Suggestions/Complaints Etc

Just wanted to let you all know that i am always reachable by email

Please let me know if you have any complaints, suggestions to improve the site or anything else. Leo(Uploader) and I are always looking to improve this site.

Thank You

Edit1: I have now lowered ADs. 2 ADs are running total now,
1. Linkbucks which will make you go through a 6 second wait before going to the actual link. This is our main source of income.
2. POPUPs which should now be a maximum of 5 per IP per 24 hours.

Edit2: Guys, if youre using Megaskanks for your porn needs, i would recommend getting a putlocker account. Allows you to stream without ADs from their end
I will be working on the remaining suggestions to improve the site.



329 Responses to “Suggestions/Complaints Etc”

  • Shme:

    How about less ads. I know you have to make money, but have you tried to watch even one video lately? It takes forever!

  • @shme which ads are you referring to? We have linkbucks running which has the 6-second inter-frame ad. and then we have 3 popups, which should only popup once every 24 hours.

    which is the one that annoys you the most, and i will see if i can remove it

  • Val:

    Your site is really wonderful!
    Could you upload more full movies?

  • A Thankful dude:

    Hey Leo & Co, just wanna say that I appreciate all the good work you’re doing. Thank you and keep it up.

  • A Thankful dude:

    Oh and a report button/link for broken or deleted links would be useful IMO.

  • suttercane5:

    4 suggestions:
    1 make the streaming faster,if possible.
    2 keep the vids longer on the site,if possible and reupload,on request, if they have been deleted.
    3 upload more recently released movies(DVDs).
    4 set up a request section for recently released stuff u might have omitted to upload.

  • potato man:

    get rid of the double add referals one add referal per link should be enough. plus im pretty sure that violates the terms and service of most pay link sites.

  • Banana man:

    Hey, i think your doing a fantastic job as it is, but i would just LOVE to see some more 21st Sextury videos up. One girl I really would appreciate seeing more of is Cindy hope. She is just amazing. Thanks so much and keep up the awesome job.

  • MDH:

    Seen on a few other requests, but yeah requests would be great. Thanks

  • Appreciative:

    Hey, I think you’re doing a fantastic job. All I ask is that you stick with putlocker for streaming and don’t resort to flashx or They are slower and worse than putlocker. Keep it up!

  • Trueends:

    First I want to thank you for the wicked site mate just tops!! Good crack! Anyhow I was wondering if you could possibly upload more horny hairy girls or Seattle hairy girls, punk tattoo girls, and any joi stuff……….I know its a lot of request either way mate this is still pucka!!!

  • Ken:

    well i know it not the kind of site but guy on guy would be nice there a ton of women on women but that just was a suggestion

  • xxx:

    Add another provider, netload sucks. Thank you.

  • xxx:

    Can you add more Austin Kincaid. Thanks

  • Akaweli:

    You should add MatureSexParties Vidz ; !Would be great!Doing a great job!

  • Luke Skyboner:

    Past couple days, when I came to the site I got (no lie) like 15+ pop-ups before I even clicked anything. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Spongebob:

    add putlocker dl links

  • stream:

    you can download video stream and its original file from putlocker

    using this tutorial


    using this userscript

  • @Luke Skyboner: yeah sorry about that… was kinda glitchy… how many are you getting now? not more than 2 i hope

  • Luke Skyboner:

    @admin Came to the site today and seems about normal. Thanks man! Great site, keep up the work!

  • Ken:

    use firefox and a addon called use it to download streaming files once it starts u can even close down the stream just leave the browser open on a empty page . or another page ie google

  • T:

    Great job! Fantastic site, love that there’s putlocker streams, keep up the incredible job!

  • Jack:

    Thank you for the work that you are doing. I appreciate every single videos that you post.

    May I suggest you looking to Japanese AV Stars and posting full movies of those? If you would like I can provide you with a list of models that would be great for the Asian categories.

    Thank you so much!

  • peter parker q:

    hey i think you should bring back the brazilian porn and more latina porn

  • peter parker:

    also great site keep up the good work

  • @Jack can you email me sites that i can use as a source…. ive been trying to get a good source for JAV content for the last 2-3 months… but all of them have some issue or the other.

  • Trueends:

    thanks guys smashing work…is there a que on more hairy girls? also tops on the gloryhole swallow more o that kind of stuff would be wicked….right then cheers!

  • DEAN:

    HI MAN
    I have been trying to get a clip of nataly gold and lindsey olsen – cream and coffee home sex party . this clip was from young sex parties . but i can’tfind it anywhere. can you please put the putlocker or any download sites on your site.

  • DEAN:

    the only one i found is the turbobit. but the turbobit is not working

  • masterbaiter:

    none of the putlocker links are working…

  • stream:

    @ DEAN

    here is your request


    h++p://www.p u t l o c k e

    h++p://www.p u t l o c k e

    no spaces


  • @stream: hey budy, email me megaskanks[at] , need to talk to you 🙂

  • Anonymous:

    more video from

  • kevin:

    how come you are not uploading the recent brazzers vids,lexi belle and nikki sexx,latest vids,for instance.

  • trav:

    More Ebony porn

  • ziko:

    can i see movie for Jessie Rogers – Too Much Anal, Scene 2

  • ziko:

    can i see movie
    Six In Me 2 (Smash Pictures) DvDRip.Split -2012
    Jennifer White, Sheena Ryder, Sarah Shevon

  • 101679:

    I just wish the PutLocker links were the full version and not just the streaming file size.

