Putlocker has become Firedrive

We have been working hard over the last few days to get firedrive upload working, Firedrive has implemented some new restrictions on number of files we can store and how much bandwidth we can serve per month etc.

We have got it working and will test it out for a month or so and if we dont cross any of the limits we will continue using it.

Sorry for no uploads on firedrive(putlocker) last few days but we didnt have a uploader working for that site.

MS Team


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  • mm112:

    thank´s a lot

  • BB:

    Sockshare is the new Putlocker now.

  • rr:

    try the sockshare…. (same thing) and still works

  • Anonymous:

    See yah in a month when you drop this filedrive crap..bye-bye

  • use Sockshare or flashx or vk.com

  • kevin:

    plz get rid of this.streaming is not fluid at all.try it and see for yourself.

  • John:

    upload with sockshare or flashx, the best ones at the moment.

  • Anonymous:


  • i am unable to watch any video on firedrive
    kindly guide, how to watch video streaming on firedrive
    i am waiting for your reply

  • shishio:

    I don’t care what service you decide to use or what strange bedfellows you decide to make AS LONG AS (in order of importance):

    2) NO MORE TAKING THE WEEKENDS OFF – NOR TAKING ANY VACATIONS IN GENERAL. No more “Billy Bob got sick and couldn’t update the site” or “Oops, I’ve been so busy with XYZ for the last 2 weeks that I just couldn’t update”.
    3) NO MORE ADVERTISEMENTS (unless its Firedrive I suppose) that create an extra barrier between us and your content (IE – pop-ups/pop-unders or “CLICK HERE to download our Spyware onto your PC” ads, etc..).

    Now that Big Daddy FIREDRIVE is paying the bills & therefore helping u make more $ from us (otherwise, why partner up), this site should work like a WELL-OILED MACHINE and theres NO reason for the above 3 issues to happen anymore. Otherwise, again… Why even partner up in the 1st place?

    As long as everything works AND works well, nothing else matters. Keep that in mind.

  • shishio:

    I just realized we’re still getting FLEXFILES download-only non-streaming-option links being posted on here even AFTER this announcement! FF is completely useless unless you pay for it since they like to take a tiny 250mb file and break it up into 3 pieces which then takes hours & hours to download.

    Whats going on here? Is this FlexFiles or FireDrive? Because so far FlexFiles is still the VAST majority of the updates on the Front Page even after this new partnership. What gives?

  • Anonymous:

    short links don’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @shishio: what makes you think we have partnered up with firedrive.
    I think there was some miscommunication. We have not partnered up with firedrive. The announcement was just to announce that putlocker has now become FIREDRIVE.

    INFACT FIREDRIVE is charging us ALOT more to upload to their site than putlocker. 5 Times more to be exact.

    Also our partnership with flexfiles as also ended. They are not paying us anymore, so basically the popups are our only revenue source.

  • Mark:

    Firedrive SUCKS…. Putlocker is better than that… roll back to it..

  • john:

    @admin , what about flashx or sockshare? Everyone is complaining about firedrive because it is really bad, both i said are the best at the moment.

  • @Mark: cannot roll back to putlocker because putlocker has now become firedrive. its the same site they just changed their name/branding.

    you may verify by visiting putlocker and you’ll be directed to firedrive.

  • @john: we did use flashx a little while back, infact i would prefer to use flashx because they pay us for each view i send them, however everyone complained about it and i had to remove it from the upload sites, i will look into sockshare, since i have never tried it

  • Tanium:

    Is there anything i can do to stream from firedrive all I get is
    400 Bad Request
    Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
    I’m not sure what this means

  • Hm:

    Allanalpass is down. How are we supposed to download when we can’t get past that? :\

  • cheesemonger:

    i like firedrive alot, ty for uploading on firedrive

  • noneya:

    why not use sockshare it is just putlocker only different name

  • Saul T. Load:

    So a month later and nothing has changed eh? This site used to be great for having new content (or at least recycled fresh links) in the full movies section daily, sometimes hourly even, or so it seemed, So what’s the deal? There are many sites out there just like this one but what set this one apart (for me at least) were the hosts that being used were able to stream/DL large HQ files without the limitations on size and speed like many other hosts that similar sites utilize… It’s a shame that you (whoever it is running the show these days) are letting a good thing go to waste…

  • tao:

    Admin, how much do you earn by month with your website? ( best site by the way)

  • Morton Kondrake:

    agree with saul (above). before you go to sockshare, they have fallen off in recent weeks. the files surely upload, but often streaming is an issue, although good dl speeds using jdownloader i suggest billionuploads, as stated above. you might also try 180uploads.

  • Anon:

    What sets this site apart is that you upload to PL/FD, one of the fastest DDL sites out there. Thank you very much for that.

