Urgent Update

I will be out of town till november 10th.

Updates should still eb rolling in but at a much lower pace.

Leo(uploader) will eb doing all the uploading alone.

After the 10th of November everything should be ok.


17 Responses to “Urgent Update”

  • suttercnae5:

    i hope the uploader will continue to upload all the good stuff during your absence.enjoy your holidays.

  • leito21:

    well, since long time ago, we are the 2 uploaders, now, only me, but dont worry, i will work to keep the site updated

  • angus22:

    enjoy your trip…!!!! happy holidays

  • johnBlaze:

    Sincerely appreciate both of your hard work! All the best

  • osorio:

    When you come back can you discuss with your partner a way not to post two times the same scenes, and maybe with a regular site-talent title structure? Thanks for your good work

  • duff man:

    hello. the “all anal pass” advert site tries to install virus into my computer. The “ad fly” site advert seems safe though. Please get rid of the AllAnalPass thing since i’m sure people don’t like getting viruses

  • Possum:

    @duff man

    They’re not going to get rid of it because that is how they’re generating money to fund the site and keep it running. If you’re using Firefox look up the add-on called AdBlockPlus — works like a charm.

    Thank you both for your time in delivering quality material at the best price, free!

    With the most sincerest thank you,


  • suttercane5:

    could u plz upload all the recent stuff for streaming? a lot of the videos from sites and dvds are not available here and i find it quite unusual.i can provide a list if u wish.thnx.

  • bob:

    can you upload sienna west movies and gabriella fox movies.thanks

  • i just got back in… will start posting everything regularly in a day or two

  • suttercane5:

    nice to see u back.plz upload some of the recently released movies too.thnx

  • Ariel:

    can you fix those updates where adf.ly isnt working, please?

  • im working with the other uploader on this issue, his adf.ly is blocked, so will get it working soon hopefully

  • suttercane5:

    i hope we’ll soon be able to stream all the stuff uploaded on this site over the past 10 days or so,thru putlocker,and that we can’t right now due to the adf.ly issue.plz fix the problem.thnx.

  • @suttercane: i will be releasing all the old movies missed , but slowly over the next few days.

  • suttercane5:

    ok thnx

  • bob:

    can you please upload sienna west and gabriella fox movies, thanks

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