  • @101679: if you have the pro membership from putlocker. you can actually download the full version as well

  • @ziko: trying to get those

  • stream:

    guys, no need for putlocker pro membership to download full version

    see the tutorial (made by me) and userscript posted above


  • saurabh:

    The adfly account has been suspended. You have an amazing site here. Hope the old links will get reactivated again. Thanks

  • Ken:

    any chance of the current daredorm vid double team?

  • ziko:

    please can I watch this 3 movies
    1-Anal Perverts for Mike Adriano
    2-Buttman’s Stretch Class 15 for Chanel Preston, AJ Applegate
    3-Facial Violation for Le Wood- Sheena Shaw, Francesca Le
    thank you so much

  • Jack:

    Hi Leo, would it be possible to add pages to the searching page to have faster access to previous contents posted on the site rather than having to go back one page at a time?

    If you can find another way to access old pages quicker that would be great thanks.

  • @Jack: Leo only deals in uploading, if you have certain requests, he’ll be the one handling it.

    Anyway, i have added a new function to the search.

    As you requested it will show numbered pages and offer quick jump access to them

  • Anonymous:

    No More FreakofBoobs

  • lol we need to diversify content

  • Ken:

    daredorm has a new vid out. i havent seen it out anywhere yet. is it out yet

  • fatihtan81:


  • Vance22:

    How about a ratings feature?

  • afddfa:

    No more netload! please!

  • netload is an old classic… what would you prefer, we will try to add them, to the mix( no promises though)

  • @vance22: i have added a ratings feature… try it out… let me know how it feels

  • afddfa:

    Instead of netload how about billionuploads or something. thanks for the response admin!

  • Barış:

    Mano Job- Gabriella Paltrova please

    Good Work and Nice Web Site

  • @baris i will have that up soon

  • Chisox:

    Any way you could put up the mofos live videos?? Especially Kennedy Leigh??/

  • Barış:

    Throated – Austin Taylor please

    Good Works
    Greetings From TURKEY

  • Ken:

    how about the new dare dorm Farrah
    Valentines Dick havent seen it yet been out awhile on the site

  • Ben:

    Admin plz do a favour plz enable your servers for iphone mobile which will enable viewers to watch videos on iphone as well thanks i really appreciate ur work

  • @Ben: you should be able to browse the site just fine on iphone, i have verified it on android and it seems ok. if there is something specific causing issues, let me know and i will work on it.
    the streaming videos are hosted on putlocker, which works on android and should also work on iphones

  • @ken: working on those

  • ben:

    @admin : streaming video on putlockers didn’t work on iphone plz check it by yourself and try to resolve it thanx in advance!!

  • rajan debkota:

    sexi muveis

  • Facials:

    Can we get some facialabuse and their other site content

  • jo:

    Thanks for a superb site!
    Would love to get more from the WTF Pass sites on Putlocker, please.

  • blabla:

    A reupload button for links which are down would be fantastic!

  • Seagull:

    Hi there, admin.
    Just for a question: is it possible to put some video request? If so, how can i do?

    Thanks in advance for the answer.

  • DEAN:

    can you post the stream: tia cyrus with imani rose, yuki miro prince yahshua and rico shades birthday pick me up or the video : tia cyrus with lola foxx in the hot interracial office orgy

  • Anonymous:

    who are those 2 girls on the megaskank banner?

  • on the right is Sienna West, in the middle are Madison Scott with Kagney Linn Carter

  • Anonymous:

    Could you guys get Zoey Monroe’s first anal scene

  • kevin:

    is it just my case or is streaming on putlocker really slow or not working well?

  • kevin: there has been a major fault in the SMWE4 submarine cable…. has caused slow downs all over the world, specially in the EURO Asia segment

  • kevin:

    thnx… i’m in the Indian Ocean region.some videos can be streamed,but with some difficulty, while others just keep would be nice if u could inform this site’s regular users whenever such problems arise. i thought i had a problem with my PC.any clue about when things will get back to normal,plz? thnx again.

  • Alex:

    Any chance of some shemale films please .

  • john:

    I like the anal vids, some of the older ones aren’t available because the ads that lead you to them are locked/suspended.
    If I gave you the links would you be able to give the link that the ad takes you to? is there a website that tells you where certain linkbucks/ads take you to?

  • Anonymous:

    Who is that girl on the left of the megaskanks banner?

  • Ryan:

    R u sure that the girls in the middle of ur banner are Madison Scott with Kagney Linn Carter because when i search them up, they’re both blondes. I want to know the brown haired girls name in particular.

  • hasrat khan:


  • @ryan: yes im sure… here is the full sized image.

  • can you please try and get content from this site

  • stream:

    @ Anonymous

    the girl on the left is Alexis Texas

  • hd:

    I have problems from view the stream, error 403 – IP Not Permitted i don´t know :s

  • @hd: which stream in particular are you having problems with.

  • davil:

    plz add more videos from divine bitches and also from extreme tube.

  • I have problems from view the stream, error 403 – IP Not Permitted i don´t know

  • i like sexy gril becus i am very hot man and liky beautiful sexy grial any one gril cal me my no03214976769

  • your site is relly wonderful\ could you upload more full movie

  • kolds:

    linkbucks appear to be down.

  • Huh:

    What happened to uploaded links?

    Rapidgator is only allowing 500 mb downloads for free users.

  • George:

    What happened to netload? That’s the service I pay for. I would like the option to be able to use it for dowloads like before. Rapidgator is not an option for me. Please use netload again. I would hate to delete this site from my bookmarks.

  • we will have netloads again soon, the new uploader wasnt putting up links there 🙂

  • Anon-chan:

    How come some streams from putlocker are embedded on the page while others you have to go through linkbucks? If it’s just a revenue thing, that’s fine.

