Gloryhole Swallow – Alice


Alice – Alice’s 1st Gloryhole Visit
Released: December 27, 2013

I thought I’d have a few minutes to chat with Alice but walking her through the Gloryhole caught some attention and as soon as we got into the booth there were cocks everywhere. She was eager to get started so I did my best to ask her some questions in between meals. She got so excited to see a cock through each hole that she couldn’t decide which one to service first so she went back and forth for awhile. The nice thing about being in a center booth is having a Gloryhole on either side so she took advantage of this by letting one guy fuck her while she went to work on the other guy. It was hot watching her big natural tits dance around while she was being fucked properly. She part Spaniard so you know that she loves giving head. Alice is a finger licker so that’s always the telltale sign that a girl is into sucking dick and swallowing loads of cum. Don’t you just love those great clean-up girls. Cock #3 was either saving his load up all week or she got him so worked up that blew an extra large load just for her.


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