  • cal pal:

    I don’t know if its just me but none of the videowood links work

  • wwjd999:

    Please start uploading to Firedrive. This site used to be the best, but the video hosting is going downhill.

  • Frank:

    Hello Admin…. Can you please upload most of the video to Videowood.tv like you did to some of the previous video? The website is very nice and fast…Thank you..

  • Frank:

    And By the way…..i like Videowood.tv becase when i download, the file size is smaller. Basically you dont have to download the original big size file (HD)

  • bob:

    fire drive links not working. keeps coming up saying file not found

  • Vance:

    I found logging in resolves the issue

  • sa fdfwer werfwfw

  • namor:

    firedrive is INCREDIBLY SLOW

    both trying to stream and trying to download
    332mb file to download = 7hrs

    fucking lame

  • guy:

    can you repost some of the old videos that arent available anymore? (like specifically all the gfrevenge, latinasextapes, pervsonpatrol, and iknowthatgirl)

  • hi i like here,i can see i cann`t see`s

  • Anon:

    Poster who links to putlocker/firedrive in movies section has started to post FAKE links starting sept 2nd. Links to suspicious exe download instead of stream link.

  • Anon:

    Nvm. Looks like poster has fixed it.

  • Anon:

    Yo Admin. Love the site, been using it for over a year. Keep up the work.

    Personally I never even look at a file if it is in full video format. I think you could save yourself the trouble by not uploading these huge files at all. That’s just me though. I think you should post a strawpoll or something asking whether users actually WANT the full length movies vs just the clips. Could save yourself some time!

    Anyways, thank you so much for all the time I’ve wasted jerking it 😛


  • Anonymous:

    firedrive is totally freaking out on me. every video is replaced with a 15 second clip of an opening of some hollywood movie. not all the same but most of them. what the hell

  • Anonymous:

    This has to do with the maintenance on firedrive’s site about 8hours ago, I guess. But I wonders if this is only temporary or did they “ban” all porn and pirated videos? Maybe they got sued and are forced to remove pirated videos?!

  • Crap I hope firedrive gets its shit back to normal, i only just discovered this site.. it was working great yesterday!!! 🙁

  • Dear Admin,
    Firedrive does not do a work properly

  • jasper:

    videos from mobile?

  • Dirga:

    Putlocker Is not active for film or fake

  • Black:

    I have problem , before I download from fire drive but now I try to download your website porn from it i can and the link was’t open .. please help me … I’m big fan of your website …

  • Anon:

    Thanks at the admin for updating the upload site. Sad it doesnt work with ANT Video Downloader, but oh well. Keep it up!

  • megaskunk:

    Firedrive is down for bout two weeks and they still didn’t launch any comment on that. What a pity – not only for them PornSurfers, but for all folks that used to upload TB of their own vital data. Glad, I’m not one of them.

  • we have lost alot of data due to firedrive now

  • Anonymous:

    alot of the firedrive streams are not working anymore can you fix it?

  • popoo:

    purlocker not work!!!
    please another link resumeble work

  • popoo:

    played.to how to download???

  • Anonymous:

    it’s 99.9% dead forever.

  • jcrow100:

    all malware on the links. i cant check anything

  • popoo:

    please another link please

  • Anonymous:

    please scrap the uploads to flashX. it’s so incredibly bad.

  • xxx:

    Videowood stream does not load… again and this is not the first time! It sucks like hell – the same with flashX. So why did you use Videowood when it not work (a thing i don´t understand)? 🙁 Played.to works very fine…

  • sad_bator:

    Can you please use a streaming service that allows videos to be played on mobile phones, specifically android phones. Putlocker and Firedrive used to work perfectly but since you have started using Played.to I have not been able to view videos on my cell phone.

    Very disappointed in this site right now

  • Anonymous:

    I’m not here to demand anything from this free site that has provided a shit tone of quality porn.

    What I’m gonna say though is that I hope the admins consider if it is worth it to even upload to sites like FlashX and Videowood. I gave them both many chances and they have failed me 90% of the time.

    FlashX is by far the worst. I’d rather not see a scene than use this piece of trash. Videowood sometimes kinda works if I let if buffer for 20 minutes. (I have a 100mb connection).

    Played.to is fine in my experience.

  • steven l:

    Trying streamin.to now as streaming host, let me know your feedback!

  • Anonymous:


  • Anonymous:

    streaminto works nice. way better than flashX and videowood.

  • Anonymous:

    more XXX Pawn if possible 🙂

  • Anon:

    Still loving the site. I don;t want to sound like a greedy bastard, but is there any hopes of getting the older videos that were on Putlocker reuploaded to the newer streaming sites? Lost a lot of great content.

  • i doubt it, since putlocker became firedrive and now firedrive is down, so no more links from those sites work anymore, they stole our money as well, took our 3 month subscription money along with everyone elses and ran 🙂

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