    Awesome site, keep up the good work.

  • @anon-chan: when i upload i embed the stream directly, it does decrease the revenue for me but its ok, however when the Leo(uploader) posts, he makes it go through linkbucks so he earns some revenue for all the hard work he does for this site. which i think is fair to him

  • Guest:

    What is wrong with linkbucks… it does not showing “SKIP THIS ADD”

  • @guest: please refresh the page when it does that, linkbucks has gone crazy

  • alie:

    having major issues with flashxtv, what happened to putlocker?

  • Drew:

    can you use the actual putlocker website instead of allanalpass? the linkbux is not allowing me to get past, I would love to watch these milfpov movies but i cannot without the actual link to putlocker, even after refreshing

  • @alie: im trying out a new poster, he will only be posting old stuff on flashxtv, all the new releases will still follow same format of netload/ and putlocker

  • @drew im hoping to have this issue fixed by monday evening… also for now just refresh the page and it will work

  • donlegend:

    can we have more of faketaxi please

  • Anonymous:

    Guys love the site…If you can upload Streaker Girls with Tasha Reign that would be awesome

  • talha:

    good sex

  • john:

    Can the trans stuff be put on putlocker please .

  • @john: i will ask the uploader to try, its a new uploader who is testing out his material here

  • anon:

    Streaming quality (bitrate) is very poor. It would be great if you will provide streaming in higher quality, even in HD.

    My previous comment was deleted for no reason.

  • Can you please keep tranny porn off of this site. TRANNY PORN IS GAY PORN. They’re men with breast implants getting fucked up the ass. Thats about as gay as it gets. If you wanna start a separate site or at the VERY LEAST a separate GAY section here, the go right a head. But don’t pretend that tranny porn is straight porn because IT IS NOT!. I mean, how many of us do you think are gonna enjoy having to scroll thru 1 & 1/2 pages of gay tranny porn box covers to get to some actual straight porn. You’ll drive us all away.

    Please, at least make a separate section. THIS IS FUCKING GROSS!

  • @anon: streaming bitrate is set from putlocker’s side not ours, we upload high def to putlocker, if you know of any other reliable service like putlockers which allows HD streaming, do let me know

  • ziko:

    please can i see movie
    WoodmanCastingX – Nina
    this movie is already in this movie but not full movie

  • ziko:

    please can i see movie
    WoodmanCastingX – Nina
    this movie is already in this SITE but not full movie

  • mint:

    great site love the stream option but any chance you can upload better quality stuff some of the streams are terrible picture breaking up and stuff, 120 to 150mb for a 25 mins vid you know its gonna be bad, thanks

  • RayD:

    Can u upload “Please Make Me Lesbian Part 9” form GirlfriendsFilms, really appreciate that… thanks

  • @mint: streams are encoded at the other end, not by megaskanks, we upload 720p or 1080p for most streams

  • jae p:

    i would like to see content from on here please

  • admin on interracial internal#2

  • Kevvv:

    Hi there to make browsing the different pages of videos easier can you have numbered pages to easily click through. This would make it alot easier getting to older videos rather than having to click on the older entries multiple times to get to an old video. Thanks for the hard work


  • jimmy:

    @admin: admin there is an issue regarding streaming videos on putlocker i can only watch 3 videos per day and if i exceed more than 3 views it said that ” you have reach your limit get premium account to watch unlimited videos” plz resolve this i want unlimited access to putlocker thanx in advance and appreciate your works !!!!

  • Jack:

    Hi admin, I just want to say thank you and show my appreciating for the great work that you guys have been doing. Thank you for tendering to my request about page numbers, it has made scrolling through past pages much more effortlessly. Also, thank you for adding in more JAV videos, they are really nice. Would it be possible if you could add in JAV videos with subtitles if you can find them. I haven’t been successful at finding any of those. I know the softcore JAV movies have subtitles but very few hardcore ones do. If you are able to find some, that would be awesome. Thanks again for the awesome site.

  • Jack:

    Hi admin, I also have another request about the searching process. Is there anyway you could have the picture of the video show up after a search like it is on the homepage. What I have noticed is that when you search for a particular video, when the the results show up there are no pictures that goes along with the title. Would you be able to fix that and have the pictures show up as well with the video title? It would make looking for videos easier since the image is more recognizable. Thank you.

  • yeah that is doable

  • kevin:

    how come many vids can deleted as soon as you post them,especially the brazzers vids.why don’t u reupload them upon request?it’s becoming very frustrating.

  • John:

    can you upload creampie cravings 2 also putlocker is big plus how about others like mega , billionuploads or say zippyshare love the site thanks

  • alot of studios are cracking down on sites, its just a surge, should be better in a month or so.

    i try to upload as much as possible upon requests

  • iceiceice:


  • shishio:

    9 out of 10 of the videos in the ANAL section don’t actually have anal in them. You’re just uploading dozens of random videos and adding an ANAL TAG to them. None of those SEXY GIRLZ vids have any anal. 1 mislabeled vid every now and then is understandable, but when its page after page, thats a bit much. Please try to make sure vids are put in the right section. Otherwise the tags serve no purpose.

  • Hmm:

    Check your email Admin! please and thanks

  • alex:

    hi, i’ve noticed that the size of the vids has greatly increased recently and at the same time,the streaming is slower.could u revert to the smaller size and hence, faster streaming ,please? many people ,like myself,have slow internet connections and are having difficulties streaming the vids.thank you.

  • Plz add more videos from divine bitches plz plz

  • @alex: the size of putlocker vids is handled at their end, not ours

  • @shishio: i will clean out the anals section

  • shishio:

    ^^^ Thank you, sir.

  • plzzzz add more videos from divine bitches

  • Pooh:


    I was worried when the website switched ownership many moons ago, but I would like to thank you and Leo for keeping it how it was

  • Steve:

    Hi their has been no upload for past couple of days ? But anyways the site is great .

  • facing some upload issues, both me and leo are not in the city and will be back Monday, so uploading should start again soon

  • Could you post some of the older Collegerules videos?

  • plz only tag divine bitches in that category and also add in right side groups name

  • Pooh:

    RE: No new uploads

    There are 1059 pages! Recycle what you’ve watched or explore and find something you haven’t. Not all streaming/DL links are dead!

  • Ricky:

    Couple of things to make this site a little better. Use putlocker a lot more because its faster and lets us watch videos faster. your search engine has recently taken a downfall, it isnt very specific which is not good. Last, upload more videos a day and try to keep it up constantly

  • @ricky: i have fixed the search engine again, give it a try, i was trying out a new search plugin, apparently isnt so good. Thank you for your feedback. The content consistency i will have up soon

  • Can you post some videos from Lost Bets?

  • randysav123:

    Hey Admin can you please upload more videos of MORGAN REIGNS please, it would be real pleasure to watch


  • qqqqqqqqq:

    When you upload K*1nk videos to putl0cker, please upload the HD versions, as you did in the past.

    The same request about Bangbr*0s videos.


  • farhan:

    its very nice

  • Drew:

    new mom pov?

  • Q.U.:

    More black/latin porn.

  • smmooth cap:

    Remy LaCroix blowjob friday scene is not available for stream

  • jack:

    Hi admin and Leo, would it be possible if you guys can add more “Bigboob’s Pov” videos as well as videos from

  • Kate:

    Putlocker and not working pls check it out and fix those two.

  • Joe Wilson:

    I’m looking for the movie “All star celebrity xxx Gracie Glam” and please
    update Gracie glam xxx clips

  • Joe Wilson:

    The ad analpass not working

  • Reen johnson:

    @Admin The ads of Putlocker and uploaded not working.Please take a look and fix

  • Dan:

    PAWG Jamie Jackson STILL isnt added. please add it. It seems like ur skipping it

  • thank u for adding a video on divine bitches now it is very enjoyfull site i like it Once again thanks to admin

  • DGiles:

    Just wanted to ask if you plan on adding disc 2 of Bush Bangers?

  • it will be done asap

  • Ricky:

    first off, id like to say your site is great and uploads great videos. Another thing I would like to mention is that other sites are beginning to do what you are doing as far as posting full length videos from payed websites. Regardless, I am committed to you but I feel like you need to think less about how much money you are making and more about making the site as efficient as possible. Now in doing this, you will make more money in the longrun because you will have better and more fans. A couple of things I would like to tell you is that there are way too many popups. It used to be 1-2 but now im seeing at least 4-6 before I get to a video. Now imagine me, im watching porn, why would I want to sit clicking all these buttons before I can watch the video, its too much work. Next, I would like to mention that your search engine should be more specific. If i look up jessie rogers, only videos with jessie rogers should pop up.Lastly, if you only made one link before every video like putlocker is that would be amazing. I guarantee if you make these changes I will be a comitted viewer and im sure others will follow my lead. Oh and PS, your site always leads to my mozilla firefox browser closing itself, it doesnt do this with any other site.
    Sincerely, a fellow fan

  • Anonymous:

    please be a little more frequent with the passion-hd uploads 🙂 and could you upload the scene from passiinhd with staci? 🙂

  • MIM:

    will you post Kreme scene #1879 cherry kiss destiny

  • jack:

    please add more siri videos, thank you

  • ziko:

    Woodman Casting X updates movies

  • alex:

    hey guys,
    would it be possible to upload some new Evasive Angles movies?

  • john:

    Can you get the Jayden lee – facial abuse scene? i cant find the full vid anywhere on the net. I hope you can help me, thx for an awsome site

  • alex:

    Can you add more brandi love. Thanks

  • alex:

    Please send me more video thanks

  • Steve:

    Can you tell when are going to upload fresh content ? As for past 3-4 days no new stuff have been uploaded. Anyways this site is great and keep up the good work.

  • Andrew:

    Yeh, whats happening? Keep us updated

  • Anonymous:

    its been several days since your last post, is there any problem?

  • matt:

    Anyone have any alternatives like this site since this one isn’t working?

  • Anonymous Jones:

    Is this thing on?

  • guest:

    why are there no updates since july 16th?

  • shishio:

    Well this is the end of megaskanks. An entire week straight of no new updates and no update on the situation from the admin. So its over folks. We can all go home now.

    So has anyone found what the next megaskanks is? Like the next best streaming site?

  • Anonymous:

    yeah , if anyone knows the next megaskanks please share !!

  • alie:

    Hey guys, any chance of getting some updates? as I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms. Would really make my day if you could update the site with some awesome scenes. Cheers x

  • kevin:

    they aren’t replying emails either.the admins could at least inform us about the situation.

  • yeeeeaae:

    the admins could of been caught and therefore are unable to post anything?? i hope not, i hope their all on a holiday and are coming back soon

  • nothing is over, updates will start from monday again, sorry about this. Leo has left and i was sick, but i should start updating the major studio scenes from monday and all the minor scenes soon after

  • mehdido:

    Glad you’re back again!!
    Can you PLEASE upload some legalporno scenes, thanks in advance!

  • Tom:

    @admin: Hope you feel better.

  • kevin:

    really glad you’re back.hope u’re fine now and that u’ll find someone to help u with the u know, megaskanks is quite popular and we heavily rely on u for our daily dose of porn.i hope that u will resume the uploads,on a daily basis, as in the recent past.also , i hope that we won’t have long absences again and that this site will remain active and will be kept updated like forever and that u will make a lot of money too.finally,plz upload all the good stuff(from sites and dvds)u didn’t during u’re absence.from a devoted fan,thnx a lot.

  • Anon-chan:

    Welcome back admin! I know the porn-hungry bastards were giving you hell for not posting for a few days but I always believed!!!

    Hope you feel better.

  • rene:

    time for some uploads.

  • Ariel:

    I hope your ok now, please update

  • Anonymous:

    Feel Better..Post whenever you are up to it….let us horn dogs worry about our own porn needs

  • rene:

    monday is over and still nothing new.

  • guy:

    Not much new but more importantly the newest stuff has crappy flashx links that don’t work

  • Mal$$e:

    Yeah… Putlocker ftw!!!

  • kevin:

    plz upload the recently released videos and also with putlocker links.thnx.

  • sorry for the sites downtime, was moving servers

  • kevin:

    we’re eagerly awaiting new stuff

  • Anonymous:

    please put putlocker back flashxtv sucks

  • Anonymous:

    Bring Leo back…whatever you gotta do to keep him happy

  • alex:

    having major issues with flashxtv, what happened to putlocker?

  • jae:

    wtf!!! we need updated content with putlocker links this really sucks

  • kevin:

    plz admin,upload the vids the way u used to until your break,that is all the new vids from sites and dvds,with putlocker links.

  • that will start soon hopefully.


    An explanation as to where this site went for the past 4 days would be nice.

    Whenever there is going to be a delay in service for several days/weeks with either no updates or the site is down completely, YOU SHOULD LET US KNOW B4 HAND!!!

    With your lack of transparency, u are really begging us all to stop using this site and go somewhere else by not EVER mentioning anything to us AHEAD OF TIME. This is absolute Amateur Hour here. Your competitors are taking a HUGE % of your business away because you’ve chosen to run this site into the ground.

    LIke the old saying goes: “Once bitten, Twice shy.” And u keep fucking biting us!

  • fake - shishio:

    Well this is the end of megaskanks for sure. is now been 3 whole weeks since anything significant has happened on this site, no decent updates and no real communication from admin letting us know what’s actually going on!!! So its over folks. We can all go home now. The site’s not even accessible half the time.

    So has anyone found an alternative site with putlocker steaming? Like a similar site?
    please post details


  • fake - shishio:

    for all the hard work that you put in. your previous work has really been appreciated

  • Drew:

    Shishio chill out man, you dont pay for anything so you have no right to bitch so much you porn junky. I am sure that he is doing the best he can spaz

  • Anonymous:

    Yikes someone needs there porn way too much

  • anony:

    Lol @ the people complaining, last time I checked this site was for free? lol wat the crack, flippin p0rn addicts!


  • ok everyone chill,

    The reason for no updates since 16th July was Leo(uploader) was on vacation he does have a life unfortunately 🙁
    He has been back since the 30th July however, but our server’s drive started going crazy and we were lucky to backup all data and move it off server, on the 2nd the hard drive crashed and we rebooted the server in rescue mode to backup the final mysql database. and OVH has no support over the weekend so there was no replacement till the 5th, after which we began the restoration process. Hence the downtime, LEO should start uploading today i hope in the same old putlocker format.


    ^ THAT sort of info would be helpful BEFORE the site goes down or won’t be able to be updated for weeks.

    The fact that the site goes down, people get sick, theres technical problems etc… is completely understandable. Shit happens. And yes, this site is free, BUT the thing is, money is still being made by those that run it. And I’m not asking for any major (or even minor) site overhaul. A quick “heads-up” post is all thats needed.

    Network TV is also free, but when shows are terrible, have offensive stereotypes, etc.., people take to the web and have their voices heard – because they want something better. If they’re making $ from you, why not give them constructive criticism? If no one speaks, nothing changes. A free toy thats broken is still a useless piece of junk. And for what other purpose could the Admin have created the “SUGGESTIONS” section for us, if not to get feedback from us? Think about it.

  • jim:


  • Anonymous:

    any1 kno wat are the names of the pornstars on the picture at the very top?

  • alie:

    @Anonymous on the right is Sienna West, in the middle are Madison Scott with Kagney Linn Carter and the girl on the left is Alexis Texas.

  • Anonymous:


  • mumu:

    hey can you please add everything butt videos

    im fine with your ads and all

    but can you upload and videos please

    and i hope im not asking to much but jonni darkko blowjob movies

  • Anonymous:

    MOM POV, there are some killer milfs on that website lately

  • kevin:

    plz upload the new brazzers vis.thnx.

  • sd:

    shae snow reality kings

  • ziko:

    wellcome back please Woodman Casting X updates movies

  • Anonymous:

    Can you plz post the latest BigTitCreamPie and Mr Anal videos ??

  • Anonymous:

    can u post the reality kings videos from before.. MomsBangTeens – Brandi Love, Lia Lor (Soothing sensation)

  • Anonymous:

    Passion-HD! pleeeease!

  • Berger:

    Flashx and uploaded? Seriously? BAAAARF

    TY for posts w/Putlocker though! Flashx is a scam and won’t play most of the time.

  • Chisox:

    Love the website!!!! Any chance you can post teens love huge cocks whitney westgate??? Thanks!!!

