All Girl Massage – Cassie Laine & Sara Luv


Laine & – Menage A Trois Part 2 A Slippery Slope
Released: March 3, 2014

After her threesome with Britney and , Sara has been daydreaming of . feels the same way. Sara sends a pic of her tits, coaxing her to come over while Britney is at work. Sara has got some balls inviting over while they cheat on Britney. They can hardly get up the stairs with how passionately they are kissing. It’s clear that all Sara has in mind is making it to the bed. , being the cautious of the two, suggests they go to the bed instead. is ready to have some fun, and as soon as she gets an idea her clothes are off, teasing Sara as she strips down oiling herself up before peeling off Sara’s clothes. Both gently caressed by the soft light and the other’s gentle hands, they begin to rub themselves with oil, while erotically caressing one another, another and worshipping their soft skin and perfect curves. Their passionate embracing slowly morphs into the passionate thralls of erotic sex. Sara, masturbates , using her palms to coax from ’s now sopping wet shaved pussy an intense orgasm. ’ lies Sara down, taking her pussy and clit into her warm mouth to savor her sweet passion fruit, Sara counteracts on , tasting her pure pussy juices. Their passion is clear, the only thing left to decide is what to do next?


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