily on ’s pussy. Bracing herself against the walls of the confined space and grasping at a grab handle, is soon rocked by an intense orgasm. Barely pausing to catch her breath, the couple swap roles and positions. Now is squatting before Whitney, licking, fingering, stroking, and sucking her sex with ravenous urgency. Wracked by the power of her climax, Conroy collapses to the floor, spent and satisfied. Then, realizing the precarious vulnerability of their circumstances, the two women stand, straighten their disheveled clothing, smooth their hair, and share a kiss of mutual gratitude and farewell. It’s here that the action of “Lift” concludes, but Lupin utilizes the unique nature of his set to amusing effect during the end credits. The director — carrying his director’s chair — gets into the elevator with the two stars who continue to make out in the background. When he gets off, producer — juggling a laptop, cell phone, and other tools of her trade — gets on. As it moves from floor to floor the entire crew, one at a time, step in and out of the elevator ending the impressively erotic “Lift” on a high and entertaining note.


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