  • jim:

    massagecreep pornstarspa iknowthatgirl pervsonpatrol gfrevenge latinasextapes please!!

  • john:

    Can you plz post the last Mr.Anal videos? Thanks.

  • z9:

    please use putlocker, the other hosting sucks.

  • Guest:

    Putlocker is the best dont change it… the other player you are using is not good…

  • Anonymous:

    Could an admin please talk about what the problem with putlocker is? flashx is too inconsistent to be used for all videos. It works okay sometimes but more often than not it’s super duper slow and almost unusable

  • anon:

    please go back to putlocker.

  • :-(:

    maybe the site is dieing flashx sucks doesn’t even work with my isp lol putlocker back or bust

  • Guest:

    Flash player isn’t working good… plz switch back to putlocker

  • RY:


  • Anonymous:

    the host problem needs to be solved. its so unreliable that I almost lost any reason to come back to this site. it was almost perfect a few weeks ago. its a shame :<

  • putlocker back please:

    can you please get rid of flashx, it takes so long to buffer videos please go back to uploading on putlocker

  • mumu:

    guys really my friends and i are mostly here for these uploads ( dogfart evilangel)

    we honestly just go on this site now to check if the uploads are back and leave we havent got anything good that we like yet

    i hope u get ur old uploader back

    by then we will be enjoying other sites until this one improves

    peace and love

  • Leo is coming back on the 21st, so he will be back to uploading normally by the 22nd.

  • RY:

    BTW I’m not saying those are 100% reliable which they are not. Just looking for better alternatives.

  • Anon:

    Can you please put a download link up for Julie Cash Perfect Size? Thanks

  • Q.U.:

    Flash X is fucking garbage.

  • max:

    why cannot open

  • dede34:

    really fantastic website.. my favorite
    pease don’t use again for streaming..putlocker is much better
    and try to reupload deleted videos
    for downlaods why not deposit files
    thnx a lot for your work

  • ziko:

    please Wake Up ‘N’ Fuck – Carolina Abril are noot working streaming

  • Guys,

    All new “clips” are uploaded to putlocker, even if they are uploaded to they will be uploaded to putlocker either by Leo(who is back btw) or by Ace(new uploader). is basically being used by Melinda(Also a new uploader) and the reason for that is because he makes some cash and we get some old/vintage movies which other uploaders wont upload.


  • kevin:

    since leo is back today,plz get rid of flashx and revert to putlocker.

  • Admin, can reupload the deleted clips or movies pls

  • Anonymous:

    good news, admin! btw I rather have frequent updates of the latest scenes than reuploads of older stuff..

  • Anonymous:

    FYI: Preview pics are running in a “linkbucks Loop” – never loading and returning back to linkbucks countdown. FYI

    Also, if the post is going to be in FlashX, can that be a TAG, so we know not to bother clicking on that total waste of time? Thnx

  • MIM:

    can you please post the legalporno/sineplex scenes of cherry kiss (pissmyass off), blanche bradburry and blue angel (sliders scenes)
    bambi bella and sophia lynx (black sliders scenes) . they have new materials coming often .

  • shishio:

    As Anonymous mentioned, every single preview pic is in an endless loop and can’t be seen.

    I have no idea who “Leo” is, but this site sure doesn’t seem to run as smoothly as it did when he was around a couple months ago. Come on Leo, u gotta start regulating around here. These other guys start slacking off whenever you’re not looking.

    It’d also be nice if you guys could go back and start uploading the videos that were released when you guys took your 2 or 3 week break.

  • shishio:

    Also the “She Made Us Lesbians – Marina & Marina” Putlocker link was down (404 – Not Found) the same day it was uploaded. Its strange since Putlocker links are usually good for at least 3 months. So was Putlocker really that quick to pull it down (within minutes it seems) or was the link just entered in wrong and so none of us were ever able to see it? If u could double check the link address or even reupload it, that’d be great.

  • im checking the link out now shishio, is the linkbucks loop still happening, because that issue is being caused by pixup, ima look into that if its still happening

  • shishio:

    Yup. Just tried it and its still happening.

  • @shishio: for some reason i cannot replicate it at my end, do you have skype or something and maybe i can see it happening, that would me out alot

  • Anonymous:

    I have a problem with the screenshots on the latest updates. When I click them I get redirected to a linkbucks page and when I press “skip this ad” I return to the same linkbucks page again. infinite loop and I cant view the screenshots at all

  • Shane:

    Can you plz upload the lattest Mr Anal videos?

  • Anonymous:

    How about just remove linkbucks from preview pix until that gets fixed? I won’t stream or download anything without previewing pix first. I wouldn’t mind the linkbucks at all – I totally get the need to raise funds, but it is more than inconvenient – it’s actually becoming insulting.

  • Anonymous:

    come on with the passion hd posts already! please!

  • shishio:

    @ admin

    Sorry, I don’t Skype nor know how to use it. Don’t really have time to either unfortunately.

    I can say that I’m running Win 8 and the same problem happened in both IE 10 & Comodo Dragon (Based off Google Chromium browser). I even tried altering the website address at the top to see if I could remove some unnecessary portion of the address and skip the linkbucks page and I also turned off my adblocker in Dragon (IE10 doesn’t have 1) and nothing worked. I haven’t gotten any Flashplayer or Shockwave crashes/alerts either (tho I do have that problem periodically with Dragon, but not IE). Hopefully that gives u some info to work with.

  • ziko:

    Thank you so much for all movies : Woodman Casting X
    Wake Up ‘N’ Fuck
    hope to see more of such movies

  • Berger:

    It is Linkbucks and Pixup where the problem lies. I’ve tried it in Win7 & Win8 on Chrome and Firefox w/ and w/out ABP on. It’s almost certainly an issue between Linkbucks & Pixup.

  • yeah its between linkbucks and pixup, should be better now.

  • DG:

    Thank you gentleman for all your hard work

  • Anonymous:

    can you get the gianna michaels bangbus vids

  • cj:

    can you upload this video? Cum Fiesta of Jordan Carter (reality kings_)


  • kevin:


  • kevin:

    again,daily uploads plz?

  • Trav:

    Wus up with the pop up that opens about 20 tabs in y browser?

  • kevin:


  • shishio:

    Anyone else notice that all Flash-X links on all sites no longer work? Even the newest links are just an endless loop that you can’t get past when you click on “play now” (or whatever) and the vid never actually plays. Its very similar to the Linkbucks endless loop fiasco from a few weeks back. Yet another reason why Flash-x is the absolute worst. Admin, please do not go back to using that useless service.

  • jae:

    omg…. here we go again…. where’s the new post with putlocker links??? admin what are you doing?

  • as stated before as well, our new poster will be making posts using their own filehost. However we will be making our own posts as usual which will feature putlocker links as usual.

  • shishio:

    I’m fine with your sponsers using their own file sharing host, but would it be possible for them to also include a streaming option? It would be nice if I could sample some of “Smoking Hot Latinas 5” thru streaming before committing to the entire 5gb download in 100mb chunks with 6 hr waits in between chunks (which would take about 2 weeks to download), but I’m guessing they only make money if we sign up for premium membership.

  • Splitt:

    Would it be possible to upload a few “Girls Gone Wild” episodes ? Your website would be juste perfect 😉 Thx !

  • Anonymous:

    new mom pov please, that milf looks like the one from Tommy Boy!

  • not happy with flexfiles… you will lose traffic is you go this route

  • alie:

    ANY CHANCE OF POSTING 18Eighteen Ava Sparxxx And Heather Night I’ve been waiting patiently for this scene.

  • alie:

    thanks guys, you rock!!

  • jason:

    Flexfiles is truly awful!! Please stop using that hoster, or if you continue with it, then at least add Putlocker streaming links with them!

  • Bethnall:

    Are preview images not showing for anyone else? Also please use PL.

    Can anyone recommend similar sites who use putlocked. does

  • zando:

    sorry……..but someone knows if the money of public agent are “real”?
    curiosity……………this guy spend 1000 euro every three days or what……. thanks

  • Berger:

    I think it’s great that some of the new posters are offering such a great variety of videos – but it only adds to the general frustration of downloading when you offer such awful downloading options. Flashx has gotten marginally better, but flex files is the worst yet. I thought the requirement for posting was that Netload and/or PL had to be added.

  • shishio:

    ^ Whats worse is that all the Flexflies vids have only 1 SINGLE TAG: The “STREAMING” tag, BUT ironically don’t have ANY actual streaming links. In fact, the guy that posts the Flex links doesn’t even really bother with TAGS or STREAMING.

    Flex ONLY works if you PAY to DOWNLOAD. Period. Its completely useless in any other context.

    Its interesting how the SUGGESTIONS thread was removed from the front page the moment FLEXFILES became a sponser. So even the Admin knows that this is BS, but since Flex is a sponsor, probably doesn’t want to try and push them to do anything. 100MB downloads every 6 hrs is horrible. Loss of FREE functionality is NOT good.

    Let us know if there’s an alternative to Megaskanks, fellow posters.

  • alie:

    some of the Flexflies vids look awesome, its real shame i cannot watch any.
    Putlocker links would really be appreciated.

  • Anonymous:

    can you get the jada fire cumbang video

  • Berger:

    I agree,Allie.

    The titles posted by “flexifiles’ poster” look really good – maybe better than the usual scene posts. However, that poster is just trying to force people into a fee-based host. I’m surprised that Megaskanks is allowing it. I thinking about leaving megaskanks for good.

  • same:

    omg same im so sick of having to sort through pages upon pages of worthless flexfiles videos, getting easier just to grab my fav series from torrents

  • shishio:

    The Admin needs to address the Flexfiles issue once and for all and needs to stick this Comments thread back on the front page instead of hiding it.

    If his sponser wants to put up Flex links, then Admin should either add his own streaming link on top of that or simply make this a Pay Monthly Membership site once and for all (since Flex is useless w/o paying). Of course this obviously goes against the entire point of Megaskanks entire existence.

    Also, I’m using the browsers Internet Explorer & Comodo Dragon (Chromium-based) and neither of them will play FlashX links (even with all popup/ad blockers off). I click play, an annoying pop up with some guy/girl talking pops up and the FlashX vid still doesn’t play no matter how many times I click PLAY. Anyone know how to get around this?

    Since I can’t play FlashX vids and Flexfiles are useless to everyone, now at least 3/4 of this sites posts are completely useless to me and Flash/Flex vids keep becoming a higher & higher % of this overall site’s posts. At this rate within a month or 2, it’ll all be Flash/Flex and this site will serve no purpose. Any alternative site recommendations from u guys so that I don’t have to waste my time here would be greatly appreciated.

  • Berger:

    I had a lot of respect for the admin(s) here for their continuous responsiveness to the readers. That responsiveness appears to have vanished. I fear that I am about to vanish from megaskanks as well. Sad to leave, but nobody seems to give a damn here anymore.

  • Randy:

    I wish the search results allowed preview images just like when the results when clicking on tags. Cheers

  • @randy: good idea i will work on that

  • @berger, we do care, unfortunately no one seems to listen to what we have to say. As i have said repeatedly, we are still uploading all the previous material as usual, with the putlocker links, the new flexfiles uploader is a new guy who is offering their own content on their own host, you guys are free to download it if you so wish.

  • @shishio, i have removed the flashx uploader, so no more flashx files, and you can read my comment regarding flexfiles

  • kevin:

    @admin where is the daily new content from sites like brazzers,bangbros ,realitykings and so on?this site is turning into a MEGA disapponitment.

  • kevin:

    i meant “disappointment”

  • do you have a specific title that was released before the 22nd and we didnt upload? let me know and i will upload it

  • john:

    I wanted to know who these porsntars on the image on home

  • john:

    who is these girls on the logo of the website

  • Jim:

    Could you post more gloryhole swallow please


  • henry:

    Tricky Old Teacher – Marisa has only just been added to the site, yet the link has already been deleted? wtf?

  • john:

    am i the only 1 that cant watch the putlocker vids? it loads a litlle and then says stream not found?

  • @john: is it happening with all putlocker vids or a certain video?

  • john:

    i found out is my chrome that is the problem, im getting that 200 stream error and only in chrome not in internet explorer, so i just have to fix my computer 🙂 keep up the great work, this is truly and awsome site. cheers

  • Bob:

    I’d like to suggest taking the solo and masturbation tags off of videos that are not ONLY solo and masturbation. You may as well not have that category if that’s the case because it’s rare to see a porn video where someone is not masturbating at some point. There’s like ten regular porn videos that shouldn’t be there and then an actual Twistys solo and masturbation video.

    Thank you for all of your hard work

  • Anonymous:

    Could you upload the recent adriana chechik gangbang for new sensations

  • shishio:

    So this site is no longer updated on the weekends and now its barely updated during the week and even then its mostly by the useless Flexfiles non-streaming links.

    Come on admin… Whats the plan here? Lets run this little business as if we actually want to make some money. Cuz right now you’ve basically given up on making money on the weekends.

    OK some praise: Good job on removing some of the adds and getting rid of Flashx. But now you need some regularly updated content to go with all that or the rest of it is just pointless. Its like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic… Whats the point?

  • chisox14:

    awesome site but I think it needs whitney westgate teen fidelity!!!!! Please

  • lester m.:

    what prog do u use to separate and join files u upload i dont men rared or zipped files

  • shishio:

    The CloudyVideos streaming takes FOREVER to load. It takes like 5-6 hrs to watch a 2hr movie. And I know its not my connection since Putlocker still loads fast and my internet connection speed test says I’ve got a great connection. I can deal with the annoying Subway adds (& the subway-related passwords we have to type in to watch a vid), but if CLOUDY can’t at least stream as fast as the vid plays then its basically useless to us. Cloudy obviously is a small operation with very few and overworked servers.

    You still haven’t found anything as good as Putlocker (tho since u keep trying to switch streaming services, I’m guessing they pay u the least).

    And please stop trying to hide this SUGGESTIONS thread and stick it back on the front page.

  • shishio:

    Also forgot to mention that Cloudy is really buggy. Its always crashing and/or saying “video can’t be found” even tho it was just playing a second ago. And often it just decides to stop loading up the stream and if u try to mouse-click ahead to a different part of the movie, it’ll just stay loading forever w/o any error message. Cloudy really is basically non-functional on top of the fact thats its way too slow to actually use.

  • putlocker doesnt pay anything, infact we have to pay putlocker to allow us to host so many files 🙂

    but yeah i’ll look into cloudy and try to remove it

  • We have updated all categories as well, so now streaming category will have streaming only links, no flexfiles will be in streaming category, will make it much easier for you guys to sort it out now

  • shishio:

    Thx man. I hate to always sound negative, but I really only require basic functionality from this site (and semi regular updates). I dont really care about ads, popups or whatever… as long as it actually works in the end. And as much as I bring up whats wrong with this site, I still haven’t found a better pound-for-pound streaming porn site yet. But hey, u asked for feedback & thats what I give.

    PS – Is that the case with all streaming services? Is signing up for the DL membership the only way to make $? Just curious.

  • alie:

    would it be possible if you guys can post Monsters of Cock – Bridgette B. thanks

  • shishio:

    Flexfiles links are still popping up in the streaming section w/o a streaming option. I thought we weren’t doing this anymore.

    “Roxy Taggart Gives Unlimited Ass” 12/30/13

  • fixed again, happens because script is not doing it auto, will work on it more, for now i will do it manually every other day

  • Anonymous:

    can you get some videos from please?

  • shishio:

    So this site hasn’t been updated in about 4 days with streaming links, but at least we still have a BRAND NEW, never-ending tidal wave of 9,000 NON-STREAMING FLEXFILES LINKS that are ALL incorrectly labeled as STREAMING.

    This site basically exists now solely as 1 big giant advertisement for FLEXFILES downloads. Might as well change the address to

    This site was “sold” to us as a FREE STREAMING PORN SITE. But now its a PAY TO DOWNLOAD porn site since the FLEX downloads are comically slow for free users.

    I’m saying this right now: BRING BACK ALL THE OLD ADS & POP-UPS U LIKE if that means we get the old all streaming site back and updated on a constant regular basis. I don’t care how many popups there are; as long as it works. Because this site as it stands now (and its recent attempts at being newly functional) is basically broken.

  • Mark:

    what the hell is wrong with player…. Its not playing videos… why did you change the putlocker